The curious rise of the ‘white left’ as a Chinese internet insult

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can't say I'm not smiling when thinking about accusing intersectional queer feminists of being a part of "the white left".
Or better, just "casually" mentioning this in a dinner party where I know the majority are part of the "white left". I can already feel the deafening silence around the table, the looks from my "comrades", it is to me intensely erotic.

oh great, China has its own burgeoning #tcot

great meme tbh

Can't wait to use it on libshits

same here

this just sounds like right wingers complaining about liberals.

Top kek, I am starting to really warm to the Chinese.

We need to meme this shit



There is a thread about this already.

Why do corporatists who hate human rights always mistake us for liberals? lol


žižek spoke about this actually, and said that human rights should be more important than citizen rights

So liberals


We call those liberals.

can you not formulate opinions by yourself fag?


And why am I not surprised?

color me surprised

Why are human rights bad?

human rights today is something that is only ever thought about in the context of liberal capitalism-muh right to own property being the perfect example.
Rights don't exist and the government can come and do whatever they want to you without consequence.

the line is as immortal as the science of marxism-leninism

Oh God forbid you'd care about such silly unimportant issues.
Sounds like they have bigger problem for people giving any care for this issues, rather than it being the "only" things they care about.

a lot of them are 'socialists' too. How often have you heard "Class reductionism"?
Basically "liberal" isn't good enough to encompass all of the white-left.

sounds like you're just salty that Hong-Kong calls you a mean name.

That's… exactly why human rights exist, to hinder government from doing whatever they want. HR-orgs work by putting pressure on governments that violate these rights

sounds like you're inferring a lot onto what they said because you're assblasted.

eh, pretty idpol to me.

not caring about the environment leads to the pollution problems that

Misclicked the reply button. Not caring about the environment inevitably leads to the pollution problems that China has atm. It's fucking absurd.

Also, didn't I see this on Tucker Carlson a week or so ago? That's some ideology if I've ever heard it.

They just sound like the Chinese version of the usual "anti-SJW" youtuber, painting everyone on the left as some rich white kid while they've barely ever done anything themselves either

nonsense, black people can be white-left too.

even though most of those anti-SJW youtubers are liberals, I guess.
The gap between SJWs and anti-SJWs is about as wide as the gap between democrats and republicans in the US. It's small, over exaggerated and mostly used as an artificial conflict to soak up people looking for a fight and to keep them from becoming true radicals.

Holla Forums is white left free zone, please go back to one of the many white left communities on reddit/tumblr.

I am going to have to agree with the Chinese, """white leftist""" are cancer.

This so much, they're both so damn liberal it hurts.

You've already posted this three times.

Which a lot of governments simply ignore.

It's a lot more effective than you think. Orgs like Amnesty can get governments to release political prisoners/treat them more humanely and change laws that violate human rights

I remember a year ago everyone was trying so hard to claim that liberals are not leftists and now you have no problem calling them white "left"? When did Holla Forums take over?

first of all, socialists have a major problem with using completely archaic or outdated definitions of things. By the modern standards, liberals are centre-left. get over it.
Secondly, nobody would be liking this phrase if it was just a new way to say "liberal". Because, we've already got a word for that, it's 'liberal'. People like the phrase because it groups together the socialists and liberals who only give a shit about feminism, LGBT, immigration and islam-acceptance because they only want to look like good people. There are tons of socialists who do that same thing, and they're all over Reddit and Tumblr.

Too many people who call themselves socialist just so happen to be liberals or do mostly the exact same shit, this has already been addressed in this thread.

they are not left but see themselves as "left" so "white left" is a rather funny yet fitting term for the liberal scum.

Not the same thing.
Governments find loopholes like this or straight out ignore russia/china/america style.

how are they socialists if they don't have socialistic goals or espouse socialistic tenets?

Okay. Well you seem to have made up your mind

you sound like a class-reductionist brocialist, check your privilage

ah yes, that bulletproof phrase that people use when all their arguments fall flat and they wanna blame someone else.

