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Manning should be ashamed.
What is that, Little Caesars?

Animals are stupid faggots. Have you ever seen an animal write a book, or play a trumpet? Of course you haven't, because they're stupid faggots. Fuck animals.

How do we stop ecologism?


Now that's what I call lifestylism.

with rafiq postan

Who exactly is this Rafiq guy?



I want to lick Anzu's nose

Some drunk bastard on Revleft who after having read the Marxist basics went on to reading modern texts as well and posts pretty darn good content.



I don't care how immoral or violent it is, meat is fucking delicious.

top wew

it's the same justification for immoral behavior.


If there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism then does that mean I can enjoy meat with no moral repercussions?



Embrace social ecology tbh

Hmm, burgers.

I didn't realize cows had human level intellect.

i mean i know i feel that way about neoclassical economists but still.

Lmao, I guess it's okay to enslave and rape retards, then?


sounds hot

Nah looks like sams

Not a good comparison. A better comparison to a situation in which slaves were held would be "It's okay if you don't want to consume products made by slaves, but you should respect my right to consume those products".

Unironically yes.

The most unethical thing about this is that prison-food looking-ass slice of pizza

That's the sort of pizza we had in public school…

Doesn't the same company make the bulk of school lunches and prison lunches in burgerstan?

that account is a Holla Forums sockpuppet guys. notice the 🍀🍀🍀around her name🍀🍀🍀

damn, when did Manning become so fucking hott? I want to pound his boypussy now.

Is Rafiq THE Marxist intellectual of our era?

Naw, libs have been putting that around their handles ironically, kinda like how aut-rights put deplorable and shit.

Jews do that ironically or out of solidarity, it's not a Holla Forums thing


Vegans need to be gulaged when the revolution happens, thier shitty pseudoscience would only pose a threat to the well being of the proletariat.

This is why vegans will be gulag'd


Gen X, or Boomer scum detected. Everyone knows school pizza elementary through high school has been served square since the 90's.

What's wrong with being vegan?

Jesus christ now I finally understand their obsession for burgers.

Wait, what?
I thought Indians didn't eat cows because of some dumb spook about cows being the reincarnation of people or something dumb like that.

Let me put it to you this way "comrade", being vegan almost fucking surpasses idpol in its cancer. You may as well be snorting cocaine off of the lid of the trashcan of ideology at that point. The only groups I've come across that are so steadfast in thier convictions, and that are convinced thier world view is absolutely correct are Holla Forums, religious fundamentalists, and Vegans. This world would be much better off without them.

Is this actually what they feed kids in the US? No wonder they're so fat.

I'm not even American but where to cop that fit

It's all yellow and white
Where is the green?

what a shitty pizza.

I agree that there are a lot of shitty idpol vegans like the one in the OP, but if you seriously think veganism itself (as in not consuming animal products) is bad, then you are actually retarded and much worse than idpol vegans.

Eat beans, my friend.

The only good beans are the ones that begin with pea-

Thank you for proving that you fucking cancerous dregs are cut from the same shitty cloth.

Nice false equivalence, retard. Veganism as a movement reduces the demand for animal products and thus reduces harm to animals and has a positive effect on the climate. White Nationalism and Christianity does no such thing.

it doesnt take a genius to realize that the commercialization of animal suffering is due to unrestrained capitalism. But somehow vegans for the most part have ignored this and stayed the basic bitch libs this entire time. They rather spend their time and energy attacking research institutions and people wearing fur instead of the underlying systems.

obviously im talking about vegans who wish for the world to be all vegans too instead of those who are vegans for personal reasons and leave it there

Yeah call me back when everyone has stopped eating meat. News flash, everyone who is sane doesn't regard a housefly on the same level as a fellow human, and therefore doesn't regard a cow on the same level either.
pic related

Band aid on a cancer patient

So, shorts and t-shirt is a rapist uniform know?

they've utterly failed though and even if they did win all their policies would destroy the diet of the diet of the working family under capitalism. It's easy to have a well rounded and delicious vegan diet with a trust fund, not so easy working 9-5 with a shit job.

Veganism is cheaper than eating meat. At least where I live (I hear fast food is really cheap in the US, so that may be cheaper).

