So how do we all feel about the sudden startling revelation that loco is a pedophile?

so how do we all feel about the sudden startling revelation that loco is a pedophile?

wait what

Aren't we all?

Frankly im not surprised

His thing with Cooki always worried me.

Pokeporn thread


can i be his little boy?

This was the one that really made me think about if I wanted to fuck tsareena tbh

and how do we feel about squid being a pedo enabler?

I hear he masturbates in the corner while loco rapes little boys.

wow, soto actually has good taste for once

They are literally a slave and can't say no.

No one gives me shit for being a pedophile

I wish y'all niggas would

aww yeah hit grandmaster again

Tfw don't want Tsareena to sit on my face

there have been episodes featuring abused pokemon


That's fucking disgusting.


Which ones, specifically?

strangest cry for attention yet

Why cause Im posting nudes of one of your avatar or something?

Or the peeing thing?

the manga is chock full of them too

Have you considered that this is why some of us are not great friends with you and just find you to be a funny shitposter?

So you know it works.

fucking savage abuse holy shit test come on.

I dunno, just not my style.

I actually don't want to fuck Garde either.

That's not to say that I would say no if she started coming onto me like that.

More the posting porn of an 11 year old.
And the peeing thing.

Seriously though soto

if I ever catch you on any underaged person, shits gonna go down

no jodan

yeah and im against it


Just doing my part

>Test will never savagely beat you off with his words

thank goodness grim is there to protect all the innocent children around soto

They live to serve.

just saying


he'll rip your skin off, soto.

Fuck I've been found out

I read that as "They live to swerve"

that treatment is only for you.

Do not STEAL

Holy shit it all makes sense now

She's a video game character though

She's not real

The peeing thing is kinda gross tho

I was gonna say but youve seen me with Angel but that was Ian lol

I giggled at no jodan
Imma start saying that now

Everyone keeps judging me


he's gonna bust in while you're on her, check her id, and SO HELP YOU if she's under 18 soto. SO FUCKING HELP YOU.


literally the sex police.

I'm being nice to you but youre being mean to me

No fair

Being a sex slave is probably better than fighting people against your will all the time.

I'd fuck an underage girl.

If she looked reasonably legal, and had a good id.

As long as I can get out of it by claiming due diligence.

That's the test.
Ily, Soto.
Plate techtonically.

Cup stop trying to police everyone's sex.

We all know you just want to peek in on that shit.

I save quality images.


It's like constantly being antagonistic towards grim.

We all know you just want him to hatefuck you.

and thus a meme was born

but real talk though I'm sure you've moved on past that phase.



Well I mean
Harder than he already does

"When did you first suspect she was underaged?"

"When I was already balls deep and ready to nut and she said 'Daddy's going to hate me.'"



I'd let Rin take a seat on my meat tbh

Aho ka

I swear.
She said she was 18.
Her ID said she was 18.
I was willing to accept that she was 18.

Then she said that shit and I began to doubt all my life choices.


she's worried she might catch your cancer brah


Just hypothetically.

B-because none of this happened in real life...
aha... haha...


but did you nut anyway?

Bitch ass

I'd rather get fucked by an underage girl with a nice dick.

moogs wants you all to know that he's the one coming up with a decent amount of my jokes that I've been posting but he's too much of a lazy piece of shit to post them himself but now he's mad because I'm posting them.


I wish I could hear moog's super secret jokes and steal them myself...
I'll just never be cool enough I guess...

Literally worse than Amy Schumer


this actually hurts my feelings.


wouldn't we all

Yeah, I've moved on

But Im just fucking saying if a 16 or 17 year old flirts with me and wants to mess around I'm obviously going to give her the dick

Im not going to follow some dumb rule that they have to be 18 or older






well then I hope you're prepared for the consequences. he's gonna hunt you down and fuck you up real good, you fucking pedo scum.

wrong one. this picture.

No, only me.

what's gotten into you today



Something being illegal doesn't make it immoral

Would it be immoral if he fucked them in a jurisdiction with a age of consent of 16?

For further meme, would it be immoral if he fucked a tolder in a jurisdiction with no age of consent?

Obviously in the latter case it would. What I'm saying is that judging it based off the law instead of actually off the age of the girl is flawed yo.

If you don't nut after that much then you might just be gay.

