Confirmed Fatalities after explosion at Manchester Ariana Grande concert

How will this be shamelessly exploited by the Tories?

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Whew, this had to happen at such a convenient time, huh.

tories confirmed for terrorists

Perpetrator confirmed as Baald-Haadid Maanc Touaat

Well shit lads, we got ourselves another terrorist attack, better pack it in.

get ready to show ID for plastic spoons, Bongs


Is there no low the Tories will not stoop to?

Pic of the perpetrator

why do grown men go to ariana grande concerts?



lol at all the liberal kike media outlets swarming like piranhas to get this dude's footage.

kek'd heartily

Also, her latest album is called 'Dangerous Woman'… just saying.

Bald headed mank twat

At least the senior editor of NBC had the decency to ask if he and his girlfriend were safe before asking for it.

Race war is coming.

When will Corbyn turn into a tankie reeee?

You mean like systematically destroying the arab homeland for resources and the military industrial complex?

I agree. the 100M sprint is better than a relay race by miles!

Twats ruined my lovely Twin Peaks session

me mums just had a go at me for saying "oh fuck" when I walked in and saw this on the telly

Gee, I wonder who it could have been? It couldn't have possibly been one of the followers of the peaceful Mohammad (PBUH), could it? No way, not a chance, someone of the religion of peace could have never done such a thing. No member of one of the "great faiths" would ever commit such an atrocity.

Is the Manchester Arena concert explosion a false flag to re-elect the Tories?

go away, Holla Forumsyp. The grown ups are talking.

I'm a Holla Forumsyp for not being a spooked religious retard willing to kill people for the mystic sky wizard?

No wonder you're a Holla Forumsyp seeing as you have the capacity for nuance of a 14-year-old.

Don't forget to say thanks to all the american tax payers that didn't mind their money being used to create isis

go tell your fellow stormfags all about it.

What am I looking at?

Of course it was a Muslim. And was it the peace-loving liberal western whites who are butchering ten times more civilians in Syria right now?

reifying entire faith-based demographics into an ebil boogeyman is pretty spooked friendo

ISIS telegram channel immediately claimed the attack.

Interesting name for "retards"

Every single one of you shitskins and shitskin enablers are going to be boiled alive before this decade is up.


You guys need a new act, it's getting stale.

Ah yes, everyone but you is an orc and you are the Aragorn of the world. That's why you're failing at life, everyone is an orc plotting against you, right? And you are going to save the world, right?

Like Trump ?

Tell her to sort her life out.

Youre a big guy.

right when Corbyn starts surging and there is all this BS like a guy saying he was "thrown 30 feet"…. something smells here

Yeah, pretty sure that shockwave would kill him. He's probably just mistaken. You know what they say, "Lying like an eyewitness".

What's the problem

Shit like this makes me think Islamic terrorism is never justified, since it does nothing to end Western imperialism and only helps it by swaying public opinion further to the xenophobic right. Had the Paris attacks happened in November of 2016, rather than 2015, you know the French would have a President Le Pen.

This shit right here, this should be the single most damning piece of evidence that the destabilization of the Middle East, as enabled by the USA, will not cease whatsoever.

Holy shit that viking beard in the last pic

19 dead.

Front page news for weeks confirmed. Tories just won. Terrorists want the right wing party to win that's why these attacks keep happening right before the election.

Death toll for the French attack wasn't high enough to give Le pen the edge. This is bad enough to to solidify conservative victory.

funny enough, the AA was talking about wanting restrictions on dashcams in today's news thread

Islamic groups want reactionaries in the west in power because it's a good recruitment tool

If I rolled my eyes any harder, they'd invert. Concern trolls are the worst.

It's not justified but it's pretty understandable and Western crimes aren't justified either. If ISIS took out Parliament I would be cheering.

This is true however. Bin Laden's stated goals were to bankrupt the capitalist west through radicalising them into endless debt to fight wars against the middle east, he thought only when the US/UK etc were totally destroyed would the middle east be free and those following on don't have his intelligence or vision but they do follow his methods.

Was it the explosion itself or panic trampling that did the killing?

Well this will surely help the Tories in the election.

Atleast Tankies dont give a fuck.

Its over for corbyn

its over for you niggas.

goons on suicide watch

Your God Emperor just sold 100 billion dollars worth of weapons to the regime that funds ISIS.

The Soviets had it happen to them too.

This can't be happening, it was going so well.

They're reporting lots of young kids were at the concert and are being rushed to the children's a&e department at Manchester Royal infirmary. Fuck.

didn't work for le pen

UK=/= France

The election is 2 weeks away.

Why is he such a fucking cunt?

she was so fucking hot in victorious tho

Is this the Gorilla Mindset in action?

If it does turn out to be a Muslim, then yeah, it'll be a decent swing for the Tories to fall back on, especially as they have assimilated the UKIP voterbase. Also note that Brexit was to a large degree about immigration and a lot of that had an anti-Muslim undertone to it, despite the fact that it'll be Poles getting kicked out, if anything. That London Bridge car attack is also quite fresh in people's minds.

Attentionwhore, like any other aut-right media figure, delivering snarky soundbites. More noise = more followers = more shekels. These people feed off of meaningless twitter feuds, this has also been a staple of imageboard 🍀🍀🍀discussion🍀🍀🍀 since GG.

Atheist are also retards.
See Carlgon of Assmad

He looks so much better old.

It was outside, so probably the explosion. 19 dead but 50 injured so could rise to around 40-60 dead by the end of the night.

You know whats fucked is, May probably knows this will get her a few votes, just when she panicking, I bet she goes to bed tonight a little relieved.

Does anyone actually have any proof that terrorist attacks are good at swinging elections beyond gut instinct?

According to pol if you post something in all caps over and over again its true.



The fact that tragedies like this always get co-opted for political posturing is one of the most disgusting things in the world and I never understood how it's acceptable. In a better world, opportunists who use people's deaths for cheap votes would get ousted from their positions.

Weren't you supposed to be all about conspiracies?

Oh! It's another "It's a conspiracy if it suits our narative" episode.

I mean it does make sense. Swing the election towards the right wingers because they are the ones more likely to take swift, violent, draconian action which only further radicalizes more Mulsims.

meant for

This. It may swing public opinion for awhile temporarily but it never amounts to anything at the ballot box. See: school and spree shooting in the US.

Nobody is going to want to touch this with a ten foot bargepole. It's a bunch of kids. May might try to but it would be fucking stupid to go down that road with Corbyn, who won't.


All going to plan ;).

She won't say "Corbyn loves ISIS" but she will say some shit about strong stable leadership and everyone will know what she means and the papers will shill for her and say what she can't about Corbyn


Ah yes, because Christians and Jews are good bois who dined nuffin. Better forget about the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades.

Better also forget about how the USA funded radical islamists to fight against communists, along with various other terrorist cells. :^)

burger detected, thank your own government for training these snackbars

or is that fake news now


Corbyn better win.

nope. its over

I know this isn't what people want to hear but there's literally nothing you can do about stuff like this. You can't fit extremism, whether it's caused by Islam or whatever else. There's really nothing to discuss.

You're wrong.

You're right but only in the capitalist framework.

Liberal code word for "unpopular opinions"

This is the real world, people things for reasons. Terrorism doesn't happen because some people are less RATIONAL than you. Terrorism happens because it fucking works, and it works well.

Third Crusade was alright, though.

Thank you very much american barbarian. May you keep don't giving a fuck about your taxes money being used for the creation of terrorist groups such as Alqaeda and Isis.

She's done that line to death, it will be meaningless. The public aren't going to be looking at her rhetoric with a fresh set of eyes, they already see her as weak. She will completely fuck up the fallout from this and Corbyn won't rise to whatever idiotic gambit the media and the Tories pull.

I mean, blowing yourself and a load of people up because your parents and some bloke down the mosque knew for definite that there'd definitely be a positive reward to it with no negative consequence isn't exactly a rational action.


This would stop if bougie pigs would quit inadvertently funding terrorist endeavors and then using their propaganda to rally support for themselves so they can do it all over again.

nope, nazi retard. you can say "REE WE GONNA KILL YOU SHITSKINS" all you want but you're never going to do anything to stop this

you're putting words in my mouth. i know there are reasons (American imperialism being the chief one) but blowing yourself is more than an "unpopular opinion.'

