Holla Forums will defend this

Holla Forums will defend this.

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1488D chess XD

What are they saying about this on Holla Forums? Sorry, I don't go much these days.


Fuck him.

8 more years.

So dealing with Jews is bad now a Leftist position?




Is it clear?


Just asking. Or is this some kind of psy ops? Did you think Trump would refuse to work with Jews?

There is a concerted effort to make Trump look bad likely by Jews themselves to defeat Trump.
Because muh mass immigration needs to continue.

Trump has been a known zionist since before he was interested in politics lmfao

Did you notice that Trump did NOT touch the wall or bow?

Must be why Jews spend 24/7 bashing him.

So are the jews cucking Trump with their superior 74d backgammon skills?

How many levels of denial are you on right now, approximately?

Is this advanced level satire? I refuse to believe anyone is this deluded.


>>>Holla Forums

I looked at Holla Forums for a minute and saw a complete mess of denial and the few calling it out being labeled shills.


truly that dude in the Prager thread is right and Holla Forums is us but stronger

All Trump has to do is hide his power level for the rest of his presidency then Holla Forums's master plan will be complete.




I seriously found it amazing that so many people thought he would not present lordosis behavior to the Saudi and Israeli. Is the average American really this ignorant?

What the fuck is that?

It's Majestic 12.

Gosh, it feels like just yesterday they were melting down over his pointless attack on Syria. And it's only been 4 months. By this rate, Holla Forums will be an asylum by the end of his term.

So Trump needs to gas the Jews for him to be a viable President?

Yet Trump has not done even 1% of the war mongering and genocide that Bush and Obama have done for the Jews.

BUT he is a JEW!

Don't worry. Like I said, it's only been 4 months. You can easily squeeze a couple of wars in his remaining term.

We shall see.

Jews are good, Israel is bad

Deluded rightists believe the opposite

Yet Antifa supports Israel? I see very little activism against Israel which BTW is actually quite a vulgar and racist state.

Billybob get out

Well do share these protests. Is there a list of upcoming events? Or too busy bashing impoverished White people?

Fuck this gay earth.
You fags are still ZOG Occupied Government bots though.

Trump will keep bombing the middle east and causing Europe to be swarmed by refugees lol

Funniest post in the whole thread actually

Keep dreaming Kosher one.

Does those guys look like the average antifa participant to you? Come on, they are not even trying.

I'm not the one supporting a zionist kike lmao

Should go to a Celtic football match mate

That's the German anti-Deutsch """"antifa""" and their a minority among anti-fascists even in Germany


Fresh pasta from 4/pol/:

This is like the scene from Downfall where Hitler talks about Steiner's ninth army


Nah, this cant be real. No one is this retarded… are they?

This is why we can't trust americans, nor socialize with americans. They all are dreaming with world domination and making every country look like downtown New York. This is why the jews are just a desinformation campaign to keep the masses entertained over the real threat to the planet

That has to be someone trolling.

Shit, he doesn't just touch it, he fists it so to speak.


Notice how he never faces the camera? Rubber mask!

It's obviously a guy in a Donald Trump suit. You can see the zipper on his neck.




Pffft, nice green screen, r-r-right guise?

He looks great with a yarmulke on. Really handsome Goy, makes me proud that he's leading the greatest country in the world to a new era of peace and prosperity powered by the suffering of hundreds of millions of his fellow goys.

Was it autism?

Bless him, he no absolutely no rhythm. I bet he danced like a dad when he was 20.

That dance consists of swaying back and forth, and he still managed to fuck it up.

more like 6000000D chess

45th degree multi-dimensional intergalactic backgammon!

>>>Holla Forums9955344
>>>Holla Forums9955415
That entire thread is comedy gold.

4/pol/ is pretty much anti-trump now, with a few holdouts full of Truvada Trump shills from r/The_Dildo. 8/pol/ is too proud to admit they spent an entire year working to put a hardcore global jewry shill on the Presidency so talking shit about him there still gets you banned. So I have to come all the way to /leftypoz/ to whine about the orange kike puppet.

We told you dog

We all knew he was kinda kike shilling, but not that he would overdo it so hard.