I love this board

I mean it's still probably weird but like, that's because he's taking advantage of a teenager, not because it's illegal

Squiddy always gotta weigh in.

no me. wait what?

its illegal because its immoral

you're fucking someone whose brain hasn't fully developed yet

you're basically altering that shit and opening a door to STDs, Pregnancy, and other shitty things for the kid.

Sure you could wear a condom, but who's to say she won't fuck some other dude the other week raw?

You can't control that.

What you can do is put your fucking dick away you fucking pedo


I don't even understand what you're going on about anymore.

But like I mean to be fair I didn't read Squid's post at all.


yeah squid you fucking pedo



this is some top tier logic.


Which pokemon was it ?


when's season 3 out?


shitty bait

Oh, I get it.

He's weighing in because he's fat.

Which pokemon did you jerk off to ?

Or was that VeeVee?







oh no
I commented on a thing in a public forum

Veevee is the fat one.

But who knows?



You do it all the time in literally everywhere.

This board

and now for something completely different


i just finished konosuba

black men stealin' our white wiminiz

wow queen

Drat, I almost made a funny.

hes gaining mass to lift

I wouldn't even know about that show if IKT didn't post girls from it all the time.

Like come on dude, it's not like Im getting them drunk then taking advantage of them

I don't make them drink, I just tell them they're too young to drink and tell them they shouldn't drink at X age so I jokingly move the bottle away from them and chuckle a bit

They end up kinda getting mad thinking Im making fun of them for not drinking which Im not and they end up telling me they have drank before and can probably drink more than me and literally take my drink from my hands and proceed to drink it

I ask them if they are sure they don't want anything a little bit more sweeter or with less alcohol and they say yes of course cause Im usually always drinking Jameson on the rocks so I joking say "So do you want Hi-C or Juicy Juicy?" they lightly hit me on the shoulder and tell me to get them something good so I get them a basic Cranberry Vodka

Then I end up getting laid like a couple conversations later

Fucking crazy dude

this tbh
unless soto told me

him and wish are the anime experts here

Trash anime.


I just locked myself in and needed fantasee so I thought of emmy

that sounded wrong

You're making them drink.

That's enough.

konosub or jojo

Master ?

youre friends with a lot of creepy people, grim


I guess. I comment on things I have something to say about, as I find that a good way to get involved in conversation.

Is this the problem you've seemed to have with me lately?




I wanted to sleep but these memes are too wild



Lest we recall the train incident

Are you really asking me this ?


Its a problem to me.

Our personalities don't mix.

Sorry we can't be friends.


it's illegal to hang out with creepers because it's immoral

oh right

yeah I personally hate lazy animation

kinda should be if people are too stupid to keep away

that made me laugh for some reason


you remind me of the little pieces of shit that hang around a cats asshole sometimes

because it's funny

It's not rape if it's reverse psychology



Oh boy
Its the part where grim gets real aggressive with cupcake because they're homosexual

hey man, you don't know him. you never can know him.







I mean
Look at belgium

that dude looks like blah blah ladder something blah you get the point.

xd randomness

If you say so.

What other way could it even be ?

I can't understand your weeb talk

how old is he anyways?

Have I been softly trolled



too old for you, fucking pedo


thats why rin likes him



I AM 19

Grim, classroom creeper, weighing in.


isnt tokai 19

thinking of emily's fantasy series

Tokai is 19 right ?



that's still a teenager, and therefor illegal because immoral.

19 you twat.



thats the joke

I bought a pack of cigarettes for the first time in my life.

that's good. might slim you down some.


Its a social experiment

I goggled it and hit images, seems lewd.


im so bullied rn


I was so tired

inb4 that aussie shows up


Damn, you got me good

Fucking gotcha


holy shit

you are so triggered rn lmao

do not want

its joke
you are a nice

Just because I speak my mind on things?

I'm aware I likely do it too much and likely annoy people with it, I can make an attempt to tone it down.

Try killing yourself


did you choose that pic on purpose?

youre good

he really is if he chose that pic on purpose

No, I love you as you are.

Keep fighting the groupthink.

please don't. you're a pillar of the group think community.

I'd fuck Squiddy if he didn't have such shit tastes in Gundams

I want to get drunk but I don't want to go out and buy booze and if I drank any of my mothers she'd crucify me.