Yes, there are a lot of retarded vegans, but being a vegan lib is still better than being a non-vegan lib.

having a well rounded decent tasting vegan diet is in no way cheaper and I have to assume you're way too affluent to realize that

people are not going to eat beans for every meal lol

Well, taste is subjective. I've grown to hate the smell (so I assume the taste as well) of meat. And I do eat beans for nearly every dinner. Many vegans eat beans daily.

I don't want to own animals like slaves
I don't want to gas any animals
I don't want to rape and beat any animals
I just want to eat meat, because that's what humans do

Those are all things humans do though.

Not this human

This human doesn't eat meat either, so that's not an argument.

Human nature is a spook, user.

Meat being delicious isn't.

Good argument, I tip my hat towards that bastard. Still I ultimately disagree with him.
Because messing up with chaotic processes should be done with extreme care, that even if communism exploits nature in a fashion similar to capitalism, I will advocate it to be several times much slower and with much more care.
Mao's history with the sparrows should serve as a cautionary tale about the dangers of trying to shape the world without a ful understanding.

Let me tell you something about chaotic processes as a mathematically trained person. A chaotic process doesn't mean that we can't understand it, in fact, chaotic processes can be quite stable and easy to describe. But it's chaotic because a small change in one factor will throw a totally different output.
Just a small change can easily destroy a whole ecosystem and potentially destroy humanity, so it's in our best interest to do it with extreme care, something that doesn't happen in this system where the humanity is subservient to the capital.


That corn look unironically something I would feed to my chickens.
I wasn't aware american school food was so shitty.

Fuckin hell that topping to pizza covering ratio is garbage. I thought you yanks jerked off over good pizza.

Consumerism was a mistake.


more like

I don't think there's a disagreement here.

Not even vegan, but eating beans every day is fucking great. There's a bunch ways to prepare them, they're tasty, and they are nutricious as fuck.

Reeks of insecurity

Hilarious considering your post is essentially insecure projecting incarnate.

The oligosaccharides in beans (the sugar molecules that makes you fart because you can't digest them) can make you suffer from colic. Most kinds of beans also contain protease inhibitors that makes it harder for your system to break down proteins, so your body tries to compensate with pushing out more digestive enzymes which if you eat beans regularly can lead to hyperthyroidism. Anything that causes unnecessary cell growth can lead to cancer.

So no, beans aren't that good for you, nutrition values aside.

For what I know, soaking them throughly was good enough to actually get rid (most) of the phytic acid and ogliosaccharides

I also like to sprout them, but that's actually more complicated than just soaking them.

Soaking/steaming/precooking does get most of the oligosaccharides out (same with cabbage), so you wont fart that badly, but that doesn't apply to the protease inhibitors, the main problem with beans. Still, regular beans are way less bad for you than soy beans. If you really love it, amigo, don't overdo it.

I'm not a babbie.

Beans are actually recommended as a protein source for people with hyperthyroidism, red meats, on the other hand, are not (

True that, but the average diet has way too much protein anyway. Studies have shown that (with a few exceptions) only people who eat shittons of junk food or people who don't eat enough calories each day suffer from protein deficiency.

That's completely backwards and based on research like 40 years ago. There's literally nothing wrong with any kind of meat we eat. Nothing. You don't see eskimos with hyperthyroidism, gout, or thyroid cancer, you see these conditions exponentially grow in western countries as we started using soy in everything.

Well, there's a difference between soy and other legumes, as that source states. Also, there is absolutely something wrong with eating meat health-wise; it causes atherosclerosis.

yes farm animals are enslaved and raped

Have any of you went to a McDonald's ordered 2 Mctripples, with a 10 piece McNuggets, and a medium fries, ate the entire motherfucker washed it down with bud light, then smoked a cigarette? It's like the American version of sex, and holy shit does it feel amazing. You kind of just sit there afterwards in this semi conscious state, and you can feel your entire pulse going theough your body.

And people say Americas have no culture.

Totally debunked in recent studies and only vegan-science™ sites love to stick to these old hypotheses.

