What's worse?

What's worse?

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if the proposed fascism is Asserist id be inclined to take it

they are both worse

Accord to the Scandinavian Socialist model. So a bit of a toy compared to the fascist kind.


try reddit

Stay triggered you fucking autist. Terms of art do not literally mean what each term means individually.

Thats a meme
We allready havs a soft form of that, its called prenatal diagnostics and abortion.


really makes me think
there is nothing socialist about any of the scandinavian countries

There is nothing socialist about scandinavian countries and the only reason most people enjoy a good standard of living and things work smoothly is because of low corrupted people.

Fascism clearly. At least liberals don't tend to crush all socialist movements.


I think what you're trying to say despite coming across as extremely retarded is that Scandinavian countries have a high level of social solidarity. While this is true, the reason we have a high level of trust in each other is because we have a tradition of welfare states uniting the population.

tl:dr social solidarity won't lead to welfare states that respects their citizens, but welfare states that respects their citizens will lead to social solidarity

'Scandinavian Socialism' isn't liberalism. It's just a fancy term for social democracy, which is just a fancy term for Capitalism with benefits. Liberalism is 'muh small gubmint' and porkies giving benefits to their porky friends while pretending to be 'hip' and socially progressive
Fucking Americans.

There is a good reason why fascists are called far right.

The first one.

Where is this from, if I may ask?


I believe it's from the 2013 film "No God, No Master"

It's not a matter of opinions, you can't get liberalism or fascism, you get two in one

im going to pick the one that wont turn my family and loved ones into tranny faggots

Liberal Democracy.
The trade element will always destroy the wealth redistribution element, while the spectacle of fake democracy will stop people realizing they're being fucked.

At least with fascism they tell honest lies, there is no democracy.

Unless you mean the most idealised possible world, in which case I'd emphasize social democracy. (Something akin to Sweden circa 1950-1980 but with Keynes clearing union implemented internationally is the ideal world.)

Sweden during that period was one of the largest arms distributors in the world as well as taking advantage of the EU project which saw the north benefit tremendously from the combined markets with the south.

Not to mention they avoided pretty much all of the infrastructure damage during the war by being neutral cowards.

lol butthurt

well actually they sold a lot of resources to the NSDAP so a lot of stolen jew gold went their way in return for materials.

anyway my point is that Sweden basically was a free rider during the war and benefited immensely from it

there is literally nothing wrong with arms distribution so long as you're not selling to the saudis, the iraqis, or the pakistanis.

they've sold a bunch to the saudis
iran during the iran-iraq war
and later iraq but I cant find anything to saddam directly
also both to Pakistan and India


none of you know what you are talking about

no, this existed before we had a welfare state. How do you think "barnevandringen" was possible?

Only correct answers.

All of you out here like youre in a supermarket of ideology picking and choosing what you want


Im supposing you're the same retard annihl Ive seen a few times and I came here especially to tell you to fuck off