Just like how the violence in Northern Ireland will never end, right?

The truth is that repression and military occupation will never stop the bloodshed, only an honest attempt at peace and reconciliation.

that would help, for sure. but the damage is already done. it's nearly impossible to undo decades of this shit.

Liberals: "Please be white, please be white, please be white."

You're wrong though. They are not bullet proof. Nor are they immune to the powers of mass deportation.

You could shut the borders and deport/exterminate every single Muslim in Europe. I'd be willing to bet we'd see less of this activity.

IRA was, at its height, 30,000 people and all of them were condensed in a very small area. ISIS, on its own, is hundred of thousands of people, not to mention the lone wolves spread across the entire world. it's completely different.

I don't see you killing though.
Or Trump not supporting Saudis/deporting.
Or anyone in Europa deporting.

Nice barking, guard dog of the bourgies.

This is like thinking banning guns is going to solve anything lmao

And I would bet that it would only make things worse

yeah LARPing is fun from behind your keyboard i know. keep dreaming about those new crusades while you wipe the dorito dust off your fingers

That will not happen, because Europe loves to suck their cock and get analy fucked by USA, so obviously Europe will continue to clean the shit USA makes.

You would be wrong

Euros are not going to become minorities in their own continent and a Nazi masturbation fantasy is 100% cemented at this point. We will torture you all to death.

Can't have Muslim terrorism with no Muslims. I'm honestly just wondering who is going to be the first country to man up and outright ban these people.

You do realize that islam is 1/4 of the worlds population right?

You say this as the Kurds demonstrate it's very possible to stomp ISIS militarily. Obviously destroying ISIS right now is not going to fix the problem, since another one would fill the vacuum. But along with stopping the wars/bombings that destabilize the region, ISIS has to be conquered. They're well past the point where they just fight back, now they're making their own country and spreading their ideology by the sword.

So 3/4ths of the world is not?

XD sure thing, champ. i think i hear your mom calling you for dinner.

Islamic terrorism is a bigger mess to untangle than the troubles, to be sure, but that doesn't mean it's somehow unsolvable. The first step has to be the end to western imperialism in the middle-east and support of the Saudis/Israel, with economic reforms and peacemaking to come after that. Will this happen under capitalism? Probably not, but that doesn't mean there's no possible solution.

Or Ukraina.
One of the Nazi centers of Europa.

Then again… Sweden may go FullFascism anytime now…
Go home pol. You know shit about Diamat.

Making it a "Muslims vs. everyone else" thing is exactly what the Islamists want. It makes it very hard to be a moderate Muslim.

We are going to torture every single one of you and feed you to pigs.

Just keep them out of western nations and they can kill each other in the desert. Who gives a fuck?

One day we euros will finally wake up and realise what cancer your american faggots are and then yes you all will be tortured to death. Cancer of the planet. Cultureless cunts. Leading factory of shit in the planet. Keep your Mcdonald's in your retarded country you faggot.

That is exactly what I am implying here:

i completely agree but i'm just saying realistically, it would take years and years to do all of that and with the way the world is, very few seem to be interested in moving in that direction.


can we stop this meme? the USAF is doing the ISIS stomping

You will die painfully.(CRAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIN)


We, as in, Hispanic Americans?

air strikes wouldn't mean shit without a ground force to back them up

That's an armed nation defending itself from a literal army, not rogue terrorists in the population though. It's completely different.

Well, exactly. But the Kurds are defending their own territory also, not trying to invade some country half-way across the world.

If they have the consent of the population, then it's sufficient to stop them from invading anywhere else. And if they don't have the consent of the population, their regime won't last in the long term either way, and from what I hear, the second is more true. Bombing them does nothing but make them stronger.

Sure, under this system it's unlikely to happen, I agree. But I won't let people get away with saying 'there's no possible solution other than killing all the Muslims or doing nothing'.

To quote a famous American: "Not an argument!"

But im betting you'll still be wanting that cheap oil from the desert no?


You're all going to die in gas chambers. Probably before 2020.

There have been terrorist attacks and suicide bombings in Rojava. The farther the front lines have gone, the safer deeper territory has become.

I quoted you because what you said is important not because I disagree.

the kurds were getting their shit pushed in.

But I thought that the famous "gas chamber" was a Jewish faked story to make people empathize with them! You nazis make me so confused sometimes.

What is with you faggots and implying that everyone who criticizes Islam is some rich oil baron who is just being a massive hypocrite? I simply don't want Muslims murdering people for their sandnigger religion in my country or any western country for that matter.

you larp here often?

You're all going to get gassed. 100%


Yeah, it is a joke. Islam needs to be properly corrupted (the way Christianity was) for there to really be a harmless moderate sector. Right now we just have non-committal people who were born into it and aren't really on board with what it entails but can't say shit because they're scared of the consequences.

To be clear, the guy was talking about banning Muslims, not being impolite to them. Islam is perhaps the most disgusting and shitty ideology to ever exist, but this isn't a game of "who has the biggest dick" you fucking imbecile.

Yeah the shitskins will only stop when reconquista starts.

You don't have to be a part of the bourgeoisie to benefit from the exploitation of proles from another country.

Isn't this a kind of a debunked "trickle-down theory" on its own right?

Do you have zero reading comprehension or something? I never denied air strikes significantly helped the YPG. However, many forces going up against ISIS had air support. Assad had air support and lost many cities to ISIS, same with Iraq. Once the YPG had air support, they haven't lost any significant territory to ISIS or any other force. And the fact remains, the YPG has been the only reliable US partner on the ground. They tried to use rebel groups and they didn't do shit. And Assad can't even seem to hold on to palmyra

The Holocaust didn't happen but I wish it did.™

Islam is pretty obsessed with going by the literal, original arabic word of the koran tho. Corrupting it is making a little bit of progress is Western areas but it's hard

I heard elsewhere its suspected it was IRA or Neo-Nazis. I cant find a source

No because everyone who buys sweatshop clothes or slave-wage oil benefits from the exploitation and there is no way to avoid contributing to that exploitation

That doesn't make logical sense. Wouldn't they be doing more than ever under that scenario?

That's not how capitalism works.

No. They're not very organized fighters. They are only good at killing civilians. They can be liquidated in a week or two at the most.

He said "benefitting from exploitation."

Tiocfaidh ar la

I did not say that.

It was hard with Christianity too, nigga. They fucking killed heretics.


It's almost like he said "there is no way to avoid contributing to that exploitation" too.
Gosh, reading posts sure is hard!

Thats what Im say bud

The #1 cause of Jihadi terrorism around the globe is Saudi money and their doctrine of Wahhabi intolerance, with the financial and diplomatic cover of the western world.

Everytime we're near an election a terrorist attack happens but only in western europe countries were the muslsim population is relative small compared to other Eurasian countries like Turkey, Russia or China.

I'm starting to think all of the bombings are falseflags. Just when Corbyn was up in the polls this happens. There is no way a bunch of uneducated goat fuckers can be this efficient, this is CIA bs tbh.

The proletariat doesn't benefit from exploitation. That's not how the darned system works. If an American prole can buy a T-Shirt 3 dollars less due to it being produced in Bangladesh a few thousand jobs are lost in the US ending up boosting unemployment and thus lowering the bartering power of the US proles vs. the US bourgs.

Please explain it in detail how the first world proles "benefit from" the first world bourg's exploitation of the third world proles.

All these mudslime faggots will be dead within a decade and we'll have peace again.

I'm sure banning guns will keep murders down too, am I right

No Islam no muslim terrorists. You people WILL get the Manichaeism treatment Abdul. We will flay you all alive.

i bet you don't even know that US is in command of all kurdish forces. US generals just tell the kurdish ones what to do.

Then why did the siege on Raqqa stop when the turks attacked? The kurds have their own agenda and only work with the US to the extent their interests align.

If you deport them the terrorists will find a way to enter the country.
Even if you kill them all (lol) you still won't kill the idea of Islam.

Also, stop larping.

No. That is wrong.

Replace the Quran with Das Kapital and Islam extremism and Islam in general will be solved.

The solution to Islam is the same as it always was.

holy strawman

Wow, you sure proved how I'm wrong by not saying anything at all.

ISLAM can be either be legislated against or have its adherents genocided, hopefully both.

Good luck doing that when Islamic countries have nukes. TBH, that's a good idea. You should do that and we can finally be replaced by more superior synthetic beings.