It always was. Jews have subverted leftist (and right-wing too for that matter) movements for more than a century to keep their ( ( ( CAPITALISM ) ) ) afloat.

A-anarchism isn't founded on antisemite conspiracy theories! That's totally just rhetoric! M-marx said nigger to someone too! That fucking jew! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What did they mean by this?

One particular German antifa group is pro-Israel, but antifa by and large is anti-Zionist

ANTIFA is literally a jewish psy-op. Their leadership is full of jews, and their purpose is to chimp-out to justify a tougher police state. Also they serve as the street enforcers of pro-mass immigration corporations (who contrary to what Holla Forums says it's not to undermine da whitey, but to bring in millions of brand new debt slaves). "Defending workers rights" my ass.

that's enough shitposting for today my friend

So much for being "anarchist", eh user?

What's wrong with Israel really? Try not to use the muh poor Palestinian street shitters meme

Karl Marx's father Heinrich Marx (né Hershcel Mordeschai), a liberal monarchist, germanized his name and converted to Lutheranism in order to practice law unobstructed by Prussian authorities who enforced openly antisemitic laws regarding civil and legal employment at the time.

That is such a rare occurrence indeed.

This'll be good.

u wot m8? That's Indians.


There's nothing wrong with Israel, friend.

This has to be bait.
Learn to bait

And who are those leaders and organizers?

Varies by regional chapter, the DC and NY ones being so jewish it reads more like a Bar Mitzvah guest list.


Post them


If I post them, they'll definitely track me down.


Trotsky didn't coin the word "racism". It was first popularized in France during the Dreyfus affair.


really made me think

Have you ever considered that these people might see themselves as both white and jewish and don't see this as contradictory or conflicting?
Why are you so triggered by such innocuous meaningless drivel?

Different user, I'll post a sampler.

Antisemitism is the pornography of the Holla Forumstard.

That would be fine and dandy, but they only pull out that bullshit when it's convenient.

He does it for F R E E.

Or Jews are vile racists against Whites?


Jews are white you fucking idiot. They don't always identify as white because they were always excluded from the group and were second class citizens like the Irish or slavs in Nazi Germany


gee whiz, this sure blew my mind

Why is it that when confronted with retards who abuse you for your ethnicity your reaction is to start attacking them for the same irrelevant shit? Grow up a little and stop playing their dumb game. Why do you concern yourself with irrelevant jewish retards and not the real problems in the world.
But I'm sure some zionist faggot on the internet promoting jewish supremacy is serious business that merits the attention and care of mature and politically informed individuals such as yourselves :^)

Second class citizens LOL! They fucking own and run everything.

I decided to entertain myself with checking that first infographic
His Mother:
Her mother:
And then her father, according to the infographic it should be Salomon David Barent-Cohen, but it's a guy with a different name

Also regarding that Salomon David Barent-Cohen
He was supposed to be a brother of Levi Barent Cohen, but as we can see, said Levi has only one brother called Hijman / Chaim Barend / Berman Cohen
Why are Holla Forumslacks so fucking guilty they buy into unsourced infographs?

wow the fucking autists found one jew who fits their stereotype and decided to stalk his facebook account whose posts only got like one like it's probably a Holla Forums false flag


So where are those samples showing antifa has "leaders" and that they are jews?


Face it, 8/pol/ and Holla Forums are both safe space circlejerks, but the latter mods are lazier.

Hol up.

inaccurate propaganda

Of course, this is just as bad as Holla Forums, it's just that the mods are lazy, not that the place is better lmfao

Jews are only 2% of the population. Your pie graph supports the first one.



So when people complain about white overrepresentation they're SJW cucks, but when you complain about Jewish overrepresentation you're great warriors for the white race?

science is a jewish plot! Clearly over-represented!

Nah, zionists are trotskyite scum.

Fuck off, trotsky was anti-zionist.


Here's a list of some of the ANTIFAs that got arrested in one of the post-inaguration riots, copypasta from somewhere else. OY VEEEEEY ALL DEM ( ( ( coincidences ) ) ) among the organizers. Also, this list is from PUBLIC