Anarchists Fill Services Void Left by Faltering Greek Governance

Anarchists Fill Services Void Left by Faltering Greek Governance®ion=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=2&pgtype=sectionfront



…or can they?

Revolution when?

I'm thinking of maybe going to Greece as a soft core option instead of getting shot down in Turkish air strike in Rojava. Idk if I would be a help or another mouth to feed though


Why not? What about the CNT-FAI?

What if they just didn't call it a political party? Ever think about that?

B-but party has leaders and councils and rules and hierarchies…

hur…dur….anargism is no rules hurrr

the greek media traslated this article as

"Anarchists Fill Services Void by Violating Greek Governance"

and "militant unionism" becomes "military organisation"

Efforts of self-organization, helping set up the self-organization of others, communizing efforts and a will to "serve the people" as maoists say could be the holy grail of building a left-wing momentum in the era of capitalist decline. I wonder where this will go. Positive news

You can get shelled by the Turks in Greece too

Wow guess you could say the free market fixed it. Huh, really makes you think.

Production for market exchange as the main mode of production and the modern nation-state arose together.

It's definitely more into rights than bureaucracy

Anarchy has one rule.

do not talk about fight club?

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Property is theft?


When anarchists use Leninist policies, true dialectical synthesis has been achieved.

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This is classic anarchist praxis FFS. Lenin's ideas of dual power and giving all power to the soviets were both ideas clearly expressed in Bakunin's Revolutionary Catechism of 1866 in tandem with a proto-syndicalist approach (and rejected by Marx). Kropotkin speaks in the Conquest Of Bread of the mutual aid societies and at-the-time real tendency towards decentralization of institutions of proletarian life beyond the workplace as people are progressively immiserated by modern life and thus forced to rely upon one another, and how it is these institutions which must be expanded to communize the rest of society immediately as soon as revolution begins.
Also, it's "Dual Power", not "Dual State"; Lenin called it "Dvoievlastie", which translates literally to the former.

You can invade Turky from Greece and create a second front for Gollum to fight in his war to genocide the Kurds like he did the Armenians

Also you can help the YPG through other ways instead of being a solver, like volunteering in a field hospital, or an engineer.


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I thought anarchism wasn't about abolishing hierarchy completely just most of the useless hierarchy