Why the 'radical center' must be the future of American politics


The Democrats are so fucking dead as a party.

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what I would give to slap perez across the face

That quoted text is sickening OP. I have to take a painful liquid shit and then throw up.

Daily reminder the author of this article got 1.2 % of the vote when he was a politician

This is a normal response to "radical centrism"

yes this is Holla Forumsack but what blows my mind isn't that Le Pen lost; it's that they've elected the most blatant puppet you could concieve of, which given recent historical conext is absurd for a number of reasons


i nominate "cuck"

I nominate "delusional"

the ambitious status quo party, the ambitious make everything stay the same party





Are there people who still want the "center", even a rebranded one?

Isn't being a centrist inherently a logical fallacy?

what's not to fucking like you cucks?

As much as I wish you were right, I highly doubt it. The Republicans are so insane, Americans will still prefer Democrats after Trump.


So basically Blairism 2.0?

That reminds me of the last time "radical centrism" was mooted, under Blair & Bill Clinton:


if you keep your head down and study hard Im syre you can fullfil your dream


centrists: fighting against change

Why not call it "neoliberalism?" That's what it is, after all.

Friendly reminder: Trump lost the popular vote to Clinton and only won the election because of the hilariously fucked up electoral college system that American presidential elections use. Also, absolutely everyone outside of the most woke of social justice warriors hates Clinton's living guts and everything she stands for; it turns out that even owning all of the media was not enough to overcome that–yet she still won the popular vote. The bourgeois electoral system is completely rigged in favor of the financial elites' candidate of choice.


Blairism with a human face

Every time.

Friendlier reminder: Trump's gains over Romney were dwarfed by Clinton's LOSSES BENEATH Obama, Trump's greatest strength was overwhelming nihilistic disgust of Democrats at our own party. Also, neither Clinton nor Trump were campaigning for the popular vote.

4-D Chess bullshit. Trump did nothing of the sort. What happened was that Clinton and her shills spent the entire primary cheating her way past Sanders while telling Sanders' supporters to get in line with the party and defeat Trump, you woman-hating berniebros! And ZOMG the cis-het WHITE MALES refused to vote for Hillary the racist, sexist, prob1ematic shitl0rds! #notmycomrades! Then Trump got lucky with Julian Assange dropping bombs on the Clinton campaign. Trump didn't do shit except to not be Clinton. I wonder if he ever really bothered trying to win it.

So why did Clinton lose then?

Without electoral college, Republicans in California and New York would have a reason to vote and Trump still would win. Git gud.

Oh hell yeah more of the same shit, that's going to get me really excited to go out and vote.

To be frank, "radical centrist" would be a good way to describe the average HUEHUEHUE politician.

There's so damn much wrong in so few words.

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Wtf are you talking about? There has been nothing but radical centrists presidents in USA. At least since i was born(1989)
Seriously, i don't know how you folks can make a destinction between the GOP and the DNC. Exactly the same: Radical centrists.

We fucking told you socdems that allying with "centrists" (i.e. right wingers) does way more harm than good. Either support right wing reactionaries as they butcher liberalism or abstain.

He is unironically right. Macron's victory showed the strength of the socialist left in the western world. The french left is in a strong position now that Macron owes them for his win. The same is true for the US, where Bernie is now calling the shots over at the DNC.

Nobody even sided with him and he only got like 13% of the vote. Pretty laughable that's the figure behind his much lauded huge majority.

Op, listen it from a guy whose country was ruled for half a century by centrists. Centrism is the most retarded shit

Doesn't matter he still "won" which allows the press to claim that this we are "returning to sanity" or some other bullshit. Liberalism needs to be destroyed before we can have communism. Leftists need to stop supporting centrists.

This categorically did not happen.

Lmao. Might as well have elected Romney and McCain then. It really will be no difference in parties at that point and then there will be no hope of anything.

Criminally underrated post.

Also, this is just neoliberalism that co-opts some Silicon Valley language. You can't just say "re-branded neoliberalism", no, you have to call it "radical", or "disruptive". I'm 99% positive some shithead NYT pundit has used the term "disruptive centrism" before. This is the future our masters have chosen for us.

The Democrats are going to continue to lose, the Republicans are just one statehouse away from changing the constitution.

The DNC are stealth accelerationists.

It should say "Let's try these ideology goggles." The joke is that the glasses should show him the ideology but everything around him is already ideology. With anti-ideology goggles it implies that there is no ideology since it looks the same anyway.

t. meme pro



You are right. For the sake of argument, Isn't it possible the author meant that life would be even harder to bear exactly if we found out there is actually no ideology? The true horror would be that even without being blinded and shaped by ideology, we would still be exactly where we are today. It would preclude any kind of salvation, a bleaker version of Fukuyamaism.