Alexander DD, Cushing CA, Lowe KA, Sceurman B, Roberts MA: Meta-analysis of animal fat or animal protein intake and colorectal cancer. Am J Clin Nutr. 2009 May;89(5):1402-9.
Alexander DD, Cushing CA. Red meat and colorectal cancer: a critical summary of prospective epidemiologic studies. Obes Rev. 2011 May;12(5):e472-93.
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Key TJ, Appleby PN, Spencer EA, Travis RC, Roddam AW, Allen NE: Cancer incidence in vegetarians: results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-Oxford). Am J Clin Nutr. 2009 May;89(5):1620S-1626S.
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Sinha, R; Cross, AJ; Graubard, BI; Leitzmann, MF; Schatzkin, A: Meat intake and mortality: a prospective study of over half a million people. Arch Intern Med, 2009, 169(6):562-571.
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The only problematic meat is processed meat, but you can say the same on processed-anything:
Alexander DD, Miller AJ, Cushing CA, Lowe KA.: Processed meat and colorectal cancer: a quantitative review of prospective epidemiologic studies. Eur J Cancer Prev. 2010, 19(5):328-41.

I've had a few "McOverdoses" myself back in the 80's. You gotta know when to put down those nuggets brother, and get clean.

From Micha R, Wallace SK, Mozaffarian D.Red and processed meat consumption and risk of incident coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes mellitus: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Circulation. 2010 Jun 1;121(21):2271-83.

Red meat cardiovascular risk: 0%
Processed meat cardiovascular risk: 42%

Many researchers didn't distinguish between the two while sausages, hot dogs, etc. are full of starch, soy, gluten. Other researchers when comparing meat eaters to non-meat eaters constructed the two groups as follows: meat eaters included people who ate meat and everything else we eat in an urban environment, non-meat eaters were vegans. In other words, it wasn't a real comparison between a meaty diet vs. a meat-evading diet, but a comparison between everything goes vs. no meat diet.

Eskimos are close to a 100% meat diet (seal: read meat; and fish). They eat raw meat to get the vitamin C that otherwise would be mostly destroyed through cooking. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that they are more healthy than an urban vegan.

My previous list includes severe critiques of vegan diet. You are literally killing yourself, but it's your business.

I'm going to be violently ill.


I can't be arsed to read all that shit. And you realise I could just find tons of scientifc sources that state that a vegan diet is healthier than a omnivorous diet, right?

Also, I'm not even a vegan for health reasons, so even if it turns out to be more unhealthy than eating meat (which I highly doubt) I wouldn't give a shit.

Then maybe stop referencing science.
Then maybe stop trying to give health advice, you complete knobhead.

Fucking marxists, how retarded can you get?

Skimmed through her tweets, doesn't seem like it. She's just a stupid kid and people should get off her back (she's like 15-16)

All I read from you is

Dumb and proud



Sheep wool is literally murder lmao

Bears are psychopathic pieces of shit. Deer are good guys.

they are, tho

Meanwhile in most of the west we give them better deaths than to our very own.

fuck this shit, everything is.

We should try to get meat grown in labs to cut carbon emissions and P H Y S I C A L L Y R E M O V E the excess carbon from the atmosphere while we're at it.

I would actually be for this, if we're going down the path of hyper-corporate cyperpunk neo-feudalism we might as well get the cool stuff too.

So private property is a personal choice as well?

( ( ( LIBS ) ) )


I eat meat, I just think you're all a bit hypocritical is all. "Personal choice" my ass.

Why is Holla Forums so fucking edgy when it comes to eating meat? I eat meat as well but some of you are apparently the type to make fun of vegetarians irl.

They outright refuse to be connected to the greater left out of a fear of losing their connection to imageboard culture, on top of that, nobody seems to realize that green anarchists/primitivists/post-civ dudes do in fact seek to restructure society.

In my poor ass country for more and more families being able to afford meat once or twice a week is becoming a feast in itself. I have no experience with your fake and moralistic guilt. We don't buy tofu, fake chicken, expensive japanese imported chicken-tasting mushrooms, the shit you may afford.

Fuck off people's back, you fucking moralist parasite. Humans are omnivores.

