Trump is a Naz-

Trump is a Naz-

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NazJew Gang!?

Its just 48 dimensional hopscotch goy!

What if Hitler was just a jew plant

trump is NAZBOL


forgot to take off shitposting flag

there are extensive neo-nazi and john bircher style theories that he was a Zionist puppet



/letypol/ won

I will be preparing an offering to Moloch to celeberate this victory.

Textbook Fascismâ„¢

Don't forget to build a shrine to Jared and Ivanka.




fuck donald trump

I really don't understand why people would view him differently than any previous president

because his representation of the right and unpopularity can mean a great chance for the center-left (which is nearly non-existent) to rise in the US

protip: read the faq


trump betrayd ==NAZBOL GANG==

Yes we won indeed. Me along with many other leftists spent the entire 2016 saying that Trump is going to pull an 2008 Obama.

Keep the gold fish memory as always retarded right wingers ;)