Does 8ch matter?

What happens when we eventually overtake Holla Forums on 8ch? I just can't shake the feeling it'll happen sooner than latter. When it does though, does it matter? And, don't get depressed either. I know a lot of posters here are complete headcases. Just ignore me if you think I'm fucking up your day.

I'm just curious is all. My theory, is when that day comes the general user-base of 8ch will be a little less stupid and maybe more sane. But, does it matter? Does the eventual converting 8ch into leftist help the global left at all is what I'm asking. If it does. What do we do to keep that ball rolling, and how?

8ch is at best a reflection of general society, Holla Forums being more popular than Holla Forums will coincide with radical left being more popular than radical right, but the causation runs from society to 8ch, not other way around

Depends how we overtake Holla Forums.
>If it's because the site starts to die faster it will be a propaganda victory before most of us go to bunkerchan and people like me just stop posting shit online because bunkerchan a shit
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chans will be far left in a few years, mark my words

or months, the alt right has actually been in a state of complete confusion and disarray since Trump won. The thrill of transgression, the holy shit is this really happening vibe that kept the alienated frogposters together is gone. For all intents and purposes the alt right is pretty much dead as an internet political force, replaced by muh kekistan sargon dorks and normie young republican types. Even 4/pol/ has been more receptive to leftist populism lately.

It doesn't matter that 8ch converts to the left in the sense that it's not what anyone should be optimizing for. *chans are weathervanes, not bellwethers.

But they're damn good weathervanes, so when it happens, it'll be a reason to celebrate.

And while "winning" 8ch does not help global left at all, the continued existence of Holla Forums is extremely important for its sanity and clarity of disourse. So let's keep shitposting away.

We will never overtake Holla Forums.

I'm afraid of that moment considering that chans have been consistently giving birth to the most retarded parodies of social/political movements imaginable.

As an american we were always retardered so you can't blame chans for that.


10 years ago it was mostly apolitical and marxist shitposters making fun of religious conservatives, now that the zeitgest has shifted towards liberal retardation we got Holla Forums, give it 3 or 4 years and chans will turn left, the pendulum is quite far-right at the moment, and once it swings back it's gonna hit hard

I don't see how the left could become even more retarded parody of itself than it currently is.
But if we really have the potential to outdo tumblr, I want to see it happen.

I am filled with a hatred for the far-right I haven't felt since I was 16.

I am 29 now.

These morons must be crushed. They fooled me and they are fooling a lot of kids.

I am honestly losing the patience for my "100% free speech" stance.

This is not an exchange of ideas. They argue through propaganda, lies, omission, REPETITION. They fill you with all this "data" that you have to go through and they never present the other side of the argument.

There are leftists who have dedicated their lives to studying, analyzing and dissecting right-wing thought but all they do is "CULTURAL MARXISM!!! fun!!!! JEWS!!!!"


Sorry the autism, everyone. I'm just so fucking pissed that they took advantage of my good nature and made me paranoid and misanthropic as fuck.

It's pretty simple actually.

This is not an exchange of ideas. They argue through propaganda, lies, omission, REPETITION. They fill you with all this "data" that you have to go through and they never present the other side of the argument.

you should just go back to reddit, faggot

This post is reddit incarnate.

What the fuck? No, nigger, this is just a shitposting website. It was never anything more. Why does anyone ever act like Holla Forums is some sacred cow whose purity and integrity should never be touched?
I just wish we lived in 2006 again and nobody who posted gave a fuck about anything.

What’s wrong with /tankypol/

1. We will overtake pol. The numbers and trends don't lie.

2. Stormfaggotry will retreat.

3. Admins of the site will have to accommodate the fact.

Have you seen the Goldwater?

the wut now?

Who cares about The Piss Show? This is their money, they can shut the site down out of butthurt if they want but from what I can gather it turns a profit.

The trend on halfchan/pol:

alt right getting more and more irrelevant

cynical/critical/cool-headed people disown drump

from alt-right shifting to hard left

these are facts of trends


What can we do to avoid becoming like the alt-right?

Read, nigga, READ

and thinking too

and never in terms of analogies - never

You can bet American autists with nazbol flags are going to start showing up to protests any day now.

We should swear an oath right now to never bring memes into real life. That is the source of all this retardation.

First as tragedy, then as farce.

Because there's only two ways in which we could overtake Holla Forums, it would be either through an influx of new users from outside 8ch or through the resident retards coming to their senses and abandoning Holla Forums for Holla Forums.
We already did what we could to attract new users from the outside, Holla Forums's name is well known in online leftist circles, there was that catgrill drama on r/soc, we sponsored one episode of [email protected]/* */ and pretty much everyone who wanders in leftist circles and might like to come here is already here, that's the main reason why we did grow in numbers this past few months, now unless something big happens I don't see how any significant influx of new users might happen in the foresee future.
As for the Ned Flanders kids coming to their senses we already converted all the Holla Forumsyps that could be saved and still had some ounce of senses in their heads, so no more new users though conversions either.
Finally, I don't believe in this "contrarianism" stuff people love to spout about as being the reason why channers align with one side or another of things. What I actually see happening it's simply an striking difference between generations where people born in different decades simply have different convictions. That means that way back in the late 2000s when channers were more liberal and chill they weren't being liberal just for the sake of being contrarian against the Bush government, they were liberal because it was the "natural" and obvious thing to be for anyone who was born in the 80s grew in the 90s and reached teenage and early adulthood in the 2000s, before Bush there was Clinton, a liberal, and it was just as common for the youth to be just as liberal and chill during that time too, if this "contrarianism" stuff was real then back in the Clinton days we would have seen whatever equivalent of the aut-right retards we have now. Following this idea I don't believe we have all those extremely retarded and insecure kids on image boards getting their fee fees hurt at the mere sight of a black penis and taking everything very seriously just because they are being contrarian to anything. They act retarded because for some reason (if Marx was right then it is probably something to do with the material conditions) they are legitimately retarded. You can't be contrarian if whatever you are doing it's your legitimate belief and not something you are doing just to troll people. I don't believe you can change those retards and turn them from Ned Flanders kids to Jello Biafra.


the only reason this board gets even half as many posts as it does is because of Holla Forums users shitposting

who the fuck want's the be part of the establishment approved leftist movement other than 30 something neckbeards?