Terrorists don't give a fuck about the law, retard.

Good luck with killing every single one and not have new ones pop up after learning about Islam.

The "and" should be bold because you'll need a lot of luck with either one.

how are you gonna do that? how can you tell who's muslim and who isn't?

Islam can stamped out through repression alone, firebomb all the mosques or turn them into secular gather centers. Hoxhaist Albania is the perfect model for this.

Ah yes, Holla Forums, where nobody jokes about terrorist attacks.

Check for circumcisions.

Don't worry I'm sure they will claim they were being ironic, just like with that whole cancel Colbert nonsense.

Sorry man but Albania is a very small country that has very little diplomatic clout. Are you going to fire bomb China, Malaysia, and Singapore?

Funny that China has alliances with Pakistan and Iran.

well duh, the US had to insure its assets were protected. But if you study how the kurds have been moving and how they've been able to push back ISIS this much within the last 2 years, you'll understand that these are not the same kurds from 2012-2014. They move entirely different, they are a lot more organized, and they follow US doctrine to a T,

Kurds have the willing to fight, ill give them that. But if it wasnt for US Air support, Intelligence, supplies, and COMMAND. they would have been eliminated from the game in 2014.

The Albanian model can be applied. Simply shutter all the mosques.

How are you going to shutter all the mosques in foreign countries? Are you an idiot? The best way to stop Islamic terrorism in Europe would be to deport them all and close all the borders.

Can't do that in America when America will be 20-30% latino by 2050.

I'm guessing la is irish for "lol"


With your mouth right?

advising isn't the same as command. If it was up to the US, they would have continued the siege of Raqqa and dealt with the turks behind closed doors and other means. The turks themselves couldn't give a rats ass about raqqa, and especially don't want the YPG to have it. The move to stop the advance was not done for a turkish audience, but an american one.

that's delusional tbh

dude, most American men are circumcised, also jews

yeah? then why don't you let me "advise" your gf m8?

That's a brute force solution, off the top of my head.

When a nation is Latino + Asian + Black + Indian + Arab + Iranian + White, it will be very hard to single one ethnic group out.

Shutter all the mosques in Europe. Deport them all. That's all you need to do.

So what?


Yeah, that will work. As long as everyone in Europe can get together and agrees on it, you won't be able to stop Islam globally though.

wouldn't be easier to just bomb Mecca ?.
i'm sure islam won't survive after that.

The second part is wrong too. They're totally worthless and incapable of running their own governments. We can still simply starve them all by getting into renewable and nuclear energy more.

umm, the ones with the silly head wraps and beards and that pray in silly buildings and say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~LAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


bacon test

This is pathetic even by your normal standards.

That's delusional. The east is overtaking the west while the west jerks off. The Chinese have a sizable Muslim population and alliances with countries like China and Iran. Sorry, but the West will not rise again.

really? because they were doing just fine in the 50's and 60's before all the western military interventions.

you sure you're replying to the right post friendo?

That picture is so cherry picked I'm not even going to bother. Even in Turkey the gold standard of "moderate" Islam secularism was only enforced by the business end of a shotgun and several military coups.

Stop replying to every shitpost you insufferable cunt.

oops, sorry papi

was replying to


You can't deny the middle east was much more secular in the mid-twentieth century. This is a historically known fact.

As for today, look at Rojava, they are muslim majority and extremely secular.

Jesus Christ I hope this isn't what you actually believe.

Like Pottery


But its not really funny to laugh over people dying now is it?


Is she laughing her ass off right now anons?

Is Ariadna Grande NazBol Holla Forums?


Lads I must say I'm getting pretty tired of this shit. It's not confirmed to Islamic terror yet, but when it is it will totally ruin Corbyn chances in the election. I really am at a loss of what to do about the Muslim extremism question.

But none of this really changes the fact that a substantial minority of the Muslim population in Europe has come to view themselves as part of a global religious community with the West as their enemy. If the left continues making excuses for and importing these people we will remain irrelevant. Yes terrorism is a pretty marginal in the grand scheme of thing but it has an emotional resonance that punches above its weight in political discourse (particularly because Islamic extremists commit particularly heinous and barbarous crimes).

At this point I support banning migrants from muslim countries. I am tired of this and the public is fed up with it also. This could very easily be the issue that destroys the left and guarantees the rise of fascism and frankly I don't exactly care all that much about protecting spooked as fuck people with backwards ass beliefs anyways.

This is a demon that the West gave birth too. Why do Holla Forumsyps lack the nuance to understand this?

You faggots have had decades to do this, hell you had societies served to you on a plater to kill brown people and you didn't even fucking do it, or more or less ever achieve it.

But surely this time, it will be different, right my /lastsonofthewest/?

It's called gallows humor, kid. Its how some people cope.

Then either promote the Quillam foundation, preach reform or start attacks on abrahamic faiths again.

Ah yes, I'm really sure people are swallowing those """""red pills"""""""

truly, the greatest trolls of our time.

Thats funny, I remember how the left freaks out over jokes of any sort. Especially ones that are of Dark Humor

So you might have to be killing some of those pure white aryan Americans because they're either secretly jewish or Muslim.


I once had a Jewish landlady who once joked that the distant smoke we saw a fire engine speeding off to one afternoon was from a man shoving his wife into an oven. She was the only non-asshat landlord I have had to deal with in my entire life.

Don't Holla Forumsyps and other """defenders""" of """Western values""" want to kill liberal d.egenerates too? Shouldn't you all be celebrating this?

Your ideology confuses me.

Well if we are going to bring anecdotal evidence into this….

Yeah, ethnically diverse.

Fascists in this day and age are just extremely spooked useful idiots for the neoconservative agenda. Hopefully, as the retarded nazi fad fades, at least some of them become conscious of the fact that everything they believed is delusional bullshit.



People are now saying it was an electrical thing. Cool talk #21342536 about race and islam though, fucking stooges

And even if it was a terrorist attack it still proves that the "strong on terror" stance does fucking nothing. A bunch of virtue-signaling retards the lot of you


lol you're a shit for brans

It's time for the government to ban spontaneously exploding outdoor places tbqh.

"Electrical thing"

P.S England just changed their national anthem

I'm not saying it was NazBol magic


another terrorist whose family will get money from Trump for a job well done pushing his bullshit

Where, pray tell, are people saying this?

Tolerance is a spook.

Beautiful self own. Unless you're giving me diet advice, in which case you have that backwards.

Pfft whatever

Will going to that site put me on some sort of watch list?

Still more substantive than anything you threw together

It's code for "lol anyone who disagrees with me is a muzzie"

At this point going to any UK site might as well put you on a watch list.

Being British under PM May is an automatic inclusion onto every watchlist anyway


Sweetie you're just being silly! I know your worldview revolves around muslims being good boys who dindu nuffin and perpetual victims but you're being straight up delusional.

but they are good boys and dindu nuffin

Neither of my points had anything to do with Islam being good or bad. Go back and check

Where are the proofs?

I think I saw that on leddit too, though he definitely didn't read the live thread well enough since it's all hearsay (though the other options are hearsay too but whatever)

Most mudslimes have specific tenants they have to adhere to fam

when we do find them, torture them, their family, their relatives in the most brutal possible fashion and in a way the precludes them from going to their version of the afterlife. Wage actual total war. If the West wanted to we could have eliminated them a long time ago, we're just big old pussies.

Kind of strange how little footage there is of this event on social media. There was all sorts of different footage of the shooting in the Bataclan theatre.

Pretty big implication that you think they dindu nuffin


No, just an implication that it's a conversation you're desperate to have. Point #1 is "might not have even had anything to do with islam (meaning a discussion of it is besides the point, not that islam is "good" or "bad"). Point #2 is that if it WAS a muslim attack then May did fuck all to stop it (which actually implies I DO think muslims do terrorist shit).

The only implication here is nazi flag is desperate to have a conversation I'm actually not having.

You're grasping at straws from reddit posts about it being an electrical explosion because so you're invested in defending your muslim nigger pets.

I can see where the speaker explosion theory is coming from. The explosion sounds almost perfectly on beat.

That doesn't sound like a bomb to me, but what do I know.

Also I'm very curious to find out how many deaths and injuries were caused by people freaking out and fleeing to the exits.

