I'm not saying you should call this number and shout "Tories are Scum" into the phone. Because that would be incitement to harassment. To be clear I do not think you should do that. I leave this number here only in case you feel like having a talk with the Scottish Conservative party.

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Why would i do that? Scots are victims of the evil anglo. They are good people.
Now if you post the number of the conservative party of England…

Remember not just not calling them, but also nor recording the not call.

ruth Davidson IS the anglo

+44 (0) 20 7222 9000

campaign HQ

You sure showed them lmao

Further, I do not advocate calling them up to tell them you are a Fox Hunting enthusiast. Do not describe how you want to strangle foxes with your bare hands and thats why you'll be voting Tory

srsly im having a great time

wot r lulz tho?


Quality meme, mein Freud

gimme a few minutes, I'm gonna get things set up and then tell them I've been reading a lot of Ludvig Von Mises and ask them how I canbecome part of the grass roots campaign to sell arms to the Saudis

Scottish unionists are worse than anglos

Anglos are just wankers

yoons are people who want us to remain colonised by wankers



Yup, what a bunch of cuckolds

any body know what audio formats this place supports apparently its not .m4a ?


Nope not that either apparently

"Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, webm, mp4, pdf
Max filesize is 12 MB."

This is state repression!

got mega? what was that other quick but temporal file sharing site? something with v

or here's this

vocaroo.com/?upload This?

I think that would be reinforcing the Scottish stereotype of people randomly screaming insults because thats all they have.

invent the telephone, the television, the bicycle, penicillin and the Enlightenment and then get back to me



Your just proving how far the Scottish have fallen since their glory days.

what was the post

Idk why he deleted it, it was hilarious.
Anyway, here's webm form.

fox hunting edition

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good comrade

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Foxhunting, click link for neck wringing action

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Fox Hunting edition

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here is another



those are all broken for the foxhunting this link should work

you need to let them speak more, engage in conversation and improvise, OR be swift about it, drop a good bomb and that's it

That's too long and not too funny.

choose a topic of discussion, OP will deliver

🍀🍀🍀The Hiberian conspiracy🍀🍀🍀

Make your voice gayish and imitate a full blown tranny and ask them if you have a place in their midst. What can you do for them? When they list it make sexual reproaches… giving out fliers! oohhh, yeah… I'd like THAT!

Make it subtle at first than add layers of gayness onto it, like… would it bother you guys if I dressed a bit extravagantly… (prob. they ask back how exactly)

…will there be any children present? :::D

and if you can build it up to the last moment ask if it's a problem if you are a maoist third worldist

but actually reactionary

*socially *conservative

Che cazzo hai detto compagno?

Ask them if they did the Manchester bombing.

working on it

too obvious

this is bongland ill probably have the plods round

let them speak more. ask questions and stop delivering long monologues

Hibernian bad sauce. I've called 4 offices and no keks to be had

🍀🍀🍀They🍀🍀🍀're onto you!

thread theme


idea: do a bunch of ones subtle enough to unnerve the tory staffers and make them question their life choices but not actually very funny, appearing like you're genuinely enthusiastic or whatever without going overboard.

make them regret their life choices without giving them the chance to believe it's trolling.


This is Holla Forums tier antics.

This post had been referring to an attempt to subtly sow Seeds Of Doubt in the minds of Tory staffers by sounding semi-serious.


So much for the 'intellectual' left


Suck my dick lol.


remembered this from halfchan


Can't leave these digits unchecked