Best Active Leftist US Parties/Organizations?

Yes, I realize burgerstan is the most class-cucked nation in the world. I also know the left practically doesn't exist here at all. Still, there are some leftist political parties left, & although most are fringe, I'm curious if any are worth supporting or joining.

There's the DSA, who's experiencing the biggest current surge & might be the group with the most oncoming opportunity & realistic chance to grow. That said, I've also heard murmurs of it being full of liberals & centrists which is a bit discouraging, but I feel there has to be some hope in a group loudly criticizing Capitalism in a nation as right-wing as the US.

There's also the Socialist Party USA, who see themselves as continuation of the old Socialist Party of America. I'm not sure if they're really relevant, but they seem to be decent enough & multi-tendency.

There's also the Socialist Equality Party, who are trots & run the WSWS. I'm not a Trot & know they're pretty infamously sectarian & splintered, so I'm kinda cautious there too.

There's also the Socialist Alternative, pretty sure they're another trot group lol. IDK if either is better or bigger.

There's the Revolutionary Communist Party of USA, (no not the CPUSA, those guys aren't worth mentioning lol) who are M-Ls and Maoists apparently? Don't know much about them.

There's also the IWW, who seem to be the only real leftist labour union & they've got quite the history.

So yeah, that's where I am comrades. I know the temptation to meme about it being pointless is there, but I'm looking for genuine advice. Are any of these worth joining, either due to solid ideals or potential to grow? Are there better ones I haven't heard of? Is it all pointless? lol

I'm genuinely interested in at least attempting to get into local or even (I know) state politics & labour. I've been slowly establishing a leftist club at my University - which lacked one - but I also want to eventually move past simple lifestylist student agitation.

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Join the DSA and help push it to the Left. Despite all the buzz it's still like, 1/10 of the side of the Green Party. Plus it's pandering to younger people who lean left but are often a blank page theoretically. It's a malleable group.

CPUSA is trash but you don't get to lol at them and then treat that creepy ass cult as a worthy choice.

I'm not even american and I've heard about Bob Avakian and how whacky his group is. First time I heard about them was during a panel with a RCPUSA chick and some Jacobin dudes, and just the way she kept mentioning him shocked me.



Is the DSA a party? Has tried to run candidates for any offices? If not is is possible to be a member of DSA & a more niche party at the same time?

This, DSA has a lot of potential and needs help moving (primarily new) members to the left

do go on

DSA is not a party.

The SEP isn't too impressive but WSWS is always right correct with surprising regularity

Join Action Front


good reason why not?

The glorious vanguard of the Socialist Equality Party is the only correct choice, comrade.

You realize there's a place on Earth called "Japan", right? I just thought I might point out that little fact.

Im a member of SPUSA and currently trying to push my local (Philadelphia) towards a format mimicking the Black Panthers/Young Patriots alliance which means dropping the IdPol and uniting with muh excellent poor people who have the same class interests regardless.

SPUSA in general tho is a niche shitshow of identity politics and I'd recommend DSA instead for the reasons others in this thread have said and also so you dont lose all hope in the left and kill yourself

lol excellent should say p.roblematic

Oh it's that bad? That's a shame, I was seriously considering joining them but oh well.


Didn't realize RCPUSA was so weird , only heard them mentioned as one of the few leftist party here's, that's pretty fucked sounding tho.

Well I'm definitely going to join DSA. As for a political party idk - was heavily leaning towards SPUSA, but maybe not so much now. I'd consider the SEP, (I do like WSWS) but I'm not really a trot. Also not big into M-L, but I'd join if it's a good group - seems that's what'sup with PSL.

Is that what the people on this board actually believe?

Trump is the best leftist leader the US has ever had.

That's what i said in 2016. Now he's right winger. Deal with it, it's a right winger that will fuck that country up.

How is the Peace and Freedom Party? It's Democratic Eco-Socialist apparently. It sounds not too bad.

Japan, Korea, and probably a shit-ton of other countries would like to have a word with you.

Hell, IIRC Japan's biggest unions have corporate managers in officer positions.

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Sure but the United States is the absolute worse when it comes to CEO to worker pay ratio.

Join the IWW. unless your secretly a liberal

They have this rule that you have to pronounce each comma when you talk. You have to pronounce it as BOBAVAKIAN.

SocialistAction is a Trot group of the same vein of SocAlt. SocAlt did endorse Bernie Sanders and then Jill Stein, and is reformist rather than revolutionary.

Both groups are discussion-focused overall.

One thing I don't understand is why is CPUSA not talked about?

I also think the Wobblies may be our best path to a class conscious leftist movement.

I liked SPUSA's platform however Mimi was SJW as hell.

Are you a member, I am thinking about joining and looking for details and specifics.

Holla Forums condemn child pornography.

… wow

watcha wanna know?

join the slp or whatever's left of it


thatd probably be south korea or japan.
as usual, clapistan is ONE Of the worst, not quite the very worst.

Thinking of joining IWW - DSA - and maybe SPUSA tbh

PSL is very active in organizing etc. Tankies tho

DSA is probably the best option with it's growth spurt and non-stalinist position. Only you can prevent it from becoming liberaldemocratic idpolers of America.

and yes you should try to organize your workplace under IWW

Fair, fair.

So nothing?

Party for Socialism and Liberation is awesome, firm revolutionaries and Marxists with clear goals.

