How do we get rid of all the racists here?

How do we get rid of all the racists here?

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It's the Chinese.

Fuck of white nigger, we are all inferior to the superior asian race here

why is it a problem

kill whitey then there will be no more racism.

We are all inferior to Ashkenazi Jews, in fact. They are genetically chosen to lead humanity.

Will someone explain to me what is the deal with Hispanics?

According to any sort of racial realism they should be blowing blacks out of the water

is it all bullshit then?

There is such a small portion of racists here nobody gives a shit. I bet you are also one of the people that thinks Nazbol posters are unironic


When Mexico is sending its people, they are not sending their best. They are sending rapists and criminals.

the real explanation is the drug war fucked mexico so badly that it's like this.

material conditions my friend

Zero tolerance for idpol of all colours

noone gives a fuck gb2reddit

white gebocide


Thank you for bumping this thread, we really need it up.

Its called the Kwa my dude, it has a degenerative effect on all stocks that cross into this cursed land.

You can't. Not with this board's proximity to Holla Forums and the general casual racism that persists on any of the Chans. Just deal with it.

It's all bullshit.

nope, funny that people think they can just deny science but "le atheism is true guyz there is no god, i know for sure!"

Science is nothing but a tool applied under an ideological framework, much like you stormfags use it to justify your racist views, you would deny transgender people using it to justify their existence, attaching the "scientific" label to your ideology doesn't make it any less retarded

Thing is, you can't prove a link between race, genes and I.Q. though, you can only look at the scores of Africans peasants from some dusty village in Namibia and compare them to those of Swedes with a lifetime of publically funded education. Correlation =/= causation

They're bad hombres.

I've actually been in debates with Stormfags where they pulled out links to "Homo Erectus Among Us" and tried to pass it off as "science". They're a lost cause…

The time for "debate" has long been over.

…should I be worried?


There's no point debating nazis anyway, the only good nazi is a dead one

That's been done many times. Adopted niggers perform way below adopted Whites.

thing is, the Swedes built that civilization and the Africans inherited there's from the colonists. So there is obviously a natural gap in achievement that needs a causal explanation, which genetics and inherited intelligence would explain.


whites invented western civilization which is the only one that matters


I like how you went for northern renaissance and industrialization because that's literally the height of white civilization that was only achievable through having a good geographic position for exploiting american colonies, northern shitholes literally contributed nothing to western culture, yet you get to shit on Italians and Greeks for being "Mediterranean shitskins" when they were the epitome of western culture

Africa just got the short end of the stick when it comes to Geography.

You seem to have me confused with the person below me

my bad, I thought it was same poster, didn't notice the flag

no the work on perspective and finely tuned machinery was the product of superior intelligence to meds and arabs and asians. The geo-strategic advantages of being near the Baltic Sea are minimal compared to the lifestyle advantages and evolutionary advantages of hyperboreal and boreal climates which Nords and Germanics were bred within. Which is why they have the highest intelligence and are easily the most robust and healthliest ethnic groups. All basically incontrovertible too, I mean you could try to dispute this but Germans, Danes, Swedes, Dutch are all attractive, tall, healthy and sharp compared to nearly every other ethnic group. I wonder why? could there have been evolutionary pressures that played a role? perhaps their harsh but ultimately benevolent boreal climate?
its the source of their advantage and the reason nordic autism rules the world
those meds were way lighter skinned and more blonde than modern day meds. Not only were fantastic number of famous Greek and Macedonian rulers blonde but a huge number of Roman emperors had blue eyes and/or were blonde. They aren't the same as modern day Turks, Greeks and Italians. You're just retarded and ignorant of population genetics and in general unable to tell the difference between different ethnic groups and races by eye-sight because you don't understand physiognomy or how it relates to the background, health and future of a people.

You'll pay for desecrating those quads

lmao at believing this, stay mad Holla Forums

Keep mixing races until we produce "La Raza Cosmica".

But seriously I don't know how people can't take a detached look at genetics and not want to combine all the races into a megazord.

With love and peace


Hence why most people live in western civilization…