I've never listened to her music before but now i feel obligated to

You could saved some time and said "I can't read". Otherwise, prove that it's the kind of attack you want to be talking about and/or prove that May's leadership is helpful in the case of an attack. Otherwise you're blowing hot air.

baboon brainset

That's because the bomb was towards the entrance of the building, this is deep inside the building.

Can you stop LARPing so hard Holla Forums? We all know you're not white and the "ad hom as argument" thing isn't as edgy as you think it is

Even so, a high power explosive would be much deeper and would reverberate far more than that did.

But why bomb the entrance and not the densely pack viewing area?

This shit is why damnatio memoriae needs to be enacted upon Islam.
I fail to understand why people always rush to the defense of Islam, right after it has killed several innocent people.
Islam is and has always been a cancer that needs to be excised.

Only mention I could find

Son, we've been killing Muslims with extreme prejudice for over 30 years now. What exactly has it solved or accomplished?

Top fucking kek. Discarded.

Almost all of those different labels are superfluous. They could all be aggregated and labeled "right wing extremism" instead.

The problem is reactionaries of all stripes.

The guy is a serious amateur bomb maker, even someone caught in the blast wave wasn't killed by it.

Kicking out time.

Terrorist attacks are defined in such a way that the people who name them can't ever commit them, no matter what bombs they drop or international law they violate. Not that a fucking neocon, zionist apologist shill would understand


no we haven't. We've been pretty slack mate. We give them """human rights""" and shit. It's time to end the Geneva convention among other things, no more """"innocents""" or """civilians"""


Fuck off, Nazbol. We're not killing off Islam so you can establish your Russocentric Orthodox absolute monarchy.

how about kicking islam out so, people don't get killed?

Our Side: Maybe making arms deals with the KSA is bad and will lead to more problems down the road
Your Side: If we virtue signal how much we hate Islam then the problem will go away. Also $300bn arms deals are 45d chess and good actually

Really activates the almonds

Islam has not been made illegal in any western nation that I know of.
No mosques or Islamic religious items have been systemically destroyed.

Simply killing Muslims is not going to be enough, you have to attack Islam.
Remember that once Manichaeism was one of the worlds largest religions.
Yet it is a non entity today because the holy scriptures, priests and places of worship were targeted and destroyed; Rendering the religion unable to be practiced.
The same needs to be done with Islam.

Go be the change you want to see in the world Howard

The time that everyone gets kicked out. The event was drawing to a close. People were leaving.

Not a nazbol fam, NRX is far more exiting than duagnistic shitposting

It's not virtue signalling if we kill them though. I don't think there will be a political solution though, you're right.

So how are you not a virtue signaler?

so by your own graph, we get percentage per capita:

Islam - 273 / 1.6 billion = .0000171%
Judaism - 2 / 15 million = .000013%

percentages don't kill people. islam kills people

Again, why? That just brings more suspicion to it. Its like the bomber was intentionally trying to hit the least amount of people possible while still having it be a big thing.

Immediately discarded

Kek'd. Nice shitpost but the flag puts it over the top

Manichaeans weren't terrorists. They were pretty unjustly persecuted. I don't understand your comparison.

Are we going to play the per capita game with jews now? Let's start with half of all us billionaires being Jewish. How do you oppose the bourgeoisie without opposing the jews? Even marx wasn't afraid to address the Jewish question.

He wasn't able to get the bomb in the main part of the building for reasons (probably security/no ticket) and left it close to the exit. He detonated the bomb when the concert was drawing to a close to clip the first wave of people leaving. Why does that not make sense to you as a plan?

Lmao either that's a shit-ass bomb or there's something to the not-a-bomb theories

Now you're talking our language


the bomb didn't go off in the stadium. it went off in the entrance areas.

Because if I was him I would have ensured my entrance to the targeted event before I even tried it or waited for a better opportunity to affect a larger crowd

Remember guys, these "refugees" are just trying to escape war-torn countries

It doesn't even have Christianity as a entry

I'm not comparing the Manichaeans to Muslims.

My point was that due to the targeted, systemic destruction of the Manichaean clergy, Temples and Scripture.
What was once one of the worlds largest religions has now been rendered unable to be practiced, as too much information has been lost.

I advocate that method as how to deal with Islam.

A) Could have been a car bomb
B) May have decided the best place to plant it without being questioned was to stuff it in a bin at the entrances
C) Ticket sales to one "Ibn Khaled al-Shafar Jamal Mohammed" aged 35 for a concert geared towards 16 year old girls may well draw the attention of internal security in the aftermath

All these images prove is that terrible material conditions of Muslims drive them towards shitty ideology.

Congrats, you're now a Marxist.

Underrated post.

nah fam

Charts 1, 3, 4: No shit refugees are going to be of lower socioeconomic status
Charts 2: see also no christianity, maosim/communism separated, all right wing attacks separated by extreme specificity, etc.
Chart 5 is tl:dr but i seriously doubt it has anything worthwhile considering the rest of them

really makes you think

You are consistently the most retarded tripfag on a forum where Hoochie is a regular contributor. Here's your (you) for baiting me

Nah, fuck off, nihilist.

I dont like the fact that i agree with a trip fag

Gulf state Arabs are some of the most pampered NEETs in history yet they sign up for ISIS in droves as either religious clerics or actual footsoldiers. And let's not even get into actual muslims raised in the good graces of what is the utopian swedish welfare state leaving Sweden to fight for ISIS as well.

He's a zionist apologist, though I guess considering your track record over on Holla Forums I shouldn't be surprised you two get on


Chart number 4 talks about the significant increase in crime that immigrants cause on countries.


Chart number 4 wasn't even about refugees. And let's not pretend that Turkroaches are bad because of Islam

Holla Forums the conclusions you draw from these charts are what is wrong, not the data itself. You went for the easiest answer to "why" its because they are dumb brown people of course. Brown people also have no history so any kind of analysis of what has led to this point is also useless. Shit conditions make shit people, there is no excusing them. But you have to end those shit conditions from producing more garbage for us to deal with.

Kill ISIS and also stop buttfucking their countries and supporting the Saudis/Israel.

I think one of you has the chart order mixed up

No shit they are going to go to countries that have benefits. This is one of the reasons we don't care much for socdems.

I fail to see how one could look at the history of Islam and not think that it needed to be eradicated.


you wanna know why we're in MENA huffing oil in the first place? jews. we canned multiple forms of alternative energy throughout the 20th century. Zionists need us to destabilize MENA for them.

I'm not a Zionist apologist though, they can't be beaten though, they have nukes and are not afraid to use them :/

This is the chart i am referring to

It shows that taking in immigrants increases the crime rate.

Oh, you mean the United States? Don't be such a fucking retard. It is your money that has let this shit grow and now it comes back to bite you in the ass, this is the bed you made, and you're bitching about having to sleep in it. fuck yourself

Your line of thinking though is that if their countries were not being bombed on the reg and the Saudis weren't smearing shit everywhere and Israel wasn't ordering daddy America around they still would be going to Europe in droves to rape dem white women.

Although I think we can agree on Israel and Saudi Arabia.

fuckin' lmao someone screencap this QUICK HAHAAh

People want the best life for themselves

The mother fucking Kurds are Muslims and they are the most bad ass people on the earth right now

Also all of that totally has nothing to do with the US funding Islamic Fundies
They help spread Wahhabism because they want that sweet oil from the Saudis

the whole fascists obsession with immigration and wanting to stop it, yet not wanting to address the root reason why they moved from there homes in the first place is quite mind boggling to me. i mean, how fucking stupid can you be to not realize that the US has been a major reason (if not THE reason) why ISIS, and muslim extremists are so prevalent now. it is incomprehensible at times, just how fucking retarded they are

I think they would stop if they weren't bombed anymore, however it is clear they are deliberately going to the countries with benefits rather than just going to the next safe country. Turkey houses millions of refugee's and is Relatively safe. Why not just stay there?

Because they want the benefits.

Foreign policy doesn't help I agree, but if they aren't exploited someone else will do it and leverage it against us. It's a zero sum game World bro

Honestly though, if they weren't inbred polygamous cousin fuckers there wouldn't be as much of an issue.

it seems like there is no easy fix at this point. the problem is stormfags subverting any realistic solutions for their delusional murder fantasies, they are incapable of a rational discussion on this issue. i have tried, but they deny the role of US imperialism, and they always just shout 'muh jews' 'moooslems' and other shit, like their 1900s view of biology should be taken seriously

I agree, it is a tricky situation at the moment. It would help if Trump would gtfo of Syria, and stop doing stupid arms deals with the Saudis.

