Young British Muslims think Isis fighters returning from Syria should be reintegrated into society

What the fuck is wrong with muslims?

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The same thing wrong with every religion.
When you don't have well established parameters to separate what is real from what not is not and you dive into fairy tale beliefs it basically means that you are stupid beyond repair and prone to do stupid things.

They're just following their religion. What's the problem? Stop being intolerant.

Very scientific

What if they're right?

People from the U.K. are fucking morons, dare I say even more so than "people" from the American south. You're essentially dealing with somebody who mentally has never matured above the age of 16, and entire world view is shaped by The Jeremy Kyle Show, and "Football" on the "Tele". Basically literal inbred retards. So if any British anons happen to be reading this, you owe the rest of this board a sincere apology

Right now.

Right wing propaganda, also terrorist attacks have nothing to do with Islam.

I hate this godforsaken island, I really do.

If for whatever reason I find out I can never escape I will kill myself, that sliver of hope is the only thing keeping me going.

Here's to living on the most cucked piece if land in existence.

It isn't a wrong idea in itself. It really depends on the circumstances of the people that are returning. But then, of Britain were interested in integration they probably wouldn't have run off to help ISIS in the first place

Are they really that bad?

It's not that simple, if you go into the history of ISIS.

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It's not that bad, but it's pretty bad.

It's a grim looking place, full of ugly stupid people with awful food. The fact that the biggest cultural exports are depressing music, tumblr TV shows and vestigial feudalism should tell you all you need to know.

They don't call us Anglo scum for nothing

Study not really useful without an analysis of how much they're pro-rehabilitation for Any Crime At All. If, for example, 18 out of 25 are pro-isis rehabilitation but 22/25 are pro-rehabilitation in general then Young British Muslims would actually b significantly​ anti-ISIS


What if I told you all this could have been avoided by talking to the Taliban 16 years ago and accepting their offer to take Bin Laden to Saudi Arabia and try him for terrorism?

Bin Laden did nothing wrong.

Taliban thought differently and wanted him out by 1998. It was only after the US bombed Khost that they changed their minds.

We used to have the best satire in the world, unfortunately the world took the title.

How about we excecute them for war crimes?

That would mean we would have to sully our great nation with the death penalty. We can just do what we did with Gaddafi and let them get killed where they are.


Can't spend all your time hoping that American wetwork assets will disposed of all the people they no longer consider useful.

I don't think the Taliban had much to do with America ever. They were always a very insular group who wanted nothing much to do with anyone outside of Afghanistan.

Also reagan meets with taliban.jpg

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Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia have caused untold damage to the world.

Fuck America and Britain for supporting them for decades.

Holy fuck you're a retarded little spastic. The Rambo movie is set in the Soviet-Afghanistan war, where the Taliban (see: the Mujahideen) received huge backing from the US to stop the Soviets. If you were over 16 you would be able to piece together any of these facts from everything already stated. Are you done being a fuckwit now?

what is wrong with you?

Sounds sensible to me. What reason does a young man have to come back if his only prospect is a lengthy jail sentence — during which he would probably be exposed to re-radicalization no less? Ensuring they are integrated back into civil society sounds like the best way to ensure they give up Islamist militancy once and for all.

"Mujahideen" is a generic word that simply means "combatant". It's been used in many different contexts to describe different groups.

The Taliban didn't exist yet at the time of the Soviet-Afghan War. The conflict played a key role in their later emergence, though.

In this context the word Mujahideen means a very specific thing.
Taliban literally means "student", but in this context it means a very different thing what we understand students to be.

I agree with them. They shouldn't even be punished, since all punishment is fundamentally unethical.

The human race has never made the mistake of showing excessive compassion. Every single bad thing that has ever happened can ultimately be traced to either incompetence or cruelty.

Yeah, but Taliban refers to a very specific political movement (that Afghan militia blending Deobandi Islamism and Pashtun traditionalism) whereas Mujahideen has historically been used to describe groups as different as anti-colonialist Algerian nationalists and Afghan Islamists.

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Well, the doc should have suggested they stone those ISIS members to death. Muslims love a good stoning.

As opposed to what, OP? What's your brilliant idea?

I mean, that's kinda the point of smuggies in the first place. They're kind of like "Strawman: THE IMAGE".

Don't let them back in.