Should anarchists embrace terrorism as a tool to fight against hierarchy and oppression...

Should anarchists embrace terrorism as a tool to fight against hierarchy and oppression? Party organization and trade unions have proven largely ineffectual and anachronistic, while terrorism surely succeeded for different radical factions to gain attention and even support. even maoists in india that conduct terrorism against the indian government receive much more support than any other peaceful maoist parties around the world.

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As opposed to anarchist terrorism?


So did Pepsi adverts. Thos Pepsi, as an international company, has more of an actual organization than individualist anarchists.

That's completely different. Having freedom fighters backed up by a party apparatus is not the same as random acts of violence that will "surely show those bastards!"


17N in greece was even popular… until it turned to criminals robbing banks.

Problem is, who do you target with terrorism?

And, no, anarkids shouldn't, cause they are idiots and will just do looting and ATM damaging.

well i am reading essential lenin's work, im just suggesting maybe anarchistic terrorism might be more effective for the modern era. i have no serious convictions

i wish i had a job

i supposed they should have just respected the bankers and their private property

No. Dual Power my man

Give reasons. I'm open to reasons. I'm not open to "hey dude, ever thought of this?"


well, maybe well-organized non-hierarchical anarchist terrorism might be effective, similar to the maoists in india. look at how much attention the radical islamic terrorists have gotten from their tactics of terrorism


Socialists institutions which fulfill the needs conventionally fulfilled by the state and who's interests and legitimacy ultimately contrast with the state power

i dont know much but i highly doubt the police are going to use their limited funding to make posts suggesting leftists conduct terrorism


Kaczynski didn't kill people to enact change, but to gain attention for his Manifesto.

for clarificaton's sake: several paragraphs deal qith terrorism as impotent acting out of individuals divorced from the masses

thats what i was saying, terrorism isnt a mean to an end but simply a tool to gain attention, maybe its a good thing

yes even kropotkin wanted propaghanda by deed

What part of that do you not understand


Yes! Fucking finally! For years i've been saying we leftists must embrace terrorism.

Porky shouldn't be able to roam the streets without fear and since islamofascists only kill random people, it's up to us to strike the fear in porky.

We should put bombs underneath their cars, kidnap their children, kill them and upload the video on the internet.

No. At best any support you get will be edgy teenagers. Traditional Party Organization and Trade Unions are dead ends but pursuing another dead end isn't the solution.



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>look at how much attention the radical islamic terrorists idiots that blow themselves up with not long term plan or target other than "imma gonna have virgins in heaven"

AKA non at all, appart from edgy teens and idiots.

Helo, yes.

I am typical leftist. Why don't we meet IRL to discuss bombing Ivanka Trump's eyelashes and kidnapping Hillary's grandchildren? Meet me at the corner of 50th street, NY, tomorrow at 3 PM.

Don't be late. Bring your detonating devices as evidence, please.

Semper fi, my fellow leftist comrades!

I would do these things by myself, but i would be labeled by the media just another crazy lone wolf and i would be laughed upon. We have to get together and learn the art of terrorism. Here is my e-mail address: [email protected]/* */ Let's get together and from a terrorist organization that will finally make porky know their place

Thanks for your offer.

What you are saying here makes complete sense to me. Please take my phone number and call me ASAP for I can not wait to do these illegal acts you are suggesting: (718) 320-0126

I can't wait to do all these things with my fellow comrades for the glory of communist socialism!

Ted Kaczynski is what happens when you try to do anarchist environmentalism without googling Bookchin first. Dialectics are important to theory.

Also no. Bombings, mass shootings, and kidnappings are non-pragmatic, and unethical. It just alienates your movement from the public. Sabotage, assassinations and armed revolts are cool, just don't be a dumbass attention whore about it.

FBI is a global administrator on Holla Forums so stop being a retard.

For too long have I sat here waiting for this moment, but I am glad people have started to see the light. If anyone would like to meet me then we can go to the NY stock exchange and blow up capitalism for good. Reply to me with your email address and I will give you a location to arrive at (bring your own bomb!).

Hahaha yes let us do many terrorisms. Bombings and things like that. Probably assassinating the president as well. By that I mean shooting Donald Trump. Attacking the POTUS if I did not make myself clear before. I will be in contact shortly. I will need your full name and address so we can identify each other without raising suspicion. Your social security number will help too.

Yes, hello.

My name is Joe Donkers. I'm a civil engineering designer at ISG. I live in Mankato, Minnesota, I was born in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Pic related is me. My facebook account is:

Please tell me what I need to do to contact you. I'm itching for some bonbing.

Very good.

First you need to get together as many local leftists as you can. Join a local socialist party, and obtain a member list. Then you will purchase a large quantity of sodium free salt substitute. You will mix the salt with bleach, and run an electrical current through the solution with a car battery. Then boil down the final product. This will produce a powerful oxidizer that we can use for bombings against the bourgeoisie.

Next, I will need you to come to this address: 1501 Freeway Blvd, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Please bring explosives, the member list, and three separate pieces of identification so I know you aren't FBI.

When you get to this address call the following number: (763) 569-8000, and tell the person who answers that you are outside and that you have the explosives.

If you miss any of the steps we will not be able to carry through with the bombings.

I will be seeing you shortly comrade.

what in the fuck is happening here?

The FBI COINTELPROing the CIA-backed false-flaggers. You bet the NSA's screencapping the whole thing and saving it as fap material too.

We are plotting terrorism and bombings because we are radical leftists. Will you join us fellow leftist comrade?


i don't condone killing innocent people. …so… no. however people like ted had a point when they talked about leftists. "peace" these days is merely a talking point when it comes to any oppressed person fighting back. "peace" is used to emotionally black mail people that have every right to be pissed off tbh

Fuck off FBI, we're not that stupid.

The alphabet soup types aren't even trying any more.


It's heavily dependent what is defined as terrorism. If you mean the colloquial definition of bombing innocent people, then no, that's a horrible idea. What the fuck would you be murdering and alienating the people you're trying to save? If you mean violent attack against the government or assassinations, then it's not really terrorism at that point, just guerrilla warfare, and doing it or not is entirely dependent on whether it's strategically sound.

Propaganda of the deed is a concept as old as Anarchism itself, but it's usually failed because the retards doing it didn't actually know how people will feel about the act. There's a difference between blowing up the NY Stock Exchange during the '50s and blowing it up during Occupy Wallstreet.

Yes please.