We don't care about imperialism or 100 year old slights or Palestinians or whatever. Might makes right. Kill them all.

No. I would rather gtfo with our military and send over teachers and nurses teach them so that we don't have to put up with their shitty religion.

You always talk about a "ethno state" but you go the complete opposite way about getting one. Sounds like you like your e n r i c h m e n t


i could make this same criticism of christian conservatives in america. i'm just fucking tired of running into these faggots that want to shout about immigration and pretend foreign policy has nothing to do with it. and there's a surprising amount of right wingers that i'd say 'get it' in regard to the horrible policies that israel has, but its all trashed when they start getting on the random jew bashing. it makes zero sense and i've confronted people like this in real life. they just get all pissy when you point out that white people are every bit as likely to kill their own. there is no 'unity,' i'm fucking tired of the bullshit they spew. for some reason, both left and right have this delusional view of life as 'sacred' or some shit

see my above post. this will bite you in the ass, you think you are strong, but in the grand scheme of things, it is better to cooperate with people if they're willing to cooperate with you. contrary to liberals popular beliefs, that doesn't mean holding hands and singing kumbaya, it means having the brains to not end the world in a nuclear fucking holocaust. but the blatant dishonesty you've shown isn't worth having a debate about. imperialism is alive and well, so saying its '100 years ago' is a deflection, a way to justify your delusional superiority. To the rest of us, it isn't superiority we see in you, more a delusion of grandeur – a sort of Dunning-Kruger effect, if you will. For all the bitching fascists do about how 'smug' leftists are, I'm amazed at how they perpetuate the very same smugness by denying white people don't give a fuck about other white people, that race just isn't important to people as you guys think. and, of course, to 'prove' your politics right, you inevitably have to become the thing you hate – that is, a race baiter. when cleetus talks about 'muh welfare', you guys come off the same way.

I thought reviewbrah was found or said he was OK?

i'll admit i was slightly interested to see trump get elected, i really thought maybe he would show the liberals up and finally the system might get shaken up a little bit. but in general, the dude is just 'obama' for white people, that's really all this is. and even the white people aren't happy about him. he's barely holding onto his base at this point. all the shillling for israel and shit, and here Holla Forums told us the whole time that the 'day of the rope' was coming at anytime.

you'd think this would wake some of them up, but no! they don't see the obvious fact here; the fact that trump pledging allegiance to those of equal or higher social classes than himself is more important than helping poor white people get off drugs and have a decent life. he doesn't give a fuck about htem and i really dont know what to say to people that just keep coming back to him. its girlfriends that go back to abusive boyfriends or something. its amazing how much these people enjoy getting fucked by capitalism, the state, etc.

Yeah there is white trash, but even burger white trash some how manages to have a higher Autism Level among other things than the average of MENA. It's fucked, I wish they weren't so fucked up because it creates a huge power vacuum that we have to fill up… or else…

Why do you think Holla Forumsacks are nationalists? You know that the anons from /new/ were basically the same as you right? A lot of us are lapsed liberals. Nationalism allows us to expand beyond tribalism despite it lack of basis in history.

As for your other point, the West even to this day handicaps itself, we fight war in the most retarded self-defeating way.

Pure ideology.

These people are indoctrinated into a violent death cult who've been violence since forever.

Meanwhile, in reality.

I am Holla Forums :^)

I think Trump is actually doing good with the economy. There are a few places he can improve on, but overall he is much much better than Obama.


Dropping a few more millions off healthcare, bombing the middle east, selling weapons to ISIS Saudi Arabia is pretty much Obama-tier.

You ask for sources for a realistic depiction of events as opposed to that

Do a reverse google image search or something, you demagogic idiot.

most of the """refugees""" aren't Syrian friendo, most Syrians are decent people

war in general, is stupid as hell. nationalism isn't good, it never has been. dying for a flag, 'country' and 'god' is just completely blind faith bullshit to me. if i wanted to fight for anything, it would be to maximize my own personal freedom, and hopefully the freedom of those around me. that includes those that are non-white. i have known enough people to see the good in all people.

i hope some day you see through this, the people i've met who do are the best drinking buddies mate.

its even worse that nationalists always want to 'obey'. they love their bosses, they love capitalism, its just fucking nuts that you guys 'love' authority. i HATE authority. I think some of it is necessary for society to function, but my ideal society involves minimal authority. i don't want some 1488'er telling me what's "good" for me. i know what's good for me, and nobody else. i would say that applies to just about everyone.

i think you guys love nationalism because you lack this kind of self esteem. you don't believe in yourselves, so you have to seek some religious-like 'higher power' – this takes many forms, be it 'god', 'the state', or even 'white pride'.

I can only compare this kind of adoration to the way Christians pray to their god, thinking it actually has an effect on their life. For some, maybe it does! I guess I can't judge em too hard, but the problem is when they think they have the authority to tell me what to do, what to think, how to feel.

christ dude, autistic people and Autism Level in general are not good ways to 'compare' intelligence let alone determine how 'successful' one is. you guys always define 'success' by how much of an ass kisser someone is. it's all a slave mentality to me.

I clearly stated that his foreign policy sucks. I am for the destruction of Obamacare.

I did reverse image search it, none of the results have come up with a reliable source, just Reddit and some other crap.

also, it might surprise you that not all of/pol/ wants to gas the jews

I am disappoint.

i personally dont care if you're pol or not. i like LP because we can talk and most of the time, i'll talk when polyps don't sperg out about race and shit. i don't think he's doing 'much better' though. i think it doesn't matter too much who the president is when the CIA, DHS, and just about every other agency are completely out of control. there's too many other rich fucks pulling strings for me to care who is president anymore. i say fuck them all

And replace it with what?

I agree that the CIA and DHS need a serious overhaul. Too bad that most liberals now believe that wikileaks is connected to the "muh russia" because they exposed Hillary.

Something that doesn't cost a fortune and fuck the American taxpayer?

Goodwork you proved my point, that map was STILL not in the results buddy.

Nature and existence is war, I'm sorry that you have to live in it. Your freedoms can only come at the expense of others, it's a zero sum game. It's not going to change anytime soon and Anarchism, Communism and Socialism are all cargo cults.

While you might have met nice outliers, you should keep in mind that they are exactly that. Once nice white people don't control their own civic spaces expect Zimbabwe/South Africa tier shenanigans.

In the end my """devotion""" to nation and my """race""" is merely a means to an end. Not ends unto themselves.

Honestly if given the choice I would exile all commies and anarchists and hedonists to live in rural communes. I think you'd all be much happier that way.

As for autism levels aka I…Q… that is only one metric, and it is not in terms of superiority and inferiority. It is in terms of applicability. There are of course more differences than mere autism levels, more than I would really care to list really. Some of which are genetic, and some of which are environmental, and some of which are socially constructed.

So universal healthcare?

good worker

Single payer healthcare.

You'll never get that from republicans nor most likely democrats either

Yes, it's the refugees you need to fear!

That map isn't from wikipedia dumbass

And you need to see


Ok, Hobbes.

And I am the one who is acting irate.

If they are perfectly sound why can't I click them?

Hobbes is right and you know it boii

Are you retarded? Please tell me now and I will stop wasting my time.

"The immigration and crime" these statistics explicitly state that yes, there is a correlation between the increase in migrants and increase in crime. Unlike your shitty map, all my statistics actually have sources


So why don't you type them down one by one so we can look up your total legit sources?

Oh wait, am I actually implying that putting https:// links on pics and non-English sources in barely readable corners of pics actually discourages people from looking them up and thus serving as a blank cheque that reinforces people's already held convictions?!


So what was your reaction to your shitty meme candidate completely cucking out to the zionists? Was it really just reverse south Mongolian backgammon?

This is your brain on /pol

Why should I hold your hand through this? Below I have done one as proof.

Didn't think it would be as bad as it is, but like most knew that he obviously wouldn't be /ourgoy/, at most we were expecting signal boost. Really at the end of the day it doesn't matter what he does, the solution to our problems won't be a political one.

also at the time I was pretty afraid of Hillary Clinton starting WW3. I'm not quite ready to get drafted for the frontlines of the Great thermonuclear war.

