What does leftypol think about homeschooling?

what a LARPer lol

Why even live

It isolates the kid too much at a time when they need to learn about socialization and being away from their parents and interacting with other people and with other authority figures under semi-controlled conditions where consequences are significantly less severe than those of adulthood, and usually the parents are crackpots.

based varg making vikings great again

homeschool co-ops are a good solution to that

Do his kids know about the whole Euronymous thing?


some kids' parents make them do that tho

Probably not.
Also it would be futile to tell them about it, kids are total potatoes unable to understand anything before the age of 30, which should be the enforced age of consent.

That is true, but holy shit the acedemic advantages that it gives to kids with educated parents are ridiculous. Kids do not actually learn anything in schools anymore. They are just babysitting services.


As a homeschooled kid I can confirm this. I don't think I would have ever been a socialist if I wasn't homeschooled because I was actually educated enough to think for myself and to come to my own conclusions and do to that I picked up socialist literature as well as learning about semi successful attempts at socialism such as Catalonia.

Do you have a gf, though?

No I'm asexual


They fucked up somewhere.

The only people I see homeschooling their kids are the typical conservative nut jobs who avoid sending their kids to school to not having them being brainwashed by le cultural marxism. Needless to say the end result is that the kids just end up being brainwashed by their conservative insanity instead.

Only if the parents are better than the schools. Most of my teachers were crap, but many of them knew and a few could even impart the knowledge of stuff my parents probably couldn't or wouldn't. It's a crapshoot and a tradeoff tbh.

Fine under capitalism.

Definitely not under socialism.

Homeschooling made me a socialist

It's basically the same as public schooling: indoctrination and not learning/learning useless shit, both just of a different sort. It's better in the indoctrination front, because the parents aren't usually very concerned with creating an obedient worker who always listens to authority figures, just an obedient follower of God who always listens to their parents, but it's significantly worse on the loneliness and isolation front.

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It's ok but Modern Schools are better.

I would just like to point out that the image depicts a knight from Demon's Souls. not Dark Souls, as made evident by the fluted helmet.\\

Fuck I tend to forget that because that's similar to the pose Oscar is in