What? I'm just pointing out that governments don't really give a shit.

This is how the "discussion" went:
Fuck off

I did not say it wasn't a violation of human rights but that those calls are often ignored and usually only release them after either the political threat that such individuals caused is much lower than it is now or they use the prisoners as bargaining chips in order to get something of value. Even when they are answered, prisoners are still not truly free half the time, like after being released from GTMO, they are trapped in Uzbekistan where the locals hate and treat them like shit.

Oh fuck off, burger. Almost everywhere else in the world liberals are right-wingers. Don't force retarded burger terminology on me

Also I wasn't any of the anons who posted before


You guys sure are fucking stupid.

Well, I guess it is since we're all gonna die anyway.



Ok fucktard.

Which issues are then real? I suppose those who use the word aren't hardcore Maoists or brave anarchists. Maybe the "real problems" are muh tradition, muh market reforms, muh nation, muh gommiez?

Hey, it's all the exact same things that rightists care about but in reverse!

When did you come out of your cave? The only reason chinese give face to Westerners is because they still think they have some years to go up before they're equal or above them in power.

doesn't matter. They can be right in their criticisms of white-left, and still be wrong on other issues.
The funny part is how they associate this trend in western politics with "whiteness", when the people they are criticizing often see "whiteness" as a negative attribute they want to distance themselves from.
If they refereed to it as western-left, no one would even remotely care about this, but they are right, the white-left exists almost entirely to give it's adherents a sense of moral superiority, and the term challenges that belief.

It's a triggering flag, famalam.

But I'm neither white nor live in the West. I'm just across the pond from China, actually, and see the same cunts praised in this thread where I live, and they're bog standard rightists, only they speak in a tad different code that western rightists do, and so local half-baked """"socialists"""" think that they can praise them without giving their true nature away. Fucking pathetic. You lads should rethink your priorities and fall in line with Holla Forums as you know you want to.

nice try Holla Forums

See? You even behave exactly like Holla Forums, complete with non-stop projection. I've no idea whom you are trying to fool.

this board will never accept your idpol. get over it or leave

In five years you're going to be talking about how stupid bleeding heart lefties are letting rapefugees kill muh western civilisation. Why the fuck do you think that actual human beings can't tell who you are and what you stand for?

What room is there for any "liberal" mentality to develop in Chinese society though? Ain't The People's Republic like 90% Han Chinese with the rest of the population not even being immigrants, but just other ethnic groups that lived in China for bout as long as anybody else?

Besides, wouldn't the government like bulldoze them all into a mass grave if they acted like their American equivalents do on uni campuses?

Prove it.

You ever even read news on China? There are liberals over there just like anywhere else.

Fuck off. You want to suck off rightists, you're doing it by your own consciousness.

I'm just curious how you're on this side of the world wide web and speak English so well. There's no need to be upset…

"My people will rise to conquor the world which will validate me as a person!" Ah, the dream of every spooked nationalist.

why are you so peeved that this board doesn't want feminist and homosexual identitarian delusions discussed here? why are you so desperate for them to have a place here when you can discuss them literally anywhere else?

Sorry for the knee jerk reaction.
Well, I just practised a lot for about a decade. For some reason, it surprises people every time.

It's not about me, it's about you: you're a rightist who thinks he can get a better deal with the left. You are dead weight at best and cancer at worst, and sooner or later your lot always converts back to your true beliefs. Or where the fuck from do you think all those former commies come?

stop dodging the question. why do you want feminism and homosexual identarianism to have a place in this board's discourse?

You know, this board kinda goes overboard with calling everything idpol sometimes. I get that gay rights and SJW grievances like "microaggressions" and cultural appropriation are dead weight to leftist causes, but feminism seems pretty compatible with socialism.

