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post aesthetic

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is it "post aesthetic" or are you asking people to post aesthetic?

The logical result of Fascism is the introduction of aesthetics into political life. - WB

Wilhelm Bittrich was sure conscious of the intricacies of their own movement.

soviet aesthetic fucking sucks

I'd have to post some Nazi stuff cause Communist aesthetics are pretty shit.



You legitimately disgust me.

literally the best aspect of the soviet union was the aesthetic, my man



this may be the most insane design of the 20th century

Socialist Realism is shit though.

Stalin ruined art.

though it would look pretty cool if they followed through with it


I think the design is bourgeois as fuck.

Stalinist architecture is gorgeous but also incredibly extravagant/excessive - beautiful as that giant Lenin statue is I'm sure he'd be horrified to see something like that in his own likeness

The Stalinist style was undoubtedly beautiful though. The Palace of the Soviets was intended to be the centerpiece in Moscow - and while it was never finished there are seven other buildings surrounding it that were intended to be complementary. They are undoubtedly beautiful - but imagining the Palace of the Soviets among them would highlight how much of an over-extravagant project it was.

Where's all the 21st century leftist aesthetic? Everything posted so far is all antiquated, infact I couldn't even find anything using Google, or Yandex. It would seem like the left has no true modern aesthetic.

CalArts, whimsical tumblr shit, 80s punk, whatever is on your mind on meth or dxm.

There you go.

Some more of the "Seven Sisters"

All of em now

The absence of a strong new leftist artistic movement/aesthetic might have to do with the lack of a strong left period




Never really got into socialist realism, but the more avant-garde stuff the Soviets had in their very early and very late years was frequently quite inspiring design.
Also a lot of the works coming out of Spain during the Civil War had a certain sleek modernism that I can appreciate.

Because much of the art of the late 20th and 21st century has either taken the form of high art that has receded from public accessibility back into elitist self-aggrandization or has become nothing more than a vehicle for capitalist marketing schemes. That's not to say that there is no art beyond this, but it is drowned out to the point that it will probably be another decade or two before we sort out what was the "defining work" of today.



I'm quite sure that it's physically impossible to build it.

It would cause him the mother of all strokes.

His 50th birthday apparently also included public celebrations in several Russian cities. His cult of personality began while he was still alive, and against his express wishes.