As much shit as I talk on SPUSA, it would be great if we got more SMART anti IdPol people involved. Myself and 3 of my friends in the Philly branch are already in. We dont need someone to get triggered every time someone talks about allying with BLM (which I wholeheartedly support tbh) but we really need more people in there to get these liberals to stfu about hair politics and muh Settlers.

I liked how buttblasted Meme Saltysick got because someone suggested that he wear a suit

SEP is by far and away the best in theory. Their analysis is top notch and they're essentially always right about world events, political trends, and historical movements, even/especially those a vast majority of leftists miscalculate and mispredict. They were staunchly against idpol before it was cool and before Occupy/related fiascoes, because they examined its theoretical foundations and social role under capitalism at considerable depth.
WSWS is a great source which does the sort of in-depth analysis in a readable article form that the modern media gave up pretending to do, has a fairly large daily readership (less than Jacobin - but that's miles more of a mixed bag, as we all know) and was/is a great, forward thinking response to the trot newspaper memes - again, before they really became memes.
The major downside is their brick-and-mortar presence is quite small. They make an admirable effort on the ground in a number of workers' struggles, but they're still a small group. Turns out not many self-described leftists want to join a club of autistic theory nerds. They probably don't have meetings near you.
There's also the inevitable clumsy-sounding archaic phrases drawn out of history, overly-aspirational "the ICFI is the world leadership of the Trotskyist movement and the international proletariat" stuff

The DSA is the opposite. It's the largest org we've seen in a long time, drawing heavily on disenchantment with the 2016 primaries and election, with prime opportunities to spread class consciousness. The downside is that it's not really "theoretically pure" or in possession of a real revolutionary program, and many members are weekend warriors, lifestyle activists, liberals, and/or people who think they can push the Democrats left. There's also something of a caricatured "participatory" bureaucracy, and "anti-racist"/"anti-sexist" "working groups." I'm going to join my local chapter soon, but mostly for reasons of personal development and community

SA is the lost child in the middle, straddling decent theory and mass appeal, but not really pulling off either.

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They have a handful of city councilmen

Why not join both SEP & DSA?

Seems like a good idea really

I've got bad news.
>Section 3. Members can be expelled if they are found to be in substantial disagreement with the principles or policies of the organization or if they consistently engage in undemocratic, disruptive behavior or if they are under the discipline of any self-defined democratic-centralist organization. Members facing expulsion must receive written notice of charges against them and must be given the opportunity to be heard before the NPC or a subcommittee thereof, appointed for the purpose of considering expulsion.

That goes for any other Leninist organization as well.

If you're not sure if you want to join SEP or DSA, I'd just join SAlt, it's the closest you're going to get to that happy medium anyway.

How is SEP a democratic-centralist group?

It's a Trot group, isn't it?

Trotskyism is a brand of Leninism, and a core aspect of Leninism is democratic centralism.

I'd be very surprised if SEP wasn't democratic centralist. It would be like learning that a Baptist church doesn't believe in the immaculate conception.

I'll level with you, I have no idea what the "self-defined" qualifier means here, or whether this is meant to refer to a group's ideology and stance on revolutionary tactics, or its internal policy and leadership.
Honestly "you can't be in a revolutionary party if you want to hang with us, but the Democrats and Greens are ok" is quite a damning interpretation and I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt here.

I think SA represents an unhappy marriage more than a "happy medium," to be honest. A guy could possibly get some non-membership affiliation with the SEP while scratching the itch to "do something" with the DSA, but who knows.

It's a way of saying "no Leninists"

Also, may I ask why SAlt is an "unhappy marriage"?

They seem like the second most effective lefty group outside the DSA.

I guess no one is that familiar with it here since no replies to this.

I prefer the Freedom Party of Peace tbh

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Again, "no Leninists, but Democrats and Greens are ok" really doesn't do much to challenge the idea that the DSA is largely or purely an effort to channel and redirect discontent into the dead end of bourgeois party politics.

DSA would have the least fucking problem with you being a member of another org. Stop lying. SEP would condemn you. SAlt would make you very officially split ties to DSA if they found you were a member.

Not mentioned in this is the International Socialists Organization which runs They are revolutionary socialist and at this point are exclusively for cadre building. They are good but they aren't present in most of the US.

To OP, it depends who is active near you. I would say DSA, PSL, SAlt are all good. I'd work on an SEP political campaign if there was one near me but they aren't really worth joining tbh



IWW & SEP ftw

I have a friend who's both in the DSA and IWW.

That statute isn't really enforced.

Peace and Freedom Party are an electoral front rather than an actual party. Basically various socialist parties use their ballot access to run candidates.

It's not enforced. Especially in comparison with the other orgs listed.

I'm in the IWW ama

Im a wob with comrades in DSA. DSA as an organization i dont particularly like. However, theirs good people in it.

I think entries can work in terms of making the Greens, Socialist.


greens are already openly socialist. the hippies still make them unelectable

There in between Socialist and Social Dems. However there more electable then people think. I think the’ll make BIG gains in the 2018 midterms.

Uh they won local elections before. Also the old hippies is one of the good parts of it. It's the vegan hipsters that are bothersome but I think it is still workable.

Join up with the IWW and start salting.

the democratic party


I recommend the Green Party



lol they seriously endorsed Hillary over Sanders in the Dem primaries?

Yeah - they're 100% porky sell-outs & a fully infiltrated FBI/CIA honeypot. Been that way for decades now. Only made up of edgy liberals & intelligence agents kek