Gonna echo the skepticism about this - the only people I ever see defining Angela Merkel as a "leftist" of any color are alt-right tards. She's not even liberal, outside of the neoliberal capitalist sense, and during Grexit Die Welt (CDU-leaning?) was writing shit like this:

If this is an actual trend in China, it's retarded and likely has little to do with an actual economic left's opposition to idpol.

it is, but it's also not synonymous with socialism and to often takes space away from other more important issues, or worse is used to construct a false dichotomy between men and women.
In theory most feminists agree that the patriarchy is oppressive both to men and women, but when it comes to real life discussion female issues dominate the feminist discourse while male specific issues are almost ignored. They go on and on about female CEO's and the wage gap, but are rarely interested in male suicide rates, incarceration, male on male violence, etc. Critique of the system is replaced with girl-power and muh privilege checking.

Perhaps women's lib could follow what I call the leftist Kurdish model of gender equality.

ITT Holla Forums proving it's also a whiteleft board.

But you don't get it, all feminists are liberals, just like all socialists are stalinists and wanting free healthcare means also wanting to take children away to gulags.

It's not one of the two. Stop acting like it is. Positing it as being one of the two is presenting a false dichotomy that shows that you do not actually care for any of the issues raised by feminism, even those you nominally agree with. Why do you think there aren't many women here, on a leftist board of all places, and those that are here won't stop disagreeing with you over feminism? You can talk however much you want about how you're for equality for [insert minority], but you aren't fooling actual members of said minorities. It's not just about feminism and women, either, there are plenty members of ethnic minorities here and they constantly relate to their problems with keeping in line with board mentality. When a nominal leftist has problems connecting with people of naturally left-leaning groups, you know you have something to think about on a smoke break.
Guess why? That's because, one, most feminists are women, for the same reason that the working class always leans left by default, and two, women suffer from sexism much worse than men (no, you don't get to object), so in feminist discussion female issues naturally take a higher priority, just like problems of the working class are generally discussed more than those of the middle class among socialists.
Now you're sounding like an MRA. Protip: feminists, when mentioning the problems that patriarchy causes for men, tend to mention other issues; if you knew what feminists actually talk about, you'd have known that.

That's a slippery slope right there.

why do you want feminism and homosexual identitarianism to have a place in this board's discourse?

Have you.
Not acting.
Like an obvious Holla Forumsyp.
Before accusing others.
Of being rightists.
You stupid fucking cunt?

are you going to just keep dodging the question?

Yes. Now fuck off.

why are you so desperate to make feminism and homosexual indentitarianism part of this board's discourse?

Stupid animal.

Back to 4pol kiddo.

do you get paid to subvert discourse or do you do it for free?

Yep, typical Holla Forumsyp.

It doesn't seem like this is coupled with calls for actual leftism
So it's rightists being critical of liberals (liberals are better than rightists btw) but not being critical of neoliberalism
Who cares

But liberals are rightists, and your line of reasoning is what keeps them in power as the alternative to socialism.

you are aware that your refusal to address my questions and explain yourself and your intentions honestly only makes you look like an agitator, yes? why are you so afraid to simply explain why you're so desperate to make feminism and homosexual indentitarianism part of this board's discourse?

It seems like you hate fun, why do you hate fun?

post more cute boys CIA-sama

It's a fun new way to shit on liberals but lets not kid ourselves about the Chinese chauvinism (aka yellow idpol) that goes with it. An "old left"-style attack on libs this is not.

Anyone using that term unironically is not a socialist, only a larping libshit.

We should reject the term for this alone.

There is space for feminism and minority threads here. quality arguments can and are often made. But that's not enough for some people - it has to be a safe-space where one orthodoxy is allowed, and every hint of disagreement is prefixed by affirming virtue signals. This is a crude and mean board where you will be challenged by people that make you feel uncomfortable, and it should stay that way. Otherwise you don't have debates, only personal blogs and empty moral preening

But sadly it isn't, especially not the western kind.

Especially how incredibly sexist it is.

lol at believing gay rights matters at all to anyone besides Liberals and Gays

In theory they would be beneficial to all by reducing societal taboos that constrain people's behavior. Like avoiding expressions of affection to males for fear of being thought a fairy. Men no longer being expected to show male virtues like self-sacrifice in the defense of X. And so on.