A moral community is a group of beings that shares certain characteristics and whose members are considered or consider themselves to be bound to observing certain rules of conduct in relation to one another What beings belong in the moral community? Those who can function within them, which requires critical self-awareness, manipulation of complex concepts, use of sophisticated language, etc. The importance of these within humans is to be stressed These make human beings autonomous and capable of functioning as rational moral agents. The moral community is a social group composed of interacting autonomous beings where moral concepts can evolve and be understood

Only within the context of a moral community do rights and obligations arise at all. This is because rights are possessed solely by persons. Why are moral rights only possessed by persons? Only people can recognise their inherent independence and worth as persons. Natural rights are rights we’re alleged to have in a state of nature – independently of human institutions and conventions, simply by our humanity. Such rights are typically indefensible. Rights belong to beings because they’re moral agents functioning within a community which responsibility and accountability are central features and where they have acknowledged to be such. Rights don’t need to be thought of as arising in some nebulous state of nature independent of human institution and conventions.

The argument is effectively that human beings have basic moral rights because they’re beings of the requisite kind – autonomous beings, persons or moral agents. While other species have not been systematically being excluded from possible membership in the moral community, the definition avoids reliance on ‘humaneness’ Autonomous beings possess rights because they’re capable of free will (self-determining, voluntary), deliberative, responsible action and have the sort of awareness to see this kind of action as essential to their nature, well-being and development. Autonomous beings are capable of recognising autonomy of others and of full participation in the moral community. Animals fail to meet the conditions for full membership in the moral community and likewise fail to qualify for having rights. Even well trained dogs whom grovel when they’ve faltered are not doing so out of moral understanding but a trained reaction. Since animals couldn’t begin to function as equals in society of autonomous beings, they cannot be counted within the bound of associations that makes morality and its institutions viable and give them vitality

The characteristics on which this judgement or admission is made don’t’ merely reduce the capacity to experience pleasure or to suffer but are much more complex, as we’ve seen. If these characteristics are lacking in animals then it makes no sense to speak of them as oppressed and deserving of equal moral concern. As most would agree, natural emotional response to and feelings of kinship with other species can count as factors in shaping our assessment of their moral status, then such responses and feelings should count equally in our dealings with members of their own species

I really think your illusion that there's an actual difference between us and them is a little sillier than my "moralistic guilt" of recognizing that we're the same.
So, it's a society problem, not a personal problem? Glad you admit you were wrong, my private property enjoying friend.

Oh and
nice fetish for nature as some sort of authority lel

That's it. Too much internet for today.

oh boy, don't tell me it's because we have souls and they don't.

Are you that Balkan?

If you are, my country is much poorer than yours and I am also poor. Buying greens is much, much cheaper than meat despite the meat being subsidized.

All those stupid luxuries you mentioned are dumb, but buying meat is more of a luxury than buying plants and it takes longer to cook

Depends, my gott. Where do you draw the line?

I should rephrase that.
are you European?

You are

They actually gave us both that square pizza and the sort of pizza in the OP image.

The global left is in a sad state right now, this is a fact. Mostly because the only guys who can afford a voice in the current system are sheltered lifestylists; so yeah, I don't see anything wrong on refusing to connect to that "greater left".

Thanks for the advice mate. I believe slow cooking also reduced the protease inhibitors. Also I've read some stuff on fermented foods helping to ease them. I do admit my sources are mostly nutricion blogs, and most times I trust on the conclusions rather than read the studies itselves, but I appreciate advice.
Cooking is one of my hobbies, medical research not so much, but I promise to at least read the abstract :^)

The global left is in a sad state precisely because sheltered lifestylists are choosing to opt out of action to jack themselves off about how cool they're being on Holla Forums because the idea of working with other sheltered lifestylists bothers them too much.

That pic has a strong 'I'm 14 and this is deep' vibe but I still like it.

This is so true. And what a vicious circle this is.

First, they became sheltered because their parents were better off than the rest, second, they became lifestylists because the rational mode of rebellion is through the market and due to their 'shelteredness' they have no other mode of contact wit people, let alone the masses, third, their 'shelterdness' increases even further when no real solutions are to be reached through their lifestylist praxis, so fourth, they get into lifestylism overload mode (idpol feminists, "radical" vegans, eco-terrorists) to finalize a cocoon around themselves with a select few.

