Jews Aren't white?

For the life of me, I never understood why the alt-right thinks jews aren't white. Can any person with half a brain cell look at these people and say they are 'not white'? what the fuck else would they be?

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They are evil wizards who want to corrupt and enslave the white race they can take on many forms

it's easier to believe they're not white when they speak a strange language and wear strange clothes and have strange haircuts and look at you with a shameful gaze.

Because they're secretly Asiatic edomite Khazar descendants of Cain that only appear white because of their descent from the gay lizard space aliens who first harnessed the technology to brainwash white girls into turning down virgin NEETs for black penis.

Even those Jews look like white people who just dress funny.

Wait does that mean Chris Penn also isnt white? B-but hes my favorite white person!


So like basically any white people from outside your culture? How is that any different from, say, swedes?

Not to mention the "cultural language" of those Jews is Yiddish which is basically just German.

Jews speaking Hebrew as an everyday language is a new thing that only really happened because of Israel.

ignoring the fact that "white" is a meaningless identity, if jews truly are "white" that means israel is a white ethnostate and zionism is white nationalism, which is obviously not mainstream opinion. it also means that jews should be accused of having "white muh privilege," which they are of course not, and that they are not an oppressed minority, which they would refute

you're either part of the ruling white majority or you're not. you can't claim "white" status, then turn around and say "actually i'm not white, i'm jewish" when someone points out your obvious muh privilege and racism

I think everyone does consider Jews to be white, to be disproportionately muh privileged and that Israel is extremely racist.

Swedes speak an indo-european language and dress normally, but your right that what is considered white is very culturally dependent, for example in the past people like the Irish, Samis, Hungarians, and all manner of ethnicities weren't considered white. Others considered POC as far away as Ethiopia and Somalia to be white. The US Census considers all people from North Africa and the near east to be White.

this and checked

i forgot to mention that if jews are just "white people," that means the holocaust wasn't a special or racist event or genocide, but just a case of "white people" (germans) killing "white people" (jews)

either it's genocide or just whites killing their own. can't be both

That makes absolutely no sense.
Everyone involved in the Rwandan genocide was black. It's no less of genocide or no less incited by ethnic hatred because everyone involved was the same colour.

In fact I think very few historical genocides were of one race on another race. Most of them occurred among neighbouring populations.

We live in a world where white people and blacks alike are outright claiming Shaun King is a black man.

Dude shirtless is whiter than I am. Jews are white among whites who will benefit them and not white around everyone and anyone else, simple as that.

Jews are shapeshifters, they'll call themselves white or jewish when it suits them.
If you call them out on "white muh privilege", they'll tell you that they're jewish and that you're an anti-semite.


it makes perfect sense. if jews are just regular, run-of-the-mill whites, what's the difference between a holocaust victim and anyone else murdered during the war? how can jews be simultaneously regular and special?

if jews are white, why is israel not regarded a white supremacy a la south africa or rhodesia, and similarly condemned and demanded to change? if jews are white, where is the outrage about their massive wealth and societal dominance?

Plenty of leftists complain about israels treatment of the Palestinians and compare it to apartheid, the only reason Israel gets such a pass is because of the evangelical christian population which wants jews in israel/palestine to fufill their crazy prophecies. Keep in mind evangelicals make up like 30% of the us population.

jews dominate a few major industries, like finance and entertainment, but thats not because of conspiracy there are cogent historical reasons for that. Ashkenazi jews basically invented Hollywood so it makes sense that they would be over-represented.

What about the old WASP dominance? Has there ever been a jewish president?

Define "anyone else murdered during the war". Because a lot of people were murdered during WW2 because of their ethnic origin, not just Jews. Whereas it's a bit different in the case of say, German communists being murdered for their political beliefs by other Germans.

Likewise you could consider the total indiscriminate massacre of Chinese people by Japanese forces to be a genocide even though they're both Asian. Because their race didn't have anything to do with it, it was all about their ethnic origin. Likewise with Germans and Jews.

Pic related.

