Daily News Thread 5/22

Trump Dials Back Islam Critique as He Basks in Saudi Deals

In his Riyadh speech, President Trump described Islam as "one of the world's great faiths".

Melania & Ivanka Trump mocked for praising Saudi Arabia on women’s rights

Melania and Ivanka Trump have come under intense fire for their praise of Saudi Arabia’s so-called “empowerment” of women.

Trump warns of Iranian nuclear threat on visit to Israel

US President Donald Trump has begun a visit to Israel by warning of the threat posed by Iran if it acquires nuclear weapons.

US stirring up ‘Iranophobia’ to boost arms sales to Arab nations – Tehran

US President Donald Trump has deliberately accused Tehran of sponsoring extremist groups in the Middle East in order to stir up “Iranophobia” and boost American arms sales in the region, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

‘US, EU meddle in other countries & kill people under guise of human rights concerns’ – Duterte

“There’s not even a whimper” when powerful nations bomb civilians or “invent” WMDs to invade other countries, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte told RT, arguing that the West pretends to care about human rights only when it suits its agenda.

Turkey Reprimands U.S. Over Violence During Erdogan's D.C. Visit

Turkey summoned the U.S. ambassador to protest what it called the “aggressive and unprofessional” actions of U.S. security personnel during President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Washington last week. (lol)

Turkey crowd taunts coup suspects at mass trial near Ankara

Turkey has marched dozens of coup suspects past a hostile crowd at the start of their trial near Ankara.

Dubai’s first ‘Robocop’ begins patrolling streets

The world’s first robot policeman has officially joined Dubai’s police force. While it’s not exactly the Robocop from the movie, officers in the United Arab Emirates may want to get used to them, as the bots may soon account for a quarter of their colleagues.

WHO splurges more on posh travel than it spends on fighting AIDS & malaria – report

The UN’s World Health Organization ponies up some $200 million a year for luxury travel, including first-class tickets and posh hotels – much more than it spends on combatting AIDS, tuberculosis, or malaria, the AP has revealed.

'Alt-Reich' member charged in fatal stabbing of black student

The FBI is looking into whether the fatal stabbing of a black student by a white student at the University of Maryland was a hate crime. Mr Urbanski belongs to a Facebook group that disparages African Americans, police say.

AA calls for crackdown on sharing dashcam video

New rules may be needed to control the use of video taken by dashboard cameras, the AA has warned.

Republicans used race to redraw North Carolina voter maps

The US Supreme Court has ruled that North Carolina Republicans improperly used race as a factor in redrawing 2011 congressional district boundaries.

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This is how accelerationism look IRL.


The Scramble for Post-ISIS Syria Has Officially Begun

A rare strike on Assad regime and its allies signals new dynamics in a long war.

As Tensions Flare Between Turkey and the Kurds, the U.S. Backs Both Sides

Negotiations, not more U.S. weapons, are needed to resolve the decades-long conflict.

The arctic seed bank that was going to save us all is flooding

Strategically placed to survive any natural disaster, this winter's rains flooded the arctic seed bank. The bank wasn't destroyed, but it shows how fast things are a changing.

The Unfreeing of American Workers


Why Economists Have to Embrace Complexity to Avoid Disaster


Roger Ailes' son threatens accusers: “I’m coming after them and hell is coming with me.”

Fox News founder Roger Ailes was forced out of the company last year by his bosses in the Murdoch family after being exposed. He died last week at the age of 77. Then his teenage son, Zachary Ailes, honored the old man's memory by threatening his accusers at his eulogy.

This can't be real.

That Turkey story has to be trolling

i'v been enjoying Trump more and more lately.
i think i'm starting to like him

he's been giving us industrial amount of salt coming from his supporter Holla Forums and leddit

Turkey never fails to disappoint

get ready to screencap some of the eppin mental gymnastics from the Holla Forumsyps lads
pot to kettle: you are black
awesome, so when Skynet rises it will now have a ready-made camp guard design. thanks pigs, you are our greatest ally.
is Turkey physically capable of not sucking massive cock at every newsworthy thing they do?
I'm shocked I tell you

stop linking this shit

All British sites have to point this out for reasons.

It's an EU regulation

except it isn't British, it's the New York Times and fuck cookies

Hibiki and adult hibiki are a miracle.

You linked the wrong article m8
It's funny they'd say that because there's already tons of CCTV cameras littered everywhere in Britain. I guess it's fine when the gov't does it.

I don't know how i feel about this


whoops thanks m8

I love you news user

right-wing extremist converts to a different kind of right wing extremist and kills other right wing extremist. Sounds like a good thing to me.


Anything for black gold.

Also he did an arms deal to Rojava which was pretty good.

Is critisizing Melania and Ivanka, sexist?

Russia Today is the most trusted new source available. Granted it’s still shit, but it’s much better than CNN of fox “furry” news.

Yes, but calling islam sexist is islamophobic. Sources is some fat feminist "women"

we wuz soviets and shieet