I am confusion

It's absolutely not true. A platform given to you by the ruling class is not the only way to make yourself heard, there is always this thing called direct action, insurrection, actively negating current situations.

Dunno about you m8 but as far as I can see is that there's no action to be had in the first place, Rojava notwithstanding.

Go directly change the material reality that you live in and abolish hierarchies anywhere you are capable. If you really put effort into it you can accomplish more than any marxist parties have in the last 20 years. You may consider eco-terrorism for example "lifestylism", or "larping", but the reality is it makes a legitimate difference in the world. If you don't care about greenie shit, that's fine there are other things you can focus on.

This post is the epitome of LARPing. You are pretty much a teenager seeking the adrenaline rush of unplanned action and chaos.

Seems like most of his works are like that. It's not subtle at all, borders on common places, but still just above kitsch.

I'll give you two examples, you tell me how you do that magic of yours.

please, tell us how you destroy these hierarchies

There's your buzzword again. Keep on doing nothing. I'll keep reading, and being an actual anarchist like I've been my whole life and not somebody who was converted by Holla Forums.

1. Work towards negating the boss's power or the position of the boss itself through any means you can imagine, it could be as simple as killing your boss.
2. Educate yourself and work towards getting resources for education into the hands of the people for free and/or giving people the ability to take those resources for themselves if you can't distribute it

Holla Forums is not an organizing place mate. is a place to discuss theory and have fun, and even with all the shitposting and general faggotry, is pretty sane.

You do realize you came out as a fucking edgy teen?
You could mention unionize, sabotage or even petty theft, but you went with the edgyiest thing. Please read a little more faggot.

I read too, what is your point? What are you doing, if according to you larping "makes a legitimate difference"

Yes, and you choose to instead of post on Holla Forums and organize, decide to post on Holla Forums instead of organize, because you specifically denounced the rest of the left aside from Holla Forums.

You refuse to have anything to do with them.
So don't pretend like this isn't the height of your political organization.

Fuck off retard. Read Aragorn!, read Nechayev, read the wikipedia article on direct action, read the fucking dictionary definition of exaggeration and then the dictionary definition of simplification. Killing your boss is the most obvious answer to the problem, I'm not saying it's the only answer, get creative.
I could mention unionize, sabotage, and petty theft. I know for a fact you'd dismiss those as larping though because that would justify your inaction.

Changing the material conditions of society makes an effect on the material conditions of society.


Opinion discarded


Mind mentioning how larping helps the communist movement? Go ahead and kill your boss, then spend the rest of your life in prison. This is the only thing you will accomplish, your coworkers will see you as a madman and you'll tarnish anarchists and communists alike.

Also, aside from personal frustrations, killing your boss is a shitty answer. Aside from actual consecuences, your boss is as much as replaceable as the worker under capitalism.
You're fucking poluting any discussion with your contrarianism and then acuse leftypol for not humoring your retardness. Go and try to get your high on adrenaline somwhere else.

Nice denial nerd.

Well you see, first they are one way, then you go and change them directly, and then they are a different way. Depending on how you decide to organize this it can be called revolution or insurrection at least, but a revolution can be co-opted.
This kind of thinking is what inspired anarchists like bakunin. The nihilists were top-tier, still are. Your attempt to escape doing anything is more of a disrespect towards the word anarchism.

I didn't imply you don't locally organize.
You did.

I said multiple times now killing your boss was just the most obvious answer, if you can't take an example as an example and fuck off and actually argue against the concept of direction action and insurrection, and just be a nitpicky little cunt about my example, then I don't feel the need to type so much at you.

Forgot to say. It's not like you can't sabotage the efforts to replace a person, or the ability of the role itself to function even if it has a person attached to it.

Insurrections are incapable of overturning the existing conditions. All they can do, if lacking any ideological motive, is simple end up in looting which although satisfactory for those participating since they can express their rage. El Caracazo in Venezuela is an example of this. It could have been used, if organized, as a serious opportunity for Communists to thrive. But it didn't. It was suppressed and little changed, and the country still mantained the same neoliberalism.

