20-Year Veteran Anime Technical Director Reports 100,000-Yen Monthly Salary

Anime technical director Taiki Nishimura reported on his Twitter account on Monday that his monthly income is 100,000 yen (about US$900) for each anime that he works on. Nishimura noted that he has been working in the anime industry for 20 years.

Nishimura said that he needs at least 150,000 yen (US$1,350) to 200,000 yen (US$1,800) in income per month. He said that he wants to concentrate on one anime at a time, but he has to work on two television anime to have enough income. Nishimura said that he receives about 230,000 yen (US$2,070) per anime, and each anime takes about two months to complete. As a result, his monthly income per anime is about 100,000 yen (about US$900).

Nishimura added that the most he has earned in total pay for an anime so far is 300,000 yen (US$2,700), and the least is 160,000 yen (US$1,440). He said that the anime with the highest pay was produced at a medium-sized production company, and the anime with the lowest pay was at a major production company. Nishimura said that the anime for which he received that highest pay had major big-name sponsors.


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Just let Japanese society collapse, it'll be for the best.


I want japan to collapse so bad so we can rub japanese failures back at capitalists
plus a world without anime can only befit Holla Forumsmmunism



Not all anime is mass-produced moe, ecchi, harem, or other self-insert shit, you know.


It just blew my mind how awesome commie anime could be. It would be like when the Soviet Union exploded with art in the early days, but this time with tentacle porn.

And I thought America was class cucked

ofc there would be demand, quality would be much better without the constant demand to sell shit allowing industry to focus on actually interesting works instead of LN adaptations and massive otaku obsession markets.


It's a wonder how Japan ain't gone full communist by now. The country's under such pressure that it ain't rare to see men in suits and ties laying passed out in public from exhaustion.

It'll be so radically different from what weeb faggots want that it'll likely develop into a new genre of entertainment

Most non-Western communists see left wing politics as a rejection of Western influence though, and not in the tankie closet-liberal sense.

Every anime would be like the riot/biking scenes in Akira


But it would in some format, unless we are going to destroy Japanese language and going full cultural revolution on all aspects of pre-revolutionary society.

Eastern Block culture was generally really high-tier period. Czechoslovak and Polish filmography stand out in particular (I recommend for example googling up Polish film posters). Then there are all the composers from the Eastern Block too.
Then the free market sorts it out and it all goes to shit culturally. Cinemas dominated by low-brow Hollywood shit, pandering to the lowest denominator whereas previously the public media held as its job providing culture of high standard. With film and tv shows in particular very little surpasses the huge classics from the 70s.
So yes, given the conditions of artistic integrity untainted by capitalism's profit-margin obsession, some good shit could be made.

Since you guys are on the subject of superior soviet art, I've read a few books of "The best of soviet science fiction" and also watch Stalker 1979 (Really enjoyed the video game series) a few years ago and i personally wasn't all that enthralled, I guess that stuff is 2deep4me. Then again I'm not a big movie buff. Most movies i enjoy is shit from the 80's and early 90's.

Japan will probably be a bastion of capitalism and reaction longer than even the US. They take class cuckery to the next level

Is this real?

Why do voice actors make so much money?


This is why I only buy KyoAni merch.

Good Sci-Fi, but not 2deep. Mostly comedy.
Soviet back to the future.

Same reason RL actors get so much in hollywood.

Stop thinking "it's only cartoons".
When it comes to Japan, it's equal to hollywood/netflix.

I'm not surprised they make shitloads of money. I'm surprised they make 10 times what producers or directors make.

In the west, the director gets more money, as he is more recognized and so on.

In animu, unless you are Miyazaki or something, AKA you have your own studio, there are countless directors and most of them are only doing what they are told.

A tier voice actor though, is gonna secure your animu has the greatest audience and will sell the most merchandise.

A1 pictures is the epitome of "factory made animation, give all the money to voice and cool CG battle scenes".

Also, animators are lowest level, exactly because the reserve army of labor is infinite.

Popular voice actor, reserve army tough…

Please notice it's the most famous voice actors only.
Novices and unknown voice actors get paid miserably too.

There is literally one silver-lining:

The cheap labor means the Japanese can afford to make real high-quality animation, like how US animators would make in the Golden Age before outsourcing was logistically possible.

Japanese animation is dead. Most of the actual labor is done by koreans now, unless you count digital animation as labor that is.

> to make real high-quality animation mass produced shit for mass consumption with no artistic or cultural value

Fixed it for you.


Please don't make me link to John K. blog posts.

And then the whole thing is retold as a beautifully drawn animu with at least 52 episodes and an all-star VA cast, but one of the episodes is a non-canon half-hour shitpost where everybody is a 7-dicked loli futa.

The way Marx envisioned.

The actors are basically in the movie industry while everyone else is in the TV industry, tv directors don't get shit.

It's like some kind of gommie Yukio Mishima

wtf I hate communism now

What is the "tankie closet-liberal" sense?

if they are a famous one, they're obviously wanted for a lot of projects

its easy marketing for the anime as well, to have famous voice actors in it.

this is actually kind of bullshit

Kyoto Animation, for example, doesn't outsource much anything at all. They have some of the best work conditions, too, and are certainly creating some of the technically best anime in Japan nowadays (content-wise, they wary from shit to great).

Also, when anime studios do outsource animation work to Korea, it mostly means in-between animation. They have Japanese do the "key frames". They do the critical work in Japan, outsource the non-creative part to Korea. That is not the actual labour: without the in-between animation, you'd have an almost-complete anime anyway, without the Jap work, you'd have a small part only.

One should read this, at least, if one wants to know how anime is made.

Honestly seeing discussions like this has at least convinced me that most communists are morons. Communism is a good system, but almost everyone who advocates for it is a fundamentally terrible person.

This is fucked. The graph shouldn't be so steep and voice actors shouldn't get paid more than episode directors.
No wonder they have to resort to shitty 3D animation for the new Berserk.
Raise animator salaries, goddamn japs!

My dude, it's going to get this bad no matter what. It has to get this bad before capitalism fails to reproduce itself. Would you rather it get this bad slowly and for more generations to live and die under capitalism or for it to get this bad as fast as possible so we can move on and build a better world for everyone?

Not really.

It may be very useful in raising class consciousness to point out to people that the market bends to the demands of obsessives and junkies who will outspend any other consumer group. Vid related.

so many shows are just plain unwatchable garbage with a garish mix of CGI and ugly digitally colored 2D and all the money is going to some celebrity whore to say a couple lines

it makes perfect sense though. the Japanese entertainment industry is run through talent agencies who are in turn run by the mafia

they approach producers and say "this is who is going to be cast in your show" Often times it's not even an actor, but a pop star or somebody else with no relevant experience. It's why Japanese media on the whole is stagnant with terrible production values

In modern day Japan, the two genders are cute grill and neckbeard sans beard.