Have you seriously not noticed the massive international outrage about Israel and declarations that it's an apartheid state?

Dude, did you even look at OP's pictures?

This dude isn't white? really?

Well, he's certainly whiter than the average poltard.

Well two options here. Either "white" is a made up label, or jews are uniquely able to have a fluid identity around a vague label


so real life appearance vs playing a character

These are Ashkenazi Euro mixies, they're the evil ones. The rest are kind of okay or w/e

It turns out it's not just standard libs that understand the world like it's harry potter

I fully agree.

this whole jewish conspiracy bullshit is because they are over represented in some industries. It reeks of looking for a justification for a pre-existing prejudice.

Asians are over-represented in tech, would you say there's an 'Asian conspiracy' to take over America and silicon valley?

the mainstream doesn't. if jews are unquestionably "white," why doesn't the u.s. government or the u.n. condemn israel as a racist ethnostate?
no, the reason why it gets a pass is because jews are not considered "whites" like english and other europeans
it's widely criticised and has en entire, popular social movement and ideology devoted to illuminating it, codemning it, and demanding its abolition

we're not talking about dumb nazi ideas about skin and hair colour. we're talking about "white" as a social/societal class

Holla Forums is mad cause most jews look more aryan than they do

the black basketball cabal running the world must be exposed

Do you live in Germany or something?
Because anti-Zionism is fairly standard among left wing people in most countries.
Well for the same reason the US government didn't condemn South African apartheid when it mattered. It would be politically inconvenient to do so when Israel is a solid supporter of their interests and Palestine is not.

Hand picked pictures. Most jews look jewish.
Jared Kushner and Nathaniel Rotschild don't even look human.

if the people pushed into gas chambers had been germans, would it still be considered "the holocaust"?
yeah, and their deaths aren't considered a holocaust
yeah, you could, but it's not. no one commemorates the "chinese holocaust"
"massive international outrage" from whom? what significant world power or institution has called israel a racist white ethnostate?

"left wing people in most countries" is not states or institutions. popular opinion isn't the issue here
but it still ended up regarding rsa as a white supremacy. when the u.s. state department, or uk foreign ministry, or the u.n. openly, publicly, officially declares israel a "white supremacy," that it is a circumstance of white people (jews) dominating and oppressing non-white people (palestinians) then i'll agree with you

if anything it's proof that you shouldn't mix race

There you go using that conspiracy word again… Is it a conspiracy to act in ones own interest? Why should y pipo be the only ones to give up their in group preference?

Just joking. Carlito's way is a good movie, everyone should watch it!

No, but every single member of a certain race communicating and coordinating some sort of crazy strategy in smoke filled rooms doesn't seem that plausible

Alot of people don't give a flying fuck about their 'group' including me. Did your race ever put a sandwhich on your table? have they ever paid your rent? no. Fuck my race, whatever that even is

A lot of people killed in gas chambers were Germans murdered for reasons unrelated to their ethnicity. Such as communists, homosexuals and really anyone the state decided they didn't like.

It's also worth pointing out that the vast majority of Jews murdered in the holocaust were not from Germany, they were from occupied parts of Eastern Europe like Poland or Ukraine. And if you're trying to suggest that the only distinction between Jews and Germans is their supposed whiteness then your American is showing. "Whiteness" had nothing to do with it, them being Jewish was the problem.

There's no such thing as "a holocaust", there was "the holocaust" which is the name for that specific genocide. Likewise we don't talk about "a holodomor". or "a porajmos". Those describe one specific event. The general term for a genocide is, well, a genocide. And they are considered genocides.

u wot
To this day the Chinese are absolutely and totally pissed about the atrocities committed by Japan during WW2. Possibly even more than the Jews are. It's commemorated quite regularly.

