Venezuelan leftist against Maduro here

Venezuelan leftist against Maduro here.

What's leftypol opinion on Venezuela regime, chavismo and 21st century socialism in general?

Proceeding to drop some good links from leftist opposition to Maduro, discussing cathegorization of Venezuela as "socialism" and the real concrete economical causes of the downturn:


Spanish (best economic research available on our crisis)

This guy is also proposing the total democratic statization of the banking system and the foreign trade in one centralized, transparent, democratic system with minimal bureaucracy, and that since 2012 when poverty was in its historical minimum:

Basically the government was fattening the improductive importing burgeoise since 2003 with the change control. There were a lot (a HUGE lot) of fraud on importation as the data shows. The US dollars sold by the government (obtained by petroleum, which is the source of 97 per cent of US dollars) to the private enterprise were very under the real value on the market (today an US dollar at the lowest rate is at 10 bolívares, but in the black market it is in 6.000 bolívares) so the burgeoise ran all that capital out of the country because it was more lucrative than investing it here. There is a huge pack of evidence in those articles that supports that assertion. There is not any "economic war" as Maduro and tankies claim, but also our downturn is not due to the public spending and social aids as The Economist or Times claim.

Also since April the country is under constant protests for food, lootings and brutal policial and paramilitary repression, with a dead count of 45 civilians till now. This country is in a state of total disaster.

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Shit, shit and the "socialism" it pretends to be is shit.

chavismo is just petropopulism
if we want 21st century socialism we need to listen to zizek

Maduro and Chávez can suck my dick.

Literally Social democraxy

Saw this video on the causes of the economic crisis. It seemed pretty informative and unbiased though I am admittedly far from an expert on the situation.

I never thought I would find a fellow Venezuelan on this board that wasn't a retard straight out of cancerchan.

What is your opinion of the PSL? I've checked them recently on their website and they seem mildly decent, even thought I'm wary since they reek slightly of opportunism.

chavismo shit, opposition even more shit, chavismo would be slightly less shit absent active sabotage by people who refuse to respect democratic elections

Lo que hay en venezuela es un aogamient (como el del ajedez) idologico. Ningun camino que se pueda tomar el el camino a un verdadero socialismo.
Y la historía de la lucha por el socialismo en venezuela es una enciclopedia de que es lo que se deve hacer, no se deve de hacer y que se nesecita para la contruccion del socialsmo.
Lo único que queda ahora es una tragedia

Sorry I was busy, here again.

That video is very good… The links that I posted talk about the huge capital flight too. That's the main cause actually.. Generated by the change control which was good in 2003 but now (right now in this disaster) is destroying our country.
I have read many articles from foreign media like The Economist and I haven't seen anyone addressing this. Multinationals have pillaged our country in compliance with Chavez and Maduro government. General Motors, P&G, Pfizer, etc. They have comitted fraud with importation. Really those Aporrea articles are the best, it's a marxist analysis from a marxist venezuelan economist, Manuel Sutherland. He's a bit famous within de Latin American Left and worked in the administration but they fired him for being so critical.

Trotskyism is not very strong here… So although I like PSL I'm very pessimistic about the Left future here. Other movement is Marea Socialista who calls themselves "chavismo crítico". Aporrea is part of that wave. The other is Bandera Roja but they are filthy tankies although they are on the opposition. The left is mostly in the PCV which had it clashes but still supports Maduro and shit like the Constituent Assembly for what Maduro called for (but no one wants it)

I don't think we can talk about sabotage since 2002 with the employer's strike and oil strike funded by USA. It's just corruption.

It's a pretty good example of what "socialism" is in modern times: a buzzword used by populists.

Right now it seems to me to be the best party out of the lot, even if they have their faults.

The left here is fucked. Realistically, the only thing awaiting us is extreme neoliberalism which will end up throwing this country into even more chaos.

Yes, chavismo has a horrible side of populism, personality cult, authoritarianism, sterile and reformism. But also there was a marxist presence in chavismo, and a grassroots movement within the slums and countryside as a response to the shit and neoliberalism of previous governments. For example in the radical sectors there have always been a calling for workers' control of the economy and key industries. SIDOR is one example.. A strike brought the attention of Chavez who nationalised the industry, but instead of giving it to the workers, he gave it to a corrupt military bureaucracy. The result? A tremendous fall on production, from 4.000.000 tons a year in 2007 (which was a peak) to 350.000 tons in 2016 and half of the year stopped… Yes it failed and during Chavez government there was a huge killing of syndicalists, but there was a grassroot and workers support and awakement, we could call that the "good side" of chavismo.

Wow are you also Venezuelan? Check out the Sutherland articles if you haven't. Also the PSL leader was in that protest outside the Venezuelan Embassy on Argentina organized by Izquierda Socialista. I think the Left should cut with chavismo and use this massive protests as a mean of radicalization… But we are truly fucked, the only shit I like is this atmosphere of Arab Spring.

What is your class background?


I'm reading it right now, will post later on it.

Unfortunately the protests are lead by the MUD and as is pretty obvious, they serve mostly petit bourgeois interests. Radicalizing them is really hard when their response to anything related to socialism is immediately connected to Chávez and Maduro by them.

I'm going to try to get connected to this party soon.

Any government that lets things turn to shit to this degree really doesn't deserve much defending

how could we exchange contact information like Facebook? is right to post it here?

I do not suggest you do it. If you can use IRC, enter the #bunkerchan room in the Rizon network. When you enter, write something there and I will PM you.

Makes one really think.


Chavez was dumb, Maduro even dumber, and the opposition très dumb.