I am asking myself what does leftypol think about the increasing migration problems several countries are having and how to deal with them.

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probably nothing that can be done now those countries are in a death spiral

Immigration is caused by globalism/capitalism. Get rid of that and harmful movements of people will stop also deal with climate change and we'll be able to start rebuilding from the chaos we've been thrust into.

Easy mode: Stop fucking bombing them.
Medium mode: Turn all countries into welfare states.
Hard mode: Bring down capitalism.

Well unchecked immigration does nobody any good. Neither the countries the people are coming from (brain drain, muscle drain) nor the countries/the proletariat on the receiving end.

Short term solution: Have a conservative immigration policiy

Long term solution: Nuke capitalism

1. Have every nation required to write strict racial lines for what constitutes their people
2. Do population transfers for those willing
3. Butcher all the leftovers in the biggest bloodbath in history
We need a hard reset at this point.

Nazi """""""""""intellectuals"""""""""""

and i'm the threat to liberal values?

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Good one, didn't see THAT coming from a leftist.

Tell these shithole countries to grab their bootstraps and pull themselves out of their holes. Why should me and mine lay down what we worked hard for generations to achieve so that Achmed and his children and run in and take it all for free?
Why can't these people make great countries for themselves instead of trying to turn every other country into the hellhole they "escaped" from? And WHY OH WHY do they insist on bringing the culture and practices that destroyed their country into their new "home" country? Do they think it'll end differently this time?



Due to constant rise of productivity and automation we can assume that immigration of any kind can only lead to further replacement of native workers,weakening of their trade unions and higher unemployment it would not be unreasonable to close borders to immigrants of all stripes.

top tier idealism m8
also no one here advocates letting them in. They should be left alone to build socialism in their own homelands.

I never advocated for ethnic cleansing. Nazi is just a pretty general insult from your side of the isle, that was the point of my statement.


Look at Iran in the 70s compared to Iran in the current year, and then tell me that idealism and practices don't destroy a country.

You're confusing me with another poster.

he was using it ironically

But the poster who was called a nazi did use the nazi flag you autist.

And you didn't call him a Nazi for the flag he posted under, you called him a Nazi for the ideals he was posting, don't start flip flopping already.

Also, Nazi isn't an insult to a Nazi, it only means Not Socialist. All countries should aspire to treat their citizens with priority and respect.

Funny thing is, if you were to say what your saying on current year Holla Forums it would immediately devolve into a purity spiral, and anybody advocating for anything less than extermination of non-whites is now a "cuck" or a "shill". Infact why don't you leave Holla Forums, and return to your echo chamber of insufferable faggots, after all you are in good company there, right?

National Socialist*

1. You didn't do squat, this is a literal WE WUZ KANGZ argument.

2. I'm sure shitposting on a communist image board is really RESTORING WESTERN VALUES.
You truly are the /lastsonofthewest/

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Osama Bin Laden worked hard to get where he was, did that justify him committing acts of violent terrorism?

Or the Jews in Israel, they worked hard to make a nation for themselves, does that automatically make them justified in committing human rights violations against Palestinians?

where do you think you are?

Yes, their culture is clearly to blame, not the constant meddling of capitalists in their attempts to build secular society…

Day of rope? I'm not the one who advocated for killing of any kind, I'm the one who advocated for countries to be made great by the people who live in them, not to have them all jump ship and come hang out with all the cool countries.
They lack national pride, and only go where the handouts are plentiful and where life will be easiest. If things in this country start going more south than they already are, they'll just jump ship again and look for the nearest, driest land.

Same thing.

My oh my, aren't you special?

So it's capitalism's fault that Germany is being run into the ground by immigrants? They won't change their practices to suit the place they're now living, they insist on being able to practice whatever they want and act however they want, they've gone so far as to convert entire neighborhoods into reflections of the places they once lived. If it was so terrible that you had to leave without trying to make things better, why bring the bad with you?

Actually I called him a Nazi because he used a Nazi flag to identify himself.
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Capitalists want germany to flooded by migrants because they provide cheap labour, drive down wages and create unemployment which is excellent for their profits, yes.
But its hardly mosques which made their homelands go to shit. Its more to do with the capitalist funded terrorists, capitalist funded wars and capitalist puppet governments which are happy to fuck over those countries for the profits of capitalists.


Was exactly what you wrote. You quoted his ideals, not his flag. The flag itself is proof that he's a Nazi, right? Why state the obvious?

Germany's run by capitalists, has been since 1871

Oops, I meant to link this

to you.

No that's not exactly what I wrote. Expand the image if that helps.

How autistic are you btw?


Yeah, I got rid of the excessive quoting and the word "intellectuals", as it wasn't part of your claim towards his naziism.

Not at all. I've been tested.

"anti-immigration, pro-immigrant" is a meme position but also the primarily accurate one.

mass immigration is a move by porky to ensure labour surplus and maximum competition for a given post (so that, for example, if you want a doctor you can skip training one in your country because one in another country is willing to start immediately.)

bombing them generally creates refugees, not immigrants.

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So you've resorted to name calling. Any particular reason? You claimed to call him a Nazi because of his flag, but it's the idea of killing "billions" (has the number gotten that high already?) that made him a nazi. If the flag itself was proof enough of his Nazi ties, why did you feel the need to call him a nazi in a reply? He all but called himself a nazi in his post.

Is english not your native language or is your reading comprehension really this awful?

How do you manage to keep avoiding every question I ask you?

it's time to stop digging son

Not good
Economic immigration won't stop until you kill capitalism, but nobody feels like doing this, so for now we are stuck.

I think it's more technology than capitalism that's ruining the world. Capitalism can work, but trickle-down economics doesn't because it depends on those with the money being generous enough to trickle it down to others and not just collect it in massive savings.

bad take

What do you suggest to replace it?

gee, i wonder

trickle-down is part of capitalism, capitalists work to subvert ideas that are economically speaking correct (i.e. all of post-keynesian thought) if it will ensure higher profits for them in the short-mid term. ( )

clever economists don't run economies.

No idea, funny board to ask such a complicated question as that.

And why do you think it'll work this time?

how the fuck are refugees not immigrants

You're not getting it, the economic system structured on the accumulation of capital is what encourages tearing down regulations, borders and even traditions to make said accumulation easier, we can try to contain that, but in the end it will always fail, even if it takes a century
Just look at reformist left-wing parties, first they started with the explicit desire to "peacefully" transition into socialism, then they settled for welfare capitalism, now they are for austerity.

Asylum is temporary and conditional, you retard.

Are you so obsessed over niggers are coming to rape me that you can't even take five seconds to look up how diplomatic politics work?

because they're administratively separate categories. (also even in dictionary terms, immigrant is one who settles permanently.)

why are you so intellectually dishonest?

Europe tried to copy America by trying to get into the brain drain game, they failed horribly. Expect America to eclipse Europe due to America and Canada draining the third world out of their best minds.

How exactly is Germany being "run into the ground" by immigrants?

Small criminality has risen a bit due to the influx of refugees and whatnot.

Which is clearly an argument about Germany being the undisputed economic powerhouse and the most influential country of EU.

Nah man, Europe has to figure out how to integrate all these different people, because the allowed the US to kill Qaddafi. European are so fucktarded. They essentially stole resources from Africa, Asia, the middle east, and the Americas, so now those people are going to Europe to enjoy the resources that were stolen from them in the first place. To think they could have just acted like China and Russia are acting now and built up allies in Africa and the Middle East to work with them. Instead they enslaved them and now their former slaves have come for reparations.

Awful thread.

Because we're not Bolshevists.