I wish I knew how to do video memery.
I would to a parody of "Who let the dogs out?" but with "Who let reddit in?" in honor of this thread.
Are you here Bat'ko?

men are biologically programmed to be heteronormative, not liking homo behavior was selected for because homosexuals can't fight and have horrible hunting prowess. Why would it be a good thing to encourage dysfunctional, dysgenic and maladaptive males?

If gay rights only matter to liberals and gays, precisely why is it that anyone tries so hard to block them? Why do cops still put a little extra attention on gay bars and hookup sites? Why do Muslim diehards arrest and kill them for fucking?

"Gay rights doesn't matter"
"Because we need to stop the gays!!!"


actually is there any reason an lgbt person would have to support socialism if neoliberal "progressive" capitalist society seems to be the only society to not line them up on the walls? I'd imagine a gay would care more about being killed for being gay than they would about class struggle.

what rights do gays lack in the liberal west?

Now I agree with the "heteronormative programming" but this
Is just silly.
Not all faggots are the sissy type faggots. Some of them are probably manlier than both of us combined.

not him but I'm pretty sure in places in US you can fire gays without recompense (all other minorities/religious/etc have protections) and you're able to pretty much deny them anything on a religious basis, things such as access to homeless shelters or medical help

For the sake of argument, I will entertain your point. You are still wrong: evolution teaches us that a species survives when it is better adapted to its environment. We have in very short time created for ourselves a different environment from the one we evolved to be adapted to. There is no reason not to look at our behavior scientifically and decide rationally which ones are maladapted to our current state of affairs.

I mean, isn't that a basic point of race realists, which I am sure you are? Aggression is bad in a complex society, negroes show higher aggression, therefore they can't benefit a complex society.

spooky af
but seriously though, even if heretonormativity was apart of human biology, that doesn't automatically make it a good thing.
the Spartans were the gayest civilization in history and they say otherwise.

and this is why i'm starting to get frustrated with Holla Forums when they talk about gay rights issues. You can be anti-idpol without falling into right wing moralism about how icky gay people deserve to be treated like shit.

much less job security (especially if your a tranny) less access to healthcare, less protection from domestic and sexual abuse.

If you don't mind related treads getting flagged and erased after being shat in, sure.
Holla Forums gets described the same way, doesn't seem to make it any less of an echo chamber, does it? Shouting down conversation, as happens here, is exactly the opposite of maintaining "a crude and mean board where you will be challenged". Stop projecting.

Genuinely unsure as to whether this one is being serious.

This. LGBT people understand better than some armchair politicians what their everyday struggles are, and when you get told by someone that your problems are imaginary and you are in fact an evil supporter of a conspiracy out to make men into sissies and stop women from shaving their legs, the natural response is wanting to stop associating with that person and those they represent. "Class reductionism" is bloody ridiculous as a concept, but utterly disregarding the problems that people have on top of class issues is just callous and speaks for lack of integrity.

They can also be fired for being gay.

Here's an easy solution: don't throw them under the bus. That's it. Class first, but no puritanical bullshit.

What rights does anyone lack in the liberal west?

It is le freedom land lol commies btfo nothing is wrong

Getting fired for it and discriminated against over it, young fags continuing to get kicked out or run out of religious households resulting in increased homelessness, and cops continuing the practice of putting stings on gay places disproportionately (I've had friends arrested this way). All of this can be tied into class and classcuckery.

Dumbfuckistan shouldn't even be considered part of the west anymore.

are these things enforced and upheld by authorities?

sounds like an issue of worker's rights, which is socialism addresses
discriminated in what way?
that has nothing to do with 'rights.' if there's a lack of social security for those rejected by their families, that is something socialism hopes to address
and arresting them for what?

>>>Holla Forums

There is nothing wrong with shouting things down, it is the intrusion of democracy into debate. It is in fact an oft used weapon by LGBT activists, and good for them! You are just a spoiled brat.

wha? of course they are. southern states in particular instate laws that protects the rights of business owners to discriminate based on their own religious beliefs

Please pick an approach and stick to it. Thank you.

yes, it is literally considered apart of your religious freedom in America to fire someone if you don't like their sexual orientation. Where the hell have you been?

not an argument, Holla Forums

and this affects only gays? these employers don't fire others they dislike? how is this a gays-only issue?

