DSA possibly about to leave "Socialist" International


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Why are they leaving a SocDem international when they are SocDem?


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Oh so it's a good choice

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unless they're joining the fourth international (posadist) i don't care.

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Pretty sure I got it off of /s/, so no idea who it is. Try doing a reverse image search.

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this is a good thing.
hope the DSA goes more radical, but im not hopeful

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Does this really change anything besides a loose affiliation?

I doubt they would leave if they want to represent social democracy. Could be the start of a move to a more radical direction. Should try to keep ourselves updated with the Chicago convention.

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I hope so, the DSA is the US' only real hope to shift american politics

First off, I think I speak for everyone when I say more pics pls. Second off, this is very good news, it means the Left Caucus in the party is winning out and DSA becomes a more affective agent for radical change in the US every day.

Are they going to join a new international?

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What would be the implications of them leaving?