How to succeed at fast food:

How to succeed at fast food:

That's all you need to know for fast food service. If you're not a retard, you'll be management within a year, or less since most people who work in fast food ARE in fact retards.

Now get off your ass commie and apply to your local fast food restaurant. Or really, apply anywhere at all, I only specify fast food since that's my area of experience. No need to thank me!




Truly working at McDonalds after my college degree was the future I was promised by the generational deal.

mods and OP are both fags

are you the Spanish guy with a math degree?

twas not i

I refuse to believe someone can work for McDonalds and still suck capitalist dick this hard.
You can't fool me, OP.

Menial minimum wage work is what made me a commie. Now fuck off.

What did you major in?


Where I live being able to speak Spanish is a requirement, even though it isn't stated as such. If they have an employee who's naturally bilingual (Mexican immigrant), they'll be picked over you every fucking time. I don't have any bitter resentment over it, I just think it's unfair to the unemployed/nearly homeless/parolees, because an 8/hour job could be a godsend if you desperately need it. For now I'm trying desperately to learn Spanish, but I'm to much of a brainlet for it to come naturally, (despite being half spic.)

And if it's not STEM I deserve it right? Even though STEM graduates can't find a job now either?


Eco here, was curious no offense intended

But what if you live in a non English speaking country what then OP?
What then?

Also what if you already have a better paying job than a fry cook?

Ok. My bad. But you know the OP would make that argument.

atomization of society my man, this train will fly

I work at a gas station slash mcdonalds on night shift on the gas station side and we laugh at mcdonalds worker wage cucks who have fantasies of being managers everyday.

We get paid more to goof off, barely work and have better vacation and sick times while mcdonalds shits on them hard.

Op is trolling because mcdonalds is like construction in that its a hard big dick in your ass that opens you up to the true reality of wage cucking.