The terrorist in Manchester appears to be a Lybian oppositor to Gadafi...

The terrorist in Manchester appears to be a Lybian oppositor to Gadafi, opposition that with NATO support overthrow it's goverment , converting the country in a shithole and creating a refugee crisis wich now is backfiring

Uh sorry dude the only way to stop this is to continue bombing and funding violent extremist groups.


Nice meme.

Kill them all. Sink the boats. Shutter the mosques. Poison the halal food.

Guys, are the terrorists theā€¦the good guys?

No, since every time they choose to kill innocents over the politicians who actually bombed them it becomes harder to defend Muslims in general. Why are you so desperate to claim these people are on our side anyway? If you want positive change, then get out there and do something.

Are you actually saying OP, that people have more to them as their religion?
explains everything perfectly to me

Nice keyboard warrioring you faggot

this is not word, artyom. you not study enough, no rubles for you

Seriously though, used to be blwoback took decades, now it's down to mere years.

Nah, it's human nature allright.

We should probably bomb them more, maybe destabilize Morocco or something.

Forgot image.

not realistic, would require to much manpower and economic resources.
killing the refugees would almost certainly further radicalize the Islamic population, and give them the moral high grounds by western standards.
infringes on the western ideals of religious freedom, but by far your best idea.
would almost certainly radicalize millions of people and unite the arab world against the west, and at the same time demoralize the west.
I realize you're trying to be edgy, but at least try to think before speaking. It's much more provocative if your ideas aren't miles away from reality. Comments like "Poison the halal food" will do noting but reinforce the liberals sense of moral superiority. Next time, just say shutter the mosques, lot's of people will agree some what to that.

typical brainless proposition from the far-right edgy kids


Simply existing radicalizes them you dumb shit for brains. One day you'll realise this. Probably when they're flaying you alive in the town square.

You know that Islamic terrorism didn't just spring into existence within a vacuum, right? People strapping bombs to themselves and blowing themselves up never happened before the 70s when burgers created The Taliban and Al Qaeda to fight """godless communism""".

and how did you learn this great words of "wisdom"? From some .png on Holla Forums?

Typical Holla Forums analysis

/nukeamerica/ when?

You're the reason so many people are pushed to extremism.

Yup, it's human nature, no porky involvement whatsoever guys.

This would be funny if this kinda thinking didn't cause Americans to support The Invasion Of Iraq largely as "payback for 9/11" even though Sadam killed thousands of Jihadist.

The muslims radicalized me :^)

This. Fuck, even back mainstream media here in bongland was calling the people who tried to overthrow Gadhafi and Assad from 2010-2013 "rebels" and "freedom fighters".

Orcs vs Humans, right?

Keep making fun of it but every single one of cucks know it's true

really makes you think




Muslims are going have to live with increased Islamophophia and the weekly mosque burning. It's the price we must pay for living in a multicultural society.

Burgers did not create the Taliban.