Many countries, some of which major world powers, have totally severed relations with Israel on the basis of the whole Palestine thing. As you can see on this map.

it can be, thats what the jews do

"many countries" hahahaha. call me when the u.s. and u.k. and western europe and other countries that actually matter join them

rest of your post just completely misses the point. you can't simultaneously be part of the evil, ruling majority (white people) and a special, protected, victimised minority with its own country, schools and institutions (jews). israel is not considered a white ethnostate with a population of white people dominating and oppressing a population of non-whites. period

You mean like slavs or italians?

Did I claim as such? I know some Jews in my personal life and they are fine.

Muh heritage granted me all sorts of things, you're probably a inbred commoner tbh fam

Boy, if you don't think Pakistan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia matter you need to brush up on your geopolitics.

Not to mention the UN condemns Israel pretty much daily.

This is what I'm trying to get you to understand. You need to put your Holla Forumstard retardation aside for a second and look at this the way normal people look at it.

White people are not le ebul colonialist oppressors outside of the minds of hardcore idpol liberals, likewise outside of those same heads other demographics are not special innocent victims immune from criticism. Jews are white, Israel is racist, the holocaust is a genocide, all of this is simultaneously true and there's only an apparent contradiction because you view everything through an insane narrative.

Yes it is.

The US government did not condemn South Africa either as I pointed out. This does not mean South Africa was not considered a white supremacist ethnostate lording over a black population.

And as another user pointed out the US government's refusal to renounce Israel has fuck all to do with how white Israel is and everything to do with their geopolitical usefulness and the evangelical Christian right.

Is it not? I thought you said the following

It is perfectly mainstram for leftists to condemn Israel.

Yes, when they outlived their political usefulness. This does not change the fact that for a time all the arguments you're making as to why Jews aren't white would be perfectly applicable to South Africa.

If we were having this argument in 1980 it would be obviously retarded to say that Afrikaners are not white. Likewise it's retarded to say that Jews aren't white in 2016 just because the USA hasn't condemned Israel.

I meant 2017

don't condescend to me, retard. you also ignore that those three countries are islamic, not exactly fond of jews, as are most of the countries on that map. call me when a first-world euro-american liberal democracy joins them
i'm not from Holla Forums, you pathetic idiot. criticising jewish issues doesn't make someone Holla Forums. fuck yourself
by whom? your friends? if jews are white, that means the president of the united states just had an official visit to a racist white ethnostate where he happily met and greeted with the leader of that racist ethnostate. find me a mainstream entity that put things in those terms
the u.s. is widely considered a white majority country that discriminates against and oppresses non-white minorities. if jews are white, that means they are part of that majority and oppressor class. but no one in the mainstream considers that true. jews are considered a minority group distinct from the "white majority." those are the facts

I condemn you, does it affect you somehow? Israel will keep genociding Palestinians and nobody will bat an eyelid. Unless there are some sanctions from countries that matter, Israel won't change their "settler" policies. Netanyahu will get up on UN stage with a graph of a bomb with a fuse and tell everybody how Iran needs to get nuked or else.
jews are jews, in reality they don't consider themselves white, you shouldn't either.
holocaust is a lie, 6 million weren't gassed, much less died for different reasons.
nobody is arguing against that

Are you the current year man?

I hope you realize that Israel's colonialism and apartheid is exactly why the Islamic world is not fond of Jews.

And I'm not sure why you think it's no important that a first world liberal democracy condemns them. Saudi Arabia is lightyears more relevant and powerful than Finland for instance.

You obviously are from Holla Forums though. And I'm not saying you're Holla Forums for criticizing Israel, obviously I also am criticizing Israel, I'm saying you're Holla Forums because you've bought into the schizophrenic Holla Forums narrative that people think colonialism is okay when it isn't white people doing it.

Not the first time, mate. Pic related.

I love how we've gone from "find me a major world power that condemns Israel" to "find me a mainstream entity (whatever that means) that condemns Israel in these exact terms of my choosing". The goalposts have moved about 60 lightyears from where we started.

Are you a little bit slow? Do you understand that Israel is not part of the United States?

In Israel Jews are the majority and are decisively the dominant ethnic group. Saying Jews are a minority group when it comes to Israel is absolutely retarded.