Because you claim to know your own totally legit sources, you full of shit retard?


Of course its not going to be in English, these are statistics from Denmark.

nobody is saying islam isn't a shit religion, i'm an atheist myself, think it sucks dick. i feel this way about all religions. however, you guys always seem to shoot yourselves in the foot by preaching capitalism and racist propaganda. trump is a good example. you guys forgive his blatantly """deeply triggering and problematic""" moments under some notion that he's playing 4d chess, when really it couldn't be more apparent that he's just fucking ppl over as is the case for all politicians ever

no its not, put down the poetry dude.

"I'm sorry you have to live in it."

I quite enjoy my life, actually, that's why I'm having this discussion. I make good money, i have solid friendships, i'm well educated. i don't have a lot to complain about. i value my life and try to help everyone i can.

It seems to me that most nazis are down on their luck, looking for a way out, and sadly, they shackle themselves with race propaganda as a sort of shitty coping mechanism.

existence is fucking easy, its really not hard to exist. war is pointless dick waving for some rich bastard lording over you and your family. it is exploitation at its worst. existence might require me to hunt for food, gather resources for a home, but nobody is forcing you to kill your fellow man to achieve these things, and us commies regularly point that out to you, but you rather plug your ears than actually grapple with the class issue, or any kind of authority for that matter.

'your freedoms come only at the expense of others'

gee, this sure is ironic coming from a nationalist. you guys would do good to take your own advice on this one. i and those i keep company with value freedom more than anything else. for some reason, right wingers are always infringing on that… and the """left""" libs…

oh boy, more gymnastics here. means to an end, yet you guys talk about nothing else. tell me, what is the 'goal' then? what is the 'end' that the means of 'race' and 'state' serve? and i am more taken back by the admission that, its not race or state you really care about at all. if you don't "really" care about either, then what are you doing beyond that with your life?

i think most commies would gladly agree to this, and we'd probably develop a very efficient society that allows us to develop our own creative pursuits with much free time. more time for loving and fucking whoever we want. and if you want to work, you can even do that, too, and finally get rewarded for it, unlike in capitalist society where some douche takes all the credit for your work.

the problem is, you guys always find a way to lay claim to shit that isn't yours, and never was to begin with. so i'm not so sure a 'truce' could be made. the old dumb fuck liberal in me sometimes thinks so, but i remember any time in history the right seized power and change my mind pretty quick.

honestly, if that's what it took, it would have happened already. you guys constantly shift the goal posts to cover up your catastrophic failures. commies do it too, but god damn

Golly gee!

How convenient that no respectable English sources would translate and highlight such important findings. Care to translate them? Oh, no. Of course. I almost forgot You don't speak Danish! Let's see! You also have a French source! Let me guess! You don't speak french either!

But Mr. Holla Forumsyp, you somehow claim to know that these are totally legit and respectable sources.

It's almost as if you were full of shit, or something!

Fires up those neurons, no?

Thats right, you keep grasping at straws.


Hope this don't give Theresa May an edge in the elections. A guy like Corbyn ain't exactly the go-to guy for people who get caught up in the fear that radical Islam whips up.

Jesus christ. You really don't know what a scholarly source looks like do you? You fucking NEET.

You claim that existence is not war in your opening paragraph yet in closing you validate my assertion. Unless the paradigm fundamentally shifts we will all be at the mercy of the basic organizational principles that lead to extreme tribalism due to our inherent needs. Yes, this means that humans will do bad things to each other, and no we cannot return to an idyllic hunter-gatherer society for the simple fact that we live in an agricultural World which is in turn supplanted by the Industrial and so on. Any reversion to the mean simply means easy pickings for those who do not. Such is life.

It's ironic that you rail against capitalism, yet without it you would not enjoy the sedentary, utopian lifestyle that you currently take for granted.

It's not mental gymnastics, it's wordplay. Gymnastics is to avoid some sort of blind spot in thinking or epistemology. The end is to escape from dumb fucks like you so we can all finally cease non-voluntary relationships. But that isn't going to come about through lifestylism or retarded cargo cult shit.

You should also keep in mind that my views are pretty unrepresentative, most would want to turn the lot of you into mulch. I think that honest country living away from urbanized, atomized capitalist hellholes will fix you, so you will no longer need to traumatize yourselves as you do.

I do. I actually read my sources before citing them.

Care to give us a 2 paragraph English summary of that French scholarly source? You obviously have read it and understood it!

"they hate us for our freedom"
"muslims senslessly attack us for thousands of years for no reasons"
"imperialist victim complex"

you are a retard, go read more breitbart and less about the history of the middle east


¶ George Soros is sending the immigrants to kill the white race, Jacques-Luc Ponty found out. It is evident since even Breitbert informs us about this.

¶ They also found out that all muslims are terrorists and they want to jihad and/or outbreed us from Europe. They won't stop until we are all either dead or Muslim.

Happy, leftyfag?

Considering how triggered you are, it will make little to no difference. You automatically associate Holla Forums with Nazis which is seems to be the same as people thinking that every muslim is bad. You are just as bad, if not worse than Holla Forums

Tell us what your sources say or gtfo.

i didn't prove you right at all. that doens't prove 'existence is war'. that's a dumb, emotional platitude, akin to buddhists saying 'life is suffering.' it's feel-good bullshit so you can rationalize a need for constant struggle with those different from you, even when our needs intersect. that's the point i was making. and you didn't even answer my question, what is the 'end' if 'race' and 'state' are merely the means? you still didn't answer this, and just went on and on again about my beliefs. you didn't really explain yourself here.

nobody mentioned hunter gatherer societies… i don't know why you seem to think i want to live in the stone age but… ok.

and capitalism isn't the reason we have sedentary 'utopian' lifestyles. there's enough man power on this earth to provide for everyone and drastically shorten the amount of time we spend laboring.

again, you accuse me of 'taking things for granted' here, yet it is you that fails to even vaguely critique a massively inefficient, fucked up system. wow.

word play? no man, discussing things, then changing the definitions and shifting the goal posts is a sign of a weak mind. stop making excuses.

*whew,* yet another contradiction. so fascism is voluntary unless we all comply? and you still insist this is just 'word play' and not more gymnastics? christ dude.

lol i too have read the "Art of War" . OooOh, i'm so scared. Mr. Skinhead is gonna skin my head… wow ur so tough xD

These are nothing more than empty threats all predicated on some false belief that we won't defend ourselves with the same level of force you'd attempt to exert upon us. Just remember, by even claiming this, your claims of 'self defense' and shit are null and void. Nobody cares about your persecution complex when you spew this kind of shit. Sad!

Pol are close enough to being nazis that i don't see a reason to make a worthy distinction. That'd be like splitting hairs over a liberla that decided to vote Obama over Clinton or something. Totally fruitless exercise in naive stupidity

Over generalizations like this are stupid. I full well acknowledge that not every single migrant that is moving to France is going for the benefits, but I would say that a lot are. Just like not every person who browses Holla Forums wants to gas the jews or hang black people. I just want somewhere to talk right wing politics, I couldn't care less about the race stuff.

technically I am from halfchan which isn't quite as infested with stormers

instead of stormers, halfchan's got redditors, which are almost as bad. It's time to go back, user.

I know it has redditors :(

Thats why I come here instead.

this tbh. Holla Forumsyps think they are the masters of violence or something, like the cartels wouldn't just fuck their shit up wholesale without a second thought.

ISIS might as well be the CIA tbh.

I hope you realize how fucking retarded you sound.

on the one hand, polyps are losing their shit over 19 people dying like its the end of the world… and yet they wish for the death of millions, daily. something is off here,

you guys prove us right. you got chased out of your own echo chamber because its gotten so bad that you have to raid our threads and shill your non-politics for """discussion""" while we all point and laugh at your stupidity and gullibility.

No, it is a first principle. You are projecting your emotional state onto me. Buddhists are more correct to the true nature of the World than you can ever understand. If you want it fleshed out for you among these organizational principles those who cannot communicate in the same language of axioms cannot even agree on the nature of reality, let alone a common good, let alone how to reach it. Thus nature is eternal struggle. There is no intersecting of common goods.

If it was not clear, the state and race are both a means to an end for a cohesive self-affirming society and culture (on the basis of the fundamental organizational principles of men) which will make the transition to voluntarism not only viable but desirable through selection and directed scientific progress.

