Folks, I need to warn you


Could there be a more powerful meme god on the left's side?

Kill all thots!

Lets all just convert to kemetism already

So youz sayin when niggas be rapping about they hos and shit, in reality they are channeling the forces of an ancient lunar god of writing, and wisdom?

this is a shitpost
in the original sense of the word

Writting and wisdom…
Right wing uses it against free ethics…


is there an egyptian god of the people we can meme to

fuck off we won't steep to the alt right's level of autistic forced memes

author of the article



must resist the urge to make the hat joke



This is fortune cookie nonsense, but the timeline where ebin memes resurrect ancient Egyptian deities can hardly be worse than the timeline we have now.

For all intents and purposes, there is only one timeline, and you're stuck in it, kiddo.

fucking hell

this has re-awakened my fear of ageing without maturing and looking ridiculous in the process.

That's simply not true- there's always an option to neck oneself.

Not really. Every time you make a choice you're deciding what timeline you get. Whether it's the timeline where you join an org or where you don't, for instance. But that's very limited. None of us is in anything approaching control of the larger course of the thing.

my sides

What always irked me about this was that there would have to be a timeline for every single occurrence in the universe, since organic life is minuscule given the size of the place. Doesn't it make just as much sense that Earth is always formed in the same place, in the same shape, and the creatures evolve in the same way, your parents are always destined to meet, and you're always destined to be born, to become who you are, and make every single tiny choice right down to muscle reflexes for your entire life until your death? This could be debunked with a single thing being truly random, but has something like this ever been discovered?

the wave-mechanics formalization of quantum mechanics basically models the universe as a complex-valued distribution over the space of possible world states, and evolution of the universe over time is a deterministic trajectory of the distribution, rather than a specific world state.
(To be clear, treating the distribution as physically real is what is called the "many-worlds interpretation"—the Copenhagen interpretation holds that this type of distribution does exist, but only at small scales, and it "collapses" when you look at it too closely)

Could you give me some examples in application?

What do you mean, exactly?