He isn't a jihadist

why aren't you fighting with the post-nativist anti-imperialist forces, user?

If by fighting you mean fapping and not getting anywhere near to women then I think I have this front well covered comrade

anuddah shoah isn't real - so when you say its bad you are saying anuddah shoah is real.

that gives the nats argument (witch is false) water to hold.

White "genocide" = having kids with non-white people

That's the white nationalist definition of it anyways. Just incase anybody thinks Noam Chomsky is "literally Hitler" on some death camp shit…

god i fucking hate the text changes 'wнite genocide'

LOL It's hilarious though.

there isn't a genocide. There is a decline in the white population due to low birth rates and suicide and this is unironically a good thing because white people are the fucking worst (i'm white inb4)

So, you envision that the science, culture and modern form of society that the west is largely responsible for will still be present without any westerners there?

That mindset and culture isn't bound to ethnicity in the slightest? I guess the vast Autism Level differences between different ethnicities is also false.

Europe won't become another fucked up muslim nation with autistic sharia laws once a certain threshold of the total population are muslims?

Or could it be as we face greater globalization and consolidation of worldwide power by the few, they've realized some time ago that it's much easier to rule over mongrels without any cultural or ethnic ties than assert their will on homogenous societies & nations with strong cultural and historical ties?

This board seriously autoconverts "IQ" to autism? Not even surprised :^)

I'm pretty sure whites commit less suicide than other races.

you're not responsible for any of it and are likely a net drain on the system. I doubt that science, culture will disappear if whites die out since Asia can science jsut fine and this is mostly an American issue anyway and I want to see what happens when white people are like 30% of the country here and the political and geo-political implications of that

Europe isn't a nation

When did he say that?
Sounds like bullshit.

Well fucking done, you avoided everything and argued the most retarded of semantics of semantics you could find, especially considering that "nations", in the plural form, was mentioned below.

Nice, straight to the ad hominem.

Of course Asian culture won't die out, I am not sure how that is relevant. For your information, nearly all invention in modern science & technology has originated from Europe. Different asian countries has adopted and copied it, with varying degrees of success. The only outlier here is Japan which sort of do their own stuff.

And the remaining 70% are what? Asians? Muslim arabs? Eskimoos?

Are you honestly of the perception that every form of ethnicity except for whites gets along with others perfectly?

Remember to thank the sand people for all the nice maths you have cumskin

Why is there so much idpol in this thread?

That's why I want to see what happens

all pol is idpol. don't let poor white men that don't care about anything other social issues than video game ethics tell you otherwise

cool liberalism

who could have predicted this?

anuddah shoah is OK. Just like black genocide, Asian, etc. Let's just sent everyone their historical culture! I want to have African voodoo bullshit in my identity wherever I go. Sounds awesome.

Btw, white people are the only people against Identity Politics SOOOO ::::::^^^^🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀



Also, guess what, identity politics is actually GOOD. What's bad is that we don't have our own awesome identity to shove in everyone's faces

Sagd in all fields.

lynch yourself :^)

it sounds like something Holla Forums would make up to sound like Chomsky

It is genocide if it is an enforced policy. If not then it is just life.


spot the Holla Forumsack

Well if i remember Europeans have higher suicide rates than south americans and arabs

Euros are fucking weird


i'd like to know the marxist book that identifies Caucasoid eradication as a central cause of the proletarian movement

You will ignore the problem because you can't handle it and don't want to acknowledge it while the white population continues to drop and reactionary fascist ideology becomes more widespread and violence becomes inevitable at that point you will side with anybody who is opposed to the fascists and the reactionaries in a civil war that will contribute to further caucasoid eradication

racist idiot. all the more pitiable that you've been manipulated to hate your own group, that must be tough

yes, surely the reactionaries will actually win this time and restore their claimed territory back to [rose tinted golden age] just like that one time…
back in…
where they…

I'm not saying they would win I'm saying you would side against them contributing to caucasoid eradication

in that case why make such a redundant post?