I don't think anyone here is saying it's a gay only issue, only that it's more likely to happen to gays.

But really, do return to Holla Forums, friendo.

It is the same. Being shouted down is very challenging to weather, and there are few things as uncomfortable as feeling yourself alone as anger and scorn pours down. Shouting down is the assertion of democracy.

You can still say your piece, can't you? You'll just get no praise for it, no applauds, and maybe hate. But you're not being banned, muted, whatever. If you make good posts, you can keep on doing it. People who make good points will eventually respond.

afaik these are indeed issues that only effect gays if every other group, religious, gender, race, national origin, etc., has specific protections in the law

the solutions to things like the homeless issue would help all homeless though I think

so, the answers to the question "what rights do gays lack in the liberal west?" are so far:
ok, that's one thing, even if it's not specific to gays, but i'll give it you

so what about gays in canada, u.k., aus, nz, most of western europe, japan and korea. are gays oppressed there too?

why are you so desperate to make feminism and homosexual indentitarianism part of this board's discourse?

Nice try SJW.

Actually, with the mod being extremely trigger-sensitive, no, not at any time. Conversations on anything relating to women or homos get shut down outside of the context of democratic argument all the time here. You can say that the board owner's wild and his agency shouldn't be taken into account, but that's bollocks and you know it.

good. i'm praying that you get banned. you are an insufferable troll trying to subvert this community, and you're not welcome. you're much worse than any Holla Forums shitposter spamming gore

Well since it's so frequent then no doubt you can point to some examples, maybe in the board or ban log

be honest with me, do you really think speaking your mind is worse here than somewhere like reddit where people get banned for stepping on social landmines all the time? your response will probably decide whether you belong here or not


Accusing me of outright lying? Don't even fucking try to drop that bomb, m80.

Do you have any proof to back that up? 'Cause I haven't seen any women or trans thread being shut down that didn't start as Holla Forumsyp bait. Here's a good example:

Started with a good OP, still not anchored, 100 or so replies.

In contrast, this:

Had a one-line OP of no content, and was promptly sunk.

Then socialists should not have any objection to addressing it or expect anyone to set it aside or ignore the specifics of how it affects them.

The other ways I mentioned, plus any I didn't. A lot of ways are legal.

It's still a problem which disproportionately affects gay kids, and ignoring that is pointless. They have a completely legitimate reason to be concerned.

Also, I'd argue that it ties into youth rights - we should really wonder why it's acceptable for a parent to be allowed to dictate their adolescent kids' lives to such a destructive extent. If you forcibly send adults to camps to 'cure' them of their sexuality, isn't that imprisonment or something?

Would you apologize for the cops trying extra hard to bust socialists for doing drugs? We're entering that territory here. They can set up stings to catch jaywalkers if they want to - it's a real crime, after all.

Not having any kind of evidence to back up your claim makes your assertion appear weak if not outright suspicious.

I'm not saying that it's literally every thread. Fetishising Kurds generally gets a free pass here, in any case.

Posting pictures of attractive women is literally rape

Idenity politics

See? You're proving my point. You don't care about having a rational argument, you want to use the left as a vehicle for your personal projects. When it's abundantly obvious that you aren't left and are getting nothing from being in the left, why bother?


the only one you mentioned was the ability of employers to fire gays, which is apparently a u.s.-only issue
no one's ignoring it. it's just not relevant to this board; unless you think our goal should be to formulate ways to discourage religious people from rejecting homosexuals. that is pure liberal "noh8"-style idpol. this is not a pro-homosexual-acceptance activism community, nor an anti one
well the question of the role of the parent and what authority they should have over their children is a broad issue that is not exclusive to gays. we do have discussions here in that vain
this is an actual question and we do discuss things like this
you still haven't explained what these gays are getting 'busted' on. homosexual sex is no longer criminalised. if police are simply attacking gays out of prejudice, that's a different issue

dumb cunt showing your newfag. the kurdish issue is a source of frequent dispute and argument. if someone fetishises them, someone else will do the opposite