Are you an anarchist or not? Did you even read Rousseau? While sure you will not be living with caveman tools, you will certainly be living as cavemen. There is nothing wrong with it though, it is a virtuous lifestyle given our biological constraints. It is a poor societal strategy though, at best you could hope to hold out at the outskirts of the World eking a miserable living and not being worth the effort of exploiting.

Which words have I changed the definition of? What goal posts have I moved? pls explain?

Capitalism is most certainly why we have sedentary lifestyles, without the economic incentives to force the majority of rural farmers into cities as cheap labor we would have never got into this mess. it seems like you're analysis is lacking.

It's not a threat, it's the honest truth. I feel pretty sick at the thought, but it's going to happen irrespective of what I do really. Act accordingly.

Because it is not an isolated incident. Context dennialist tbh fam.

for all the talk about how you hate immigration, you guys never follow your own advice. you come to leftypol, shit up our threads, and wonder why everything sucks. sometimes i wish we could electronically send your ass back to wherever the fuck you came from

I heard that this was actually an accidental explosion of a keg/barrel of moonshine at the concert.

If this is true, everyone's reaction is hilariously misinformed.

and it is the muslims who are slaughtering more muslims than anyone else ever.
Come on. Islam is just violence in a religion

So you wish you could install online borders…stopping Holla Forums refugees….interesting….

fuck me I need sleep

*Among these organizational principle there is a specific need for a common language. This is the language of the nation and of shared axioms. If you cannot agree on the nature of reality, let alone a common good, let alone how to reach it, then there will be a mutual conflict of interest that is irreversible. To you and your particular weltanschuang this would be class warfare, you cannot cooperate with the bourgeois as a class right?

This is what it means for nature to be eternal struggle. It is not a ad-hoc rationalization for self-interest but an understanding of reality and then acting accordingly.

I love how the right act exactly like Terrorist organizations want them too like clockwork.

I can't tell if the right are actually just retarded and don't understand the Terrorists want them to act this way because like every terrorist expert says, it fuels more terrorism, or if they are doing on purpose because they're Accerationists.

Oh right, they're just retarded.

white nationalist conservative males strike again!!. If we had more muh Muslims in Britain they would have stop the evil white males from doing this type of thing.

it's weird how a specific set of newfag /lefties/ obsesses entirely over the 20th century without understanding the overarching course of history.

it makes sense that your epistemology would be so fucked though, an inherent belief in tabula rasa would lead you to examine the World that way.

Because us on the left actually know about the history of the middle east. Not middle ages role playing like you fucking right wing morons do.

It's a literal fact that the spread of Wahabi has little to do with the west nor is the west a target. It's been purposely spread by the Saudis to gain recruits in their war of genocide against Shia Islam.

If this was "aimed at the west" why do terrorist attacks only happen once every so often and only kill like a dozen people? Meanwhile, these same organizations literally slaughter people by the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands in the middle east?

The attacks in the west are designed to radicalize loners and people with violent tendencies so they run off to the middle east to be used as canon fodder for the Saudis.

Like, they even fucking state this is their plan. Yet you right wingers want to pretend there is this clash of civilization and we're the real target.

buddhists are pussy faggots that believe in spooky shit like 'minimalism' and other crap that is unproven. life is what you make it, and if you really think it is 'suffering', it is only because you brainwashed yourself to believing it to be that… or maybe someone did that to you. either way, it's just rationalizing your own spiritual slavery.

this is what i meant by 'shifting the goal posts' and gymnastics. fascism has never been voluntary and never will be. that is rationalization on your part, some last fleeting hope that you won't just be killed like the rest of us if true power is seized by the far right.

also, i fail to see what is 'self affirming' about fascism. subjecting your entire self to the state and some 'culture' that has long been dead and gone … idk, it just sounds like nothing could be further from a negation of 'self' in favor of someting outside of yourself. it is wholly anti-individual…

yeah, right, humans don't need food, water, and shelter. no.. those concrete needs don't intersect at all….

as for my politics, i don't know "what i am" and i'm cool with it. modern anarchists are total moral faggots, so i don't know if i am one to be honest. i don't care for a lot of people. i wish them well, and i usually am positive and encouraging of those in my immediate social circle. i'm not some deluded do-gooder, though. most of the time, i help people because it makes me feel good. i'm usually motivated by my own self interest, and the idea of a reward. there's something in it for me. i think that's what motivates most people..

You misunderstood here. You seemed to imply that capitalism is hte only way, that we can't restructure the existing infrastructure to meet the needs of the public. That's certainly not what we have now, and it would absolutely provide for everyone. It would take time, but I would say its truly the only way. Like you said, scraping by an existence as a caveman would be quite boring. We may very well not be able to live like the 1% for eternity given the state of the environment. However, the point in restructuring the economy would be a way to ensure people at least survive, instead of us all fighting like monkeys for the last bit of oil, or worse. I really don't see how fascism accounts for this, if at all. It seems to be predicated on endless war. Other countries will seek 'inward' just as your white ethnostate would, so you would be stuck in endless competition. you guys always lament being sent to war to 'die for da jews' but somehow, it never bothers you if its some hitler type. makes no sense whatsoever to me…

You guys spend more time coming here giving friendly warnings than anything. Believe me, we don't trust you one bit, that's why I don't mind when antifa kicks the fuck out of you and sends your asses packing. I certainly disagree with a lot of their tactics, a lot of them are totally deluded liberal faggots, but you guys are far worse, and really just another side of the same coin when it comes down to it.

i'm perfectly happy watching you sacrifice yourselves to antifa, and getting stabbed in the street. it's truly a '2 birds, 1 stone' kind of thing for me. fuck you all.

"He doesn't conform to my 4D chess moves!! Oh noes!! XD"

plz go


Without understanding the context for the 2nd most recent chapter how can you understand it? It's senseless bullshit crafted to create a false consciousness. Yes the House of Saud works with the Jewnited states of America, but you don't have any of the context.

If we took off our training gloves they would be fucking dead if we so pleased. It doesn't matter that there is a billion of them. Especially given the fact that most of them are Indonesians which are dependent on our handouts.

You and striner both misunderstand Buddhism. It's the simple understanding that feeling attached to an ever changing universe is going to bring you dissatisfaction, the suffering translation for Duhka is a really bad one.

It doesn't matter if it's voluntary. All that matter is that it works and serves it's purpose as a transitory stage. From what I know we are royally fucked, things are going to go down the shitter real fast when all the Boomers die off. Yes the aim is the negation of the basic Human organizational principle as an end goal. But you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

those are the inherent needs that I talked about earlier. Resources are merely arenas for conflict between hyper-tribalistic groups that will inevitably exist due to basic principles. It's inescapable given the current paradigm.

As I am sympathetic to Fascism I would never suggest that capitalism is the only economic system when it is patently not, nor is it the most efficient one either. It seems most of Holla Forums is ignorant of what sort of economic systems Fascism espouses. Capitalism is a dead end much in the same way that socialism and communism is.

I never said that, being a hunter-gather would be loads of fun. It's the idyllic state for mankind to exist in. Too bad we ate the forbidden fruit and can't go back.

what does this mean? In what sense would restructure the means of living? How would you defend it?

This I can agree on, fighting over oil is kike tricks. Especially given the numerous forms of viable denser and safer forms of energy such as LFTR which has been around since the 70's. Funnily enough both China and India are taking off were we left off and investing veritable truckloads into. It's almost like there's an agenda to keep the West interfering in specific regions…

Every nation learned the lessons of Fascism and wartime autarky after WW2, it's merely realpoltik. Do you think that porky/kikes/everyone else are going to leave us alone? And by self-affirming and creating a self-sufficient and independent nation the liberation of man from the human condition can begin.

because we're nice guy Not Socialists. We can't help it.

They are the most useful of idiots. It's like most public school kids aren't taught history properly if at all… How did the Fascists get into power in the first place I wonder?

I can't really engage in street action because things haven't escalated in my home country just yet. It's getting pretty bad in the metropolitan areas though.

They ship fast!

The problem with the second graph is that you don't count dropping hundreds of thousands of bombs on their countries as terrorist attacks, despite the massive number of civilian casualties.

From what I could find ISIS committed 36 terrorist attacks in 2016, while the US dropped 26,171 bombs in the same period.

To add to this, there were only 1813 terrorist attacks across the entire planet in 2016.

