Syrian Civil War Political Compass

Is this accurate?

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All three non-PYD factions are in the top right quadrant.


The rest makes sense.

this is what bookchin fags actually believe


Assad isn't Auth-le-

Ah, yes.

Centralization and nationalization, regardless of how justified they are, inherently require a substantial degree of coercion.

against who?

Literally anyone who doesn't want to be part of the centralized/nationalized apparatus, obviously.

Assad isn’t leftist on his own, however he is in a collision government with communists, so that makes his government leftist.

So what. Sometimes there’s a need for a greater good.

Serves them right for being dunces.


If most people revery poor, and nationalization can help fix that. Nationalization should be done regardless of what the property owners think.


Baathism is leftist rightism

AKA how to Nation-State and Capitalism.

We need to go past the nation-state.
But, a nation state is needed to begin with.

Nationalizing stuff is part of a transition to glorious socialist nationalism.

wtf did I just watch

Nationalization of industry!

You should start calling it State Controlled, though.

Anyways, Assad’s government is more leftist than it was before the war.


the left-right dichotomy is a spook. To solve this the political compass was made. And this compass made dank memes.

It helps discarding it completely when you realize you're actually a Neocon.

Neocon’s are in the blue square for sure. Same for Neolibs.


I'm not a neocohen, they're basically closeted Trotskyite class enemies.

The political compass is a spook too m8

It isn’t

What? Communist parties allying with bourgeois dictators is betraying the working class.

I just want to some fucking consistency.

No it’s understanding that ISIS is extremly bad, and that by allying with Assad, Syria can become a communist utopia after the civil war is over.

What makes a dictator bourgeois? Ba'athism is into Vanguardism, and while it's critical of Marxist internationalism, it's still into pan-Arabism.

You have to go back.

It’s an ideology that was formed from the remains of not-socialism from Germany. Except for Arabs.

Its perfect.

trust my nazbol, it is. Looking it in a 2d fashion is far too simplistic and doesn't get to the fundamental root of politics, first principle axioms are more important imo

looking at it the wrong way, Assad's first concern is maintaining the keys to power. Not consistency.

That explains his shift from being pro-free market in the 2000’s from allying with communists now.

Fucking with petrodollar is step one in getting regime change'd.

Ba'athism takes Marxism seriously, though, even if doesn't adhere to it.

Same for Asserism


Did Asserism promote secularism?

Assad fucks with the petrodollar because he needs Russias support.


Who are the communists here? Russia?

He obviously has some core axioms fam, fucking with the petrol dollar is a means to an end. Despite the massive risk.

you understand very little about middle eastern geopolitics

The Communists are the Syrian Communist Party, and Lebanese Communist militias fighting for Assad.


Yes, the risk he took was calculated, but boy is he bad at math.

Assad is a neo-liberal. Get over it already

The Middle East has weird politics. Islamism Marxism is considered a thing there. It isn’t like Christan Communism, because those people are MUCH more secular than Islamic Marxists.

don't forget the pflp who are the only communist faction in palestine who believe in secularism, and the only faction in palestine who support assad 100%. (the rest just completely ignore taking a side)

the political compass is worthless aside from meme material.

Assad has Russia’s support because he refused to build a pipeline that would export oil from Qatar and Saudi Arabia to Europe. This pipeline would harm Russian oil exports to Europe.

Also, People Republic of South Yemen might become a thing again.

Good, much better than Al Quda and ISIS ruling it.

i wrote a paper about how he slowly opened up the country "economically" (something his father wouldn't have done), and how it promptly buttfuckd syria and the civil war came soon after. i wouldn't flat out call him a neoliberal though, he represents something very very different to arabs. he represents secular socialism and anti wahhabism, so if you are a communist in the middle east or believe in workers rights or whatever you are going to like him.

where are you from?


And between Russia and USA, Russia is the obvious choice if your goal is to stay in power and not get invaded?


Who said Assad was smart?

no it isn't, i don't think you are from there. the whole scene right now in the levant (jordan, palestine, syria, lebanon, whatever) are composed of secular leftists/gommies and anti imperialist nationalists who are against a rising tide of government approved salafism. there is no "islamic marxism". unless you consider that some muslims are marxists as "islamic marxism"

i have a commie cousin from pflp who prays 5 times a day and is a hardline marxist, but hes just a weird case

Three is enemy action

I found out about Islamic Marxism when reading about Iranian politics.

you would know communists and muslims hate each other if you were from here, there is no mix. its been the sentiment since the soviets fought the afghanis

iran is a different case all together. during the iranian revolution that was kind of a thing but not so much anymore

What about South Yemen, though? Genuinely curious.

These are Suhartoist kike-drones, ruling Indonistan since 1965. They claim to be pluralist yet crushed indigenous religions in the name of anti-communism.
t. Indon

as an aussie I still don't understand why your country exists and the way it does

we are already coerced to work for the interest of others for a wage.
so i don't see the problem doing it for the greater good.


first decent Holla Forums memes I've seen in a while, and they're entirely self referential :/


The first one isn't entirely self referential. There are tankies in real life. Know people that unironically bevel that Assad is more of a socialist than anarchists are.

Mostly yes but not sure about libertarian right.

Well the FSA is the closest thing Syria has to a libertarian right.


IS - purple
IS-lite - green
Assad - blue
YPG - red


No, why did you separate the three NATO proxies?

Four you mean. Assad used to assist with CIA by hosting black sites in his country..