How can people be this retarded?

So I'm shitposting on 4/pol/ as a radical Muslim and these fools actually believe me!

This is too much, how can anybody be that stupid?


(pours beer, loads bong, gets comfy)
Also polite sage.


man that picture is gold

4pol must be going soft in their years.
Surprised you haven't been banned yet.

Yeah, same. I guess the mods just dont give a damn anymore.

This is so transparent. I love how these retards whine about false flags all the time, yet they seem to always do this sort of shit.

4d chess

People on 4/int/ fell for Skeikh Suleiman-Britani until it turned out he was an autistic kid from nowhere.



a reply to pic related:

wew lad, nothing says political theory like Game of Thrones!

And they mock liberals for viewing reality as Harry Potter

Hey, more dead bodies equal more of their dead bodies!

I almost hope there'll be another 9/11 just to wake burgers up to the reality of what their government's doing, but the stupid cunts prolly wouldn't even learn shit and will instead just praise Jesus and invade Syria cuz they'd believe Assad did it.

The thing is, he's mostly right, but he somehow think American porky represent him, while the sad truth, is that American porky won't hesitate to tell Saudi to put a bomb in user's house if they think that is good for their economic interests.

you really don't have anything better to do than to whine about your imaginary made up American boogieman, do you?

If you replace "American" with "the jews" all of your posts suddenly sound like Holla Forums.

Until now I did not realize how retarded Holla Forumsyps are

When OP kisses his boyfriend he's only pretending to be gay.

And if you replace all words in your post, with a line from mein kampf, you sure would look racist

If you were to replace "mein kampf" with the Torah, and racist with Jewish, you'd look very anti-semitic.

Haha that's so le ebin xD
ubboad xDD

Now this is shitposting.

Very good thread