The problem with the U.S.A

Why does everything about this country and its institutions feel like a parody, a cartoony version of what it really should be?

Politics, philosophy, religion, news… everything is too oversimplified and dumbed down. In politics there are only two main parties, Democrats and Republicans, stereotypically portrayed as the good guys vs the evil guys.

Everything seems careful put there to build a cliché at grand scale.

Why it is like this? because maybe is just a façade and the real thing happens behind closed doors?

Also, Americans seem incapable of insight.


It's manufactured consent.

I remember watching a lecture by some nihilistic anthropologist-type about a book he wrote last year on America. The story he told was that Americans essentially have no identity - they lack the shared cultural traditions and norms of older societies. Instead their identities are based on opposition to foreign "others" or perceived external threats. First it was the native Americans, then foreign powers and the Soviet Union, and then the specter of radical Islamic terrorism. He said a bunch of other shit about the USA too but I can't really remember it.

If anyone knows who I'm talking about feel free to namedrop, he was on Youtube but I completely forgot what his name was.

USA is failed project and why multiculturalism is wrong. It has no culture, it has no national feeling, it has a massive anomie problem and by the time Trump leaves office it will be on a verge of civil war.

Surely no one celebrates the 4th of July because no one identifies with America

finally a rightist is honest about his ideology.

That pic is completely retarded. It forgets to mention the payers/beneficiaries of said "lower/higher taxes."

Issues Outside overton window:

politics is for adults sweetie. It's the art of compromise it's not about childish populist fantasies that cater to the lowest common denominator

Makes sense.

wew lad

wong the whole world envies America and copies everything it does or engages in autistic screeching


Multiculturalism is wrong, overpopulation is wrong.

The founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

Because it is the seat of the Spectacle. The US is a cauldron of metaphysical cancer that has spilled over the rest of the world.


there isn't an overpopulation problem. There is an overcrowding problem that can be solved through technology and city planning as opposed to eugenics and population controls


How can a people that cannot say "ye, our country is kinda shit" ever have insight?

IMO, Europa does, cause it's ancient.

But US has a history of 300 years tops and it's entire "culture" is basicaly Capitalism with Calvinist work ethics.

Stay spooked cuckmeister



This graphic is pure lolbert ideology.

Because the more extreme and ridiculous politics gets, the easier it is to whip the populace into a frenzy instead of letting them rationally engage with reality. Each party needs to have some really fucking stupid elements to fuel the opponents' arguments but stuff that is less ridiculous to their supporters than the others' ridiculous policies. In other words, it's a fine balance between the absurd that people reject and the absurd that people accept because it's not as bad as the other guy's absurd.

this wreaks of neolibretarian chromosomery
or eurocuckery

The world has changed in pretty much every conceivable way over the last 50 years