Thoughts on the Japanese communist party ?

thoughts on the Japanese communist party ?

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Socdem liberals.

purest opportunists

I mean… Japan is fully spooked.. they can't even do strike properly…

But whatever goes against the fullNeoliberalism of Abe…

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They are more than tolerable. Perhaps the only type of communists who I would join in united front with aside form Eurocommunists.

I wouldn't exactly say that

they're more like something in between succ dem and actual socialists

now this is how you riot

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I love the protest look the Japanese have

helmets and masks>black hoodies

They sound like super-liberals.

rioters in other parts of the world kinda just through rocks at the riot police, the zengukuren charge straight at them with logs.
japs are fucking brave

Anyone know what communism is like in South Korea? I don't immagine they like the North over there much. Wikipedia says they have two socialist parties with a couple thousand members.
What about anarchists? Anarchism has a long history in Korea, and it would make sense they would distinguish themselves from the DPRK.


Communism is straight up illegal in South Korea.


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riot cops are not issued guns. especially not in japan





Still waiting for source for your claims.
I remember watching OWS, the Greek riots, and all the "riot" pigs had guns.

And it's not like they can fire tear gas right at you, or beat you to near death, or flashbangs do any damage, or water canons, or anything…

Yes, but, isn't strike in japan nowdays, wearing a black ribbon while working and protests only on one side of the road, os something?

we've worked with russian leftists online before

why haven't we worked with japanese leftists from /poverty/ ?

Zengakuren sure knew how to make a proper riot, top lads.

Probably because we have Russian posters we can communicate through while there don't seem to be many Japanese speakers here



Asian Eurocommunism.

for socdems, they are all right

united red army was pretty good. Apparently the director knew some of the people involved.

JCP is basically eurocommunism.

Japanese Red Army were a bunch of ultra idiots, mostly busy with executing each other. Reading about them feels like reading a bad parody of the German Red Army.

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thinking about it now it seems that the soviets were really not into arming/supporting commies in 1st world nations. Like Japan got barely any support at all. Why was that?

As everyone else has said here, they're eurocommunists, i.e. socdems.

Zengakuren are tiny today, but still pop up from time to time. Understandable because according the people I meet in the country banks can close your account if you partake in 'violent' protests. Have to thank Abe's blatant attempts to re-militarise the country for making youth give a shit about politics (gf was studying polsci and didn't even care enough to vote).

Here's a newsblog for radicalism in Japan:

JCP split early with the comintern.

Red Army was however trained in DPRK, and later Palestine.

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ah. Just reading about the student protests that had tens of thousands of people in it. I mean that seems like a big time to start sending over small arms to cause some chaos. Russians didnt give a fuck I guess tho

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Thanks for the blog link. Some really good stuff in there.

Someone needs to make a version of that video with Libera Me From Hell as the music, it syncs up perfectly