So what's the deal with psychoanalysis?

Is it a resourceful inquiry into the subconscious or an unsubstantiated pseudoscience?

Who's the best/worst? Freud, Jung, Lacan, Reich?

And is it compatible with leftism at all?

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Leftism without Lacan is like a bike without handlebars. Anyone that tells you otherwise is a bourgeois counter-revolutionary.

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Wow, that's some pretty strong sentiment. Would you mind telling us which of Lacan's ideas provide these 'handlebars'? Preferably without telling us to read texts designed to be unreadable to anyone who didn't go to an elite French school?

sumthin sumthin mirror stage

It's both from what I've gathered.

Freud had good insights on how the psyche works. The few things I've read from this work on dreams made sense. He coined the term libido.
He also invented or at least popularized private practice, which is more focused on the individuals as opposed to the less involved general approach of lunatic asylums/mental hospitals. It's a good thing and probably why long-term psychoanalytic therapy can be more effective than some other forms of psychotherapy.

That said, I believe we gained better insights in the study of the mind by using the scientific method during the last half of the 20th century and considering the brain as something else than a black box (like psychoanalysts and behaviorists).
Psychoanalysis can't explain how LSD works, and why its effect on consciousness is similar to psilocybin for example, while neuroscience can at least try to provide an answer based on the physical characteristics of the brain.
And the main problem of psychoanalysts is that a lot of them stay in their ivory tower and refuse to collaborate with people from different psychology disciplines. I can understand the sentiment, since academia started to shun them during the 70s, but they also don't seem to have made any progress since Lacan.

Personally, I'm not interested enough by their approach to read them. I reckon Zizek's use of Lacanian concepts is interesting, but personally, I would rather study cognitive science if you are interested on how the mind works, and Marx as well as Deleuze & Guattari before that if you want leftist theory that can give ideas regarding the effect of capitalism on the psyche.

It's true, but the situationists made the same criticism of Lacan back in the day :

Psychoanalysis has some interesting concepts, but almost none of it has been scientifically validated. It's also worth noting that Freud absolutely hated Marx and the two have fundamentally different/incompatible ideas of what influences human behavior and causes conflict in society.

psychoanalysis is complete and total bullshit to be looked at the same way you would someone who takes a horoscope seriously

The only valuable insight that comes from psychoanalysis is that everyone has a blind spot wen it comes to interacting with other humans. Basically you can't look left and right at the same time. Everyone switches to some sort of 'self-reflect' mode only when not awaiting other's response - because interpretation is achieved through emulation based on information and expectation. That takes consciouss effort.

This came out a bit confusing, but I can't be bothered to rephrase it now. Gotta work on these word-salads.

Psychoanalysis is unsubstantiated shit from a coke addled hack. You're better off reading Sartre or Camus fiction because at least that's entertaining fantasy.


Anyone with a degree in psychology will tell you psychoanalysis is mostly bullshit. I say mostly only because it attempted to study the unconscious in a time where everyone was leaning towards behaviourism. Apart from that, the procedure is simply not valid.

But why?

Because it undermines the pharmaceutical industry's profits

Jung is best because analytical psychology.

Lacan is shit.

Compatible how? Hope you dont mean Lysenko style anti-mathematics and anti-genetics. Science does no pander to no ones fantasies.

Think you meant "unconscious".

its degenerate
Pseudoscience, i don't understand how that's not plainly obvious. If Cognitive Psychology and Neuro-Psychology which are actually academic fields of inquiry do not yield reliably reproducible results or make accurate predictions on a regular basis, then literal arm chair psycho-babble is obviously not scientific either.
Reich is the best, Freud and Jung are tied for worst. Fromm is superior to both.
no, it can't be. The Left is concerned with removing Capital and the hegemony of the State. That's it. There is no way that idpol or psychoanalysis or religion can be involved with that goal.

Sorry, I worded that part poorly. What I meant is, should be it of special relevance to leftist analysis the same way say sociology of religion is?

Because psychoanalysis is based almost entirely on assumptions. Almost everything we know now about human behavior, development, and brain function, contradicts the assumptions of psychoanalysis.

By shilling for more expensive analysts to tell you that you want to fuck your mom. Quite the anti-capitalist rebellion.

psychoanalysis is petit-bourgeois psuedoscience for kulaks

Everyone should watch this :

I went to a psychoanalyst for 4 months and it was cheaper than the meds and the "counseling" (30 minutes of "do you want more or less escitalopram, buddy?" a month) I paid for before, and that's after insurance compensation too. Better than the cost is the fact that I actually don't feel like shit anymore and haven't swallowed any of that disgusting "medicine" either, and actually feel like a human being again instead of a vegetable.

I have the exact same experience as this guy, except I went on to also self-study Lacanian psychoanalysis afterwards and am trying to popularize it where I live after helping a close relative with an analyst and he also never felt better.

It's just an excuse for sexually repressed and mostly Jewish intellectuals to rant about how everything is about sex or evil or both.

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