I want to illustrate that the declining white population is all that reactionaries and fascists care about, so either the white population continues to decline until it is irrelevant or there is a violent reactionary solution since you are against doing anything to prevent the white population from declining and you are against reactionary violence you will side with the enemy of the reactionaries and kill them in a civil war that will contribute to further white eradication


Well you're already coming up with propaganda as to why the declining white population is a good thing and why reactionaries are bad. It's not like the government and the media acknowledges that the declining white population is a bad thing and that measures should be taken to prevent it it's usually universally seen as a good thing and something that should continue to happen


No one here believes this or promotes this. We simply don't care enough about how spooked you are by your own race. The bigger problem is people becoming minorities in general and getting fist fucked by the long arm of capitalism. Your reaction is literally to protect the shitty system that makes this happen.

I understand that you don't care about it and don't acknowledge it as a real problem but most people are spooked by their own race and notice that their numbers are decreasing which is why anti-immigrant, anti Islam sentiments are becoming more mainstream so as the white population will decline further more and more people will become spooked about it until there is a reactionary solution at which point you will identify the reactionaries as the enemy and side against whoever opposes them in a civil conflict contributing to white eradication

White dick is no match for the superior japanese waifu

I think I care about it more than you do, actually.
For instance, I'm not asking white people to run headlong to their doom over a system that is shit and created their problems in the first place. What I don't care for is acting like every white person is a clannish orc that can't see past the color of their skin. That's far more patronizing and appeals less to their intelligence.

I'm not saying every white person is spooked but if the current trend runs its course it will happen anyway resulting either in white people either moving out of their country or some kind of civil conflict or irrelevance. When the apartheid regime collapsed white people who were spooked about their race moved out of South Africa and the ones that were less spooked stayed but lost their political relevance and the power to determine the fate and course the country would take.

Again, this is what happens to minorities under capitalism.
Why is this a shocker?
Secondly, when spooked individuals leave because of other spooked individuals, the point isn't to cuck yourself to spooks, but do away with them altogether.

You have a 20 year window to do away with the entire capitalist system and to de-spook the population. Baby Boomers are the biggest white demographic and they will die off within 20 years at which point white people will become a minority then your own theoretical power to do anything will be limited because there would be other problems that spooked people will be more concerned about

Says who?
You act like this is written in stone. Minorities in my country have flirted with communism in the past, so there is no reason to think it couldn't happen a second time.

Enjoy your Mugabe tier communist revolution.

It's not written in stone it is a prediction based on the demographic trend in the United States. I doubt this will happen across the board some countries like France and the U.K. maybe have more years other countries this won't even happen. I also highly doubt that a revolution especially a Marxist one would happen in the United States if a violent reactionary backlash will happen

Na we'll be demographically fucked by about 2050 as well if current legal immigration rates are maintained.

Yet with liberalism being the dominant ideology at the moment, I'd say it's just as likely to push people further left, since we are starting at the center. There's literally nothing pointing to one or the other as definitive, at the moment.


Ever communist revolution will be coloured by the same low brow discourse, evil whitey.

If by left you mean democrat- socialist welfare monies, Beatles lyrics and SJW virtue signalling, we already have that and it's quite popular.

A Marxist-Leninist revolution won't happen in America.

Considering membership in socialist groups has seen a spike , there is push further left than the standard socdem. Also, taking into account the left has been crippled for years, even the fact that demsoc have been making a come back is a feat.
Hope it doesn't. Not my preferred school of thought.


Marxist revolution of any kind or variety won't happen. You'll maybe get a Bernie Sanders tier democrat until the pendulum swings back and then back again.

If we're actually talking about it getting bad enough that a reactionary revolt could happen, then there's not any reason to discount a leftist one as well. Likewise, I could just as easily see the right obsessing over candidates like Trump, and curbing any real threat.

I won't be Marxist even if it's against a reactionary backlash. It will be the urban rainbow coalition + minorities to restore freedom liberty tolerance rule of law and true American values or someshit with college professors and mixed race antifa as the Marxist element. Le Proletariats economic interests or whatever won't be anywhere close to the deciding factor.

Americans are immune to Marxism and Marxist Leninist revolutionary movements that's what happens when you spend the better part of your history trying to prove that you're better than Socialists and Marxist Leninist revolutionary movements

It's the last time that happened. The right can obsess over shit like that for the next 20 years but once you're 30-40% of the population the right will never get what it wants politically

Why would you think this?


I need a fucking source for that quote.