Yep. Completely blown out.


I went through my primary avatar folder for an apologetic image as that is the tone I was conveying.


I didn't choose this picture on purpose

i just said youre fine as you are

go to sleep

Grim's creepy friends you say?

i dont wanna google too


awh thank you

What on earth are you on about?

The memes and suffering are keeping me awake
You and must kiss and make up

You and cup

Jeez i might just bleach myself

you're only creepy when you're drunk

nothing man
its none of my business

sleep calls


I'm not in the mood for curry rn

I think i'm good.


this comes up

Wait what how am I creepy

Right then

Wow really wish you fuckers would stop TEARING ME APART

Squid please respond it wasn't a meme

you get grabby

im gonna gargle curry powder mixed with water and spit in your mouth




God I wish that were me.

It's not creepy shut up

even better than a 17 year olds immoral vagina?


This time i leave

Dont give ni ni

Already had ni ni


Claws though.


Alright then
I'm sorry.



goodnight scoots.

die in your sleep doots

On a creepiness scale it's like a 1 1/2, there are way creepier things to do when you're drunk

Is this what turns you on ?


Mention them all in great detail.

To what?




Well this just got lewd.

its okay, I deleted the video a long time ago

it always does...

I wanna invite Ian over just so I can cuck Soto.

you have to spoiler it to summon luka

NO that's really ew

What's there to respond to?
There wasn't a question.


I just got here, somehow, I think it's always been lewd.

Tell me you love me too.

Or I'll end your fucking career.

Thats not what you said like 4 posts before.

hey you're back.


I wouldn't even go

No further elaboration needed


Only because 15 - 17 year olds are very inexperienced at having sex so you usually have to do most, if not all the work and it's kinda annoying. Though the clenching/tightness is amazing don't get me wrong. Fucking grade A fam

I didn't get clawed
When cats are relaxed they retract their claws

Duh ban, this is why Cats > Dogs

This is blatant aboos.

Now you're just playing hard to get.

Yes, I couldn't stay away due to feeling bleh, and running around forever.

I'm already next on the banning totem pole as the root cause of the pedo epidemic, though.

It's also disgusting hugboxing, so it's doubly bad.

I'm gonna keep pretending this is all a joke that's gone too far to preserve my ability to keep talking to you

My bulldogs are superior.

well, welcome back man.

Fucking puppet master.

This is what happens when the socialists win.

Thank you, a pleasure being what is going on here?


just typical autism and shitposting, a normal day in Holla Forums

ignore it or hop in, both are valid options.

no proofs

What part of LA though ?

What did you call?

snake penis

I think I'll slide between the two. So someone here is a pedo?

Who said it was a joke

This is like Eva levels of delusional

Ugh, bulldogs are disgusting

Gold/Black labs, German Shepards, Huskies, and Scnhauzers are the only acceptable kind

Louisiana, Northern half.

Alchemist !/drTest// is


most likely not.

I hope.

lalalala can't hear you

It really does fit that you're a cat person though.

I'd never do such a thing

he just loves dat pussy

I have been so removed from this conversation, why me

because you lure them in by looking like them, and so it's an obvious choice.

You're doing it right now.

Only male cats though

This. He is a slut.



I'm less puppet master and more plague carrier in this meme though

You'd think the beard would be a detriment, but at least it hides the old man wrinkles.

do not take the puppet master role from me dammit


Snakes have weird holes though. . . ..


What have you even done to procure it?

Really? It was my belief that I was not

Oh, we all know

is the admin hairs person cupquack


yes, I'm cupcake. sup, fekku.

As much as I hate living in the city, being less than 5 minutes away from the liquor store is pretty fucking nice.

How so?

Do you actually monologue my voice when you read my text?

Shut the fuck up you sick bastard

If I ever see you irl I'll fucking kill you

Stop this.

Heaven forbid you move a bit more.

almost always. I have voices I do for all of you and read every post everyone makes in the voice I have in my head for them, even if I've heard their voice before.



What is this? I am not aware of anything happening now

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

What do I sound like in your head?

I honestly don't know what that means.

Oh my, well I hope that's not true!

There there, you can always rage against.

Maybe nobody here is a pedo, also you do appear to like catgirl(boy?) stuff.

why are you bullying test almighty

There is a new thread

If I keep talking can I get multiple reminders?