Don't you have an omnidimensional game of scrabble to go masturbate to?

The thing I would like to know is if the reason why Holla Forums has such an incredibly wrong opinion about Holla Forums is because of being so sp00ked, or because they never come here and assume we are sjws.

We're lousy with polyps, just about always. They're incredibly wrong about everything because their as spooked as a graveyard.

Yes fam.
Porkies are tired of having all the power and wish the masses would just go and strip them of all their private property and even kill them in the process.
Read a book, nigger

considering every other leftist gather space on the internet is a fucking heap, yeah, it helps

there isn't any reason Holla Forums can't or won't eventually overtake Holla Forums

For now I think we should push for Corbyn in the UK and Tulsi in the US and give birth to a real ALT LEFT…


Not really. The population of Holla Forums is full of nearly illiterate memers, but so is this board. Chans are generally worthless for anything concerning politics. The few people who are actually involved in communist movements here is probably very low, since most are just vaguely left and prefer to spend the time regurgitating memes rather than reading theory or organizing.

So yeah, it is better if 8ch becomes communist, but it is useless in the grand scheme of things.

science shows a significant difference however

Your abuse of statistics actually proves his point.

First Infinichan, then cuckchan, then the world. But is pushing the stormniggers out of Holla Forums enough? No, we must organize our newly redoubled force of shitposters into a mighty red terror surpassing the heyday of Holla Forums sufficient to inundate online SJW nerve centers like SA, Tumblr, and Reddit. Purging the "left" of PC promises a plunder of lulz for the average user, the most critical political victory possible today for us Holla Forumsacks, and freedom for the silent masses of leftist normalfags who suffer under the yoke of SJW hotpockets.

Regarding Holla Forums itself, my greatest fear is that a triumphant Holla Forums will succumb to the heady rush of victory and become just as insufferable as Holla Forums are today. Remember: Stay on topic, respect other boards when you post there, and don't flaunt your powerlevel unless challenged.

The only reason that Holla Forums is on its way to becoming more popular than 8/pol/ is the fact that the 8/pol/ moderators are retarded spergs banning the original userbase like crazy. We have been co-opted by kikes shilling for Trump, you aren't even allowed to criticize Trump there. It's not Holla Forums any more. It's r/the_donald 2.0.

You faggots haven't realized this yet?

You made your bed, now lie in it

I would be happy if Holla Forums just became large enough to discourage political posturing on hobby boards honestly. Things have gotten out of hand.

I mean shit, why do you think I even come here? It's because I, a Not Socialist, prefer this place to the cancer that 8/pol/ has become.

I never supported Trump. I've called him a Jewish puppet ever since he announced his candidacy for president and have gotten banned for criticizing him at least 6 million times.


Imagine if your moderators started banning everyone here who criticized Hillary or Bernie in the slightest way, while letting complacent idiots write whatever the fuck they wanted. That's what's happened to 8/pol/. The userbase has been almost completely replaced by retards from 4/pol/ and r/the_donald.

No actual leftist believed in Bernie being a socialist. SocDems are a part of this board, so they can believe what they want. Hillary is right wing not left wing, so no one supported her regardless. We never had people spamming: "concern shill". We never had God Emperor Bernie threads. Holla Forums has too many ideologies too have any form a real hegemony. Even if, the moderators were too busy removing Holla Forumsyps spamming about their precious Trump. It still happens to this day.

But you see that's what separates us from the right.
We are based in theory, not identity, so it not an issue for us.
Unlikely we will ever have to defend any authority as sacred.

People here are not so desperate because of idpol tricks or anything like that.
That's also why we do not spam hobby boards and ruin discussions either.
You need to realize that Holla Forums is cancer and not because of the mods, but because of the userbase.


No actual Na tional Socialist believed Trump was a Na tional Socialist. Bernie is a lot closer to Socialism than Trump is to Na tional Socialism, so that comparison was more than valid.

He is exactly right. Even your best theorists Evola, Guenon, Nick Land, Moldbug, ect. all have nihilist tendencies where they ride the "wave" to a greater destruction. So, you being mainstreamed and co-opted by 4/pol and /r/the_cancer is exactly what they want, and it's exactly what we want also.

Think of it this way. No one ever got banned for saying shit against Ron Paul. Nationalists are desperate and opportunistic by nature.

Also the alphabet boys have astro-turf'd 4chan Holla Forums and Holla Forums Holla Forums. That's the dangers of having an ideology rooted in memes, it can be manipulated easily by someone with a lot of resources. Who is better at astro-turfing? A bunch of angry middle class people posting on a Mongolian image board or the alphabet boys with there Mathematicians well versed in operations research and Computer Scientists in machine learning?

lmfao this isn't happening I watch the user and reply counts on the frontpage Holla Forums and Holla Forums are outpacing this pace and have gained users

I see leftist threads a lot lately on 4chan's Holla Forums, anti-capitalist sentiments are starting to form too, lolbertarians are getting btfo'd by auth-right weebs, it's just the racism that is still rampant, give it 3 or 4 years, at worse it'll become an unironic nazbol cesspool