See? Proved my point just fine. :^)

what point? that we don't want this board subverted by idpol and the staff takes steps to defend against it? maybe take the hint

M8, you're openly anti-women and anti-gay, don't even bloody pretend you have any moral high ground to stand on.
The mods are stupid cunts whose power over this board only makes them even more triggered than usual when they see something they don't like here.


i'm not either of those things, but stay mad
lol. how new r u

If it is so bad in here then what are you doing here?
Reddit seems like the right place for you, there you can spend the entire day discussing very important topics like the importance of knowing 999999 different genders or how mansplaining is such an opressive force in society.

If all you intend to do it suffocate me in straw, you shouldn't be surprised when I don't take you seriously. Sowwy.

they won't give you an honest answer, because that would expose them. they're trying to subvert the board to make it more in line with their ideology. the very existence of a place like this, that doesn't and won't conform to that ideology, is a threat to them

It was an honest question.
What exactly is the logical purpose of being here if it is such a bad place?

There is nothing unique about the oppression that lgbt people face. What is it, job discrimination, poverty, unemployment? They may face it for unique reasons, but the oppression itself, is suffered by many, many others. The only truly unique oppression lgbt people face is people saying "lol that person is a fag", and if the extent of your oppression is people saying mean things, and you want this to translate into political action, then excuse me for my lack of empathy.

As for the arguments about trans people in poverty, for example. Yes! We don't want anyone to be in poverty! If you're only concerned with the poor because they happen to be gay or trans, then you are no comrade of mine.


I mentioned discriminatory policing, too, though. I take it pretty seriously.

It was relevant to the question asked, though. When answering what rights gays lack in the liberal west, I think that something like that being culturally allowed or encouraged in parts of the country is worth noting. A lot of the non-"western" countries which have poor track records on gay rights aren't really limited to what the government itself directly carries out.

This is good.

Sodomy charges still sometimes appear in states where they remain on the books, though they cannot convict or arrest based on that.

Foremost, drugs. But there was a famous sting here in which they actually busted in and raided a gay bar for drugs on a night when nobody brought any drugs.

Besides that, prostitution and Chris Hansen-style stuff. In the latter case, what we have is detectives signing up to gay sites and actually approaching people on those sites and pretending to be 14 and initiating sexual conversations. You have to be pretty fucking stupid to fall for it, but it's shady as fuck and gets people who otherwise would not have done it in order to protect imaginary minors from themselves and score cop points.

lol pathetic, getting this BTFO by a feminist on your own board. Sad!

It's almost like both your shit is based on the exact same idealist theory or something.


Quints confirm nazis and feminists share the same theory.

t.class reductionist brosialist cuck faggot

Politics is not just about class interest fag.
Admit that you're pathetic whi.te male leftist trash and that your own side thinks you're fucking losers.

wait is white male filtered?

I assume all the memes are filtered here.

Quints of Truth

No. Holla Forumstard is just used to all the dumb shit he believes in getting filtered.

is that why the majority of college grads are women?

brosocialism wins again

Don't try to weasel your way out of it, faggot. We know both of you are on the same side.

Healthy young user full of dreams and goodwill wants to be left wing and joins his local college Trotskyist club. His opinions are immediately discarded because he's a white brosialist cuck on the bottom of the oppression ladder in favour of LGBT rights, feminism third worldism and calls to bomb Assad. Tfw white leftist

There's nothing wrong with feminism as long as it is nationalist feminism

was pretty sure this was a thing during the obama years but maybe not lol

The BO is a trannie so please use xir's personal pronouns


that picture is stupid as hell, but as long as it triggers the alt-right is ok

Feminism confirmed for rightist ideology!

That should be your new angle of attack call out femenists as right wing reactionaries then report back

Speaking of new, when did you get here?


I prefer this version as well.