So your objective is to make people see you as edgelords? Good, that will totally help destroy capitalism. Your petty attempts at saying

are absolutely childish. I am not an anarchist, but a student of Marxism.

Some would argue that revolutions have been incapable of actually really damaging hierarchy at all, and are far too easy to subvert. You can call insurrection flaccid and I can call platformism flaccid. When you say "communists to thrive" some might read "state socialists to thrive" which might bring up concerns about a dead end and never reaching socialism.

That just means we're not within the confines of "acceptable" as defined by the bourgeoisie. Is this not good? You denounce the OG anarchists and nihilists as being too edgy and call me petty?

I know you're a marxist, it's obvious because I had to say most of these things.

How would you evade the cops m8? How can you change the company when you are on the run? Protip: You cant.

I quoted the phrase because the only context where veganism is part of the left is in the mass media left.

Unfortunately, I live in a place where aside from dealing with some trust fund kids with ideas like killing our bosses. The leftist initiatives are still on the ground of realistically working against exploitation.

And yeah, if you don't want to be called on your retardness, you should stop being so fucking tryhard.

Yes, you can sabotage the ability of the role to function, this is an actual initiative, perhaps that should be the first step.

I know that feel. Sensory overload is a bitch.

didn't know she looked that cute

so you're comparing blacks, jews and women to animals? I think you're in the wrong board, you must be looking for >>>Holla Forums

oh no gore I'm shocked I tell you I sure am gonna change my opinion because of my feefees too

Literally nazism.

it doesn't, slavery and rape are human concepts and do not apply to animals. there is physical abuse but there are laws on that even under capitalism, as lacking as they may be. doesn't change the fact that animals are food. you can however argue about the mass of meat consumed that is unreasonable and unhealthy.

people are animals that evolved consuming meat. if you want to get away from that primitive way of consumption you need to overcome the capitalist mode of production and advance food production in quality beyond peoples want for meat.
there is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

your consumerism is hypocritical, porous, an absolute joke.


In the pockets of the superintendents


This cunt is literally speaking down to someone who has suffered hugely to expose the crimes of the US govt.

I'm totally fine with people being against using animal products, but if you think your life-style choice gives you carte-blanche to talk down to other people (especially if those people are genuinely heroic) then you are an arrogant, self-righteous piece of garbage.

that's what i was pointing out, this is the comparison i made, but i see your malnutrition has its effect and you fail to spot the obvious, instead ironically you point it out again missing that this is a blow against yourself
truly pathetic

consider suicide

They are animals. Maybe not the tastiest, but animals nonetheless.
>I think you're in the wrong board, you must be looking for >>>Holla Forums
If for no other reason because Hitler was vegetarian.

ow the edge

If they are not animals, what are they? Plants? Minerals?

Homo sapiens, a mamalian bipedal tool-user capable of independent thought, learning and meaningful communication that includes abstract concepts and new ideas at least in theory


That's an animal.

I hate these obnoxious fucks who give all vegetarians and vegans a bad name. Although I hate dumbfucks just as much if not more for conflating all vegetarians as being of the same mindset. A lot of them are the type of people who would call someone an SJW for supporting unions.

As someone who has lived a good deal of his life as both a vegetarian and not, I think both groups are just as obnoxious when it comes to giving a shit about what other people eat.

I know corvids are smart as animals go, but can one program a computer or write a sonnet? Also we don't eat those, at least I don't.


Many humans can't do either, and even fewer can do both. But that's a very good question. Maybe it'd be possible to teach a gorilla to code something very simple. Then gorillas can finally join us in the wonderful world of sedentary life.

Then finally gorilla poster could do something other than shitpost.

is every annihl flag from lebbit or what

I clearly wrote 'in theory.' Has any one corvid, or more to the point you're ignoring about me not eating those, has any cow, sheep, deer, chicken or pig ever done that?
I don't eat those, they're endangered and I haven't seen any around my neck of the woods to eat, either in the wild or at the butcher's.

I always buy 20 because they're the only ones cost efficient per nugget, even though I always feel sick by 15.

Once I tried it drunk and even the smell of McDonalds chicken made me feel sick for weeks.