It's a leftypol defends Muslims murdering children because of MUH IMPERIALISM episode


Prove the attacker in Manchester was a Muslim.



What Muslim? Got a name or a face?


How much do you wanna bet it's a Muslim ?

Betting is haram

It's obviously the IRA coming back to prove the tabloids right about Jezza


I'll bet 3 whole plates of Tendies that it wasn't a muslim. your call.

๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€who else๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€?

I bet my entire internet reputation that it's a Muslim. If it's not a Muslim I will admit that I'm a massive faggot and you can treat me as such in this thread.

Pretty sure isis already took credit for it.
Not that it matters, since this is a shitpost anyway.

Didn't work out in France.

Wonder why Melenchon lost? Establishment would have been fine with LePen.

There's nothing to prove when the muds are already celebrating.


how much do you wanna bet its a native born muslim and not an immigrant/refugee like almost every other terrorist attack on Europe?
how much do you wanna bet that the attack was done in retaliation for westerners bombing the Middle East, just like almost every other terrorist attack in Europe?

You don't need an excuse to live out your fantasies online bb

I imagine the first one being true. I bet the reason is more something like "I am angry, angry about no gf"

Leftpol sincerely doesn't care whether it's a muslim or not. Again, we aren't liberals.

Our ideology is divided but it usually isn't along the lines of race, religion, sex, gender, or creed. We care about class. The ruling class kills more innocents than any terrorist ever could. We recognize the tragedy, but we aren't confused who the real enemies are.

If you work, take a look at how much sweat the owner sheds. Does he really work as hard as you?

If you don't work, take a look at the children born to rich families. What is inherit in their nature that they deserve their inheritance and power? Are they particularly good people? Or is it just that their dad died and they happen to be alive?

Unironically this. It would be the lulziest result

Isn't usually based on sex gender race etc I mean. I mean that we care only about class. We don't support idpol.

How much do you bet it's a male?

lmao why are leftypol such cucks!


ah yes, I remember this episode aswell
support ISIS in their noble struggle against western imperialism, comrade!

They did those children a favor. Non-existence is preferable to continued suffering in this horrible world.

Where did they defend this?

No one here is defending this or saying it wasn't Muslim. Mods ban this shitposting fuck with his stupid frogposting.

>>>Holla Forums shitposting

I missed that episode, can you link it to me?