Because it wasn't in Christian interests. It was in capitalist interests.

tbh ISIS also claimed the attack when some russian guy threw a bomb at Borussia Dortmund team bus because he had staked money on their stock exchange going down and thought a couple of players dying could have helped it.

ISIS claims about everything.

it was a tory false flag

is there any word on who the perpetrator is? and no finger pointing, facts only.

Some guy mysteriously exploded. The GMP have their best detectives on the case.

How could anyone be this unironically retarded?

yeah, let's do more of the thign that causes them to be pissed off enough to be terrorists in the first place. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.

No name, no videos, no photos of the crime scene, no groups taking responsibility.

It's a weird one, for sure.

well, the stormfags are going into maximum overshill about muslims but I get the feeling if the attack was Islamic in nature, then someone would have claimed responsibility by now.

And who is doing that? The British? White people? If that is your answer then blame for Islamic terror falls squarely on the shoulders of Islam and all of its followers or just Arabs in general.

At least people are starting to accept its always islamic terrorism and not try to shift the blame to some other group.

When did Britain last attack Arabia?

It must have been more than 100 years ago before the Saudis took over?

you need to go back, stormfaggotry isn't welcome here.
leftists have a fucking brain unlike you kneejerking morons. go the fuck back to your h.ugbox.

Daily reminder that all communists will be executed on sight after Europe has been cleansed of muslims and niggers.
Enjoy your last two decades on this planet, parasites.

See britbong suspicions here:

ahahahahah what

Are you triggered, commie subhuman? Leftypol is a nazi board now.

I was just interested in the claim that the British had attacked Arabia.
Is this really revenge for the East India company in the 18th century?

not an argument

it's revenge for all the imperialist bullshit the west pulled in the middle east. Don't misunderstand, terrorism will always be shit but at least understand why it's happening.

No it is what Arianna wants.

you mean the """""source""""" anyone can edit to their liking?

There's no graph there so the pic's source is directly pulled out from an human arse.


I wonder why there were no islamic extremists in Vietnam or Serbia after muh evil imperialist America attacked them. I wonder why mujahideen kept flowing into Bosnia once the Balkan war broke out in the 90s even though these people had nothing to do with the war…Gee I wonder what ideology motivates certain people to wage war against people that neither attacked them nor their ideology.

I am le intellectual leftist with le superior intellectual arguments!

so standard /po/yp fare then. Honestly, I doubt this is a muslim attack, it doesn't have the markers that religious fanatics frequently leave behind.

because they weren't specifically targeted
they were too busy being slaughtered by the serbs
perhaps beccause their people were being fucking massacred, Read a book, nigger.

get back to me when you have an argument




Such a perfect democracy constructs its own inconceivable foe, terrorism. Its wish is to be judged by its enemies rather than by its results. The story of terrorism is written by the state and it is therefore highly instructive. The spectators must certainly never know everything about terrorism, but they must always know enough to convince them that, compared with terrorism, everything else must be acceptable, or in any case more rational and democratic.

Yeah but none of that was based on the teachings of the Christ as outlined in the New Testament. Meanwhile the Quran is filled to them brim with kill the infidel bullshit. Islam will never be reformed the same way Christianity was.

David Leavitt is Jewish.

Careful now.

yeah there was no collateral damage in Vietnam
i am talking about Serbians victims, moron
exactly, their fellow muslims were involved in a war even though it didn't start off as a religious conflict. But sandniggers just made it about islam like they always do. Whenever there is a political conflict, like will always in history, where Islam plays no role, whatsoever but muslims are involved, islamic terrorism is pre programmed. Why? By the mere presence of muslims. I guess it's a good idea to spread out millions more muslims all over the world.

said the most faggy looking faggot

Yes and they were all beautiful democracies and not a dictatorship is sight enforcing secular Arab nationalism anywhere.

Shouldn't Holla Forums be celebrating this? Don't you believe liberals should get the bullet too?


I said they weren't specifically targeted, thanks for the confirmation.
many of whom were fucking muslims


The music is pretty muffled too in the recording and from my experience concerts like this are pretty loud. Everyone instantly hears and reacts to the explosion, whatever it was that caused it.

How so? How is collective blame different when it is applied to different groups?

because twisting what I say to make me look bad is strawmanning defined.

this board is reddit defined

because innocent people are regularly being specifically targeted and 99% of the victims aren't collateral damage….
I am referring to Serbian victims of the NATO bombings. Where were all the Serbian extremists butchering innocent westerners for retaliation and why hasn't the west been dragged into an endless war with Serbia? Tell me.
Did Serbs and Croats attack Arabs in the 90s? Am I missing something?

Well it seems to be when western people show concern that letting people into their countries that detract from the quality of their life.

That's your first thought.

Shows how incredibly brainwashed and useless your mind is.

"oh ho the tories!!!" - american-style bipolar political mentality.

How about "oh look, a problem has been caused by some problem causers that often cause problems - what can be done about it".

Instead, you are fervently clamouring after the pointless election, so YOUR side can win. Fucking childish shithead.

Hit me with your pathetic buzzwords - I'm pretty much perfect.

niz redat specink

How is collective blame different when it is applied to different groups? Answer without being a hypocrite.

I think you want to play it a bit more subtle

whatever floats your boat

except, y'know, forthe times when they WERE
look at those goalposts go!
not sure about the croats but the serbs sure as fuck did.

learn to argue without twisting my words, it'll help

The rest of it was serious. Your brain filtered that out though.
Bunch of faggots.

Oh. Originally the guy said the Arab homeland which would just be Arabia.

The middle east is the bit that the Arabs invaded after the Romans left.

im arguing that you're a faggot, your post was the proof


every post you've made itt was a shitpost, why would i try to argue against shitposts?



Which is why they are still in Syria fighting for their country against the Islamist invasion.

Are you implying that Islam is not just imperialism dressed up as a religion? Their bloody holy book commands them to invade conquer other lands and in the early days they didn't seek to convert non Arabs and were only after them for their land and to take them as slaves.

Why won't you answer my question?
How is collective blame different when it is applied to different groups?
Since you won't I will answer for you. You don't want to because you believe that only western imperialism can be blamed collectively on an entire people while Islamic terrorism is an individual act unrelated to any group. You also believe that Islamic, or should I say Arab, Imperialism cannot be blamed on an entire people. You think this way because you are a hypocrite.

Mark E. Smith, is that you ?

I won't answer the question, because you'll strawman me and then it's back to square one. piss off.

Nice arguments. Exactly what I would expect from a Socialist.

thanks for establishing that you don't bwlong here, you can now go back to your fellow stormfags and crow about how you won an argument on the internet

Exactly this. He also tried to dodge my questions and ended up performing all kinds of mental gymnastics to justify islamic terror. It's all western capitalist imperialism's fault 100% of the time.

No you won't answer it because your answer would expose your hypocritical position of accepting collective blame on one group but not the other because reasons.

listen here you little shit, last time I answered one of your insipid questions, you misrepresented me to big yourself up. Not having that happen again.

No one bwlongs here. Is your rage affecting your typing "socialist"?

see, now you're even picking at typos. now you're just shouting for the sake of shouting.
here, i'll give you a life home
>>>Holla Forums

This is an anonymous image board newfriend, there is no place for ego here. Make sure you leave yours at home the next time you visit because you won't be earning any reputation here that carries over to your entire post history because you won't have a post history.

Nah Holla Forums is boring and Holla Forums is fun. Maybe we all really bwlong here :^)

Yeah and western people deserve to die for it too. He is one of those turd worldists I guess.

typical /pol. all mouth and no trousers.

Says the guy who can't answer a simple question.

I'm glad Marx was wise to the niggers, happy merchants, and lazy mexicans but I'm sad he didn't say anything about these muslim savages. Or did he?

He said Islamig Gommunism would rule the world.

Perhaps unrelated, last night a sort of anti-sjw lolbertarian friend of mine was talking about "when are people going to learn to stop letting immigrants in"

I try to introduce the slightest bit of nuance and I'm met with the accusation of being an SJW and long diatribes of how muslims can get away with anything. It was like a Sargon or BPS video live right in front of me.

I'm starting to think there's no hope

people aren't really interested in nuance because they'll never read a fucking book.

Hope lies in the proles, user. And a lolbertarian most definitely wasn't one.

Reminder for Americans on any side