It's the UN, earlier you wondered why the UN didn't condemn them and listed it along side the US and the UK. Now that I've shown you that it has condemned them (repeatedly) does the UN not matter? Do you not see how disingenuous you are being>
Why not? They look white to me?
And you tried to say you're not from Holla Forums. lmao

No such thing as white.
There are people whose recent ancestry is from Europe (i.e past 10,000 years, give or take)
Jews hail from the middle east. They are "Semitic".
It's not an insult to not be "white" despite what some Jews and Nazis believe. You are what you are, it's not good or bad.

wtf u talking about, fucko, that's my first time replying to you

You truly are a bona fide idiot.

I'm not the guy, who posted , you cancerous nigger. replied to my as if I'm
I'm not the idiot here.

Yes. There just so happens to be two roaming Holla Forumstards in the same thread, replying to the same argument, who don't use capital letters for the most part.

Though I see you've caught on to why it's so obvious you're same-fagging and have started using capital letters.

Are turks white? Are greeks white? Are serbs white? Are hungarians white? Jews are middle easterns that have mixed with europeans.

All of those groups are white IMO

Where do you put the line? Are palestinians white? How about egyptians?


No need to be a dick, white people are Europeans or anyone who looks like one

They are white so long as it benefits them in some but instantly become extremely Jewish the moment the encounter any collective guilt tripping of whites. Sometimes they even claim to be white for the purpose of collective white guilt tripping but revert to being Jews the moment it effects them negatively.

Jews are disgusting nepotistic parasites.

Black is an American racial/ethnic category. Sub Saharan Africa is the most bio diverse area on the planet and that bio diversity applies to the various hominid races/ethnic groups too.

Jews say they aren't white so the autists believe them because what is more trustworthy than the word of a Jew that they don't trust?

Jews are so indiscernible from whites that Nazis had to slap a yellow star on their chest to tell them apart.

I've always wondered something.

If some bloke conversts to judaism overnight, does he also receive a genetic overhaul and the jewish psychic powers with it?

Phenotypes are misleading as fuck bro.

I like how Holla Forums considers red hair to be very white despite the fact that red hair was synonymous with Jews for the longest time.

That's correct.

British soldiers starved fellow white Europeans (Boers)
Young Turks massacred fellow Anatolians (Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks)
Stalinist agents starved fellow East Slavs (Ukrainians)
Nazis massacred fellow white Europeans (Jews, Slavs, etc)
Ustaše militias massacred fellow South Slavs (Serbs, Jews, etc)
Ulster Loyalist paramilitaries massacred fellow white Europeans (Irish Catholics)
Khmer Rouges massacred fellow Cambodians ("New People")
Pakistani soldiers massacred fellow Indo-Aryans (Bengalis)
Indonesian soldiers massacred fellow Southeastern Asians (East Timorese)
Ba'athist soldiers massacred fellow Middle-Easterners (Kurds)
Bosnian Serb soldiers massacred fellow Bosnians (Bosniaks)
Hutu Power militias massacred fellow Rwandans (Tutsis)
ISIL terrorists are massacring fellow Middle-Easterners (Kurds, Shia Muslims, etc)
Burmese soldiers are massacring fellow Southeastern Asians (Rohingya Muslims)

The only modern ethnic cleansings that do involve different "races" that I know of are the genocide of natives by white German colonists in early 1900s South-West Africa, the genocide of natives by the mostly white militaries of South America during the later stages of the Cold War and the persecution of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers and settlers that continue to this day.

But that's not how it works you fucking retard.

Whether the targeted group is "actually" genetically and/or ethnically unified is irrelevant, all that counts for a party to be guilty of genocidal crimes is their perception that they are eliminating one. Hutus and Tutsis are genetically and culturally indiscernible, that doesn't suddenly make the massacres that happened in Rwanda not a genocide.

Which Jews?

big if true

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It only works when a rabbi sucks your dick afterwards though and it has to be a legit rabbi. This is why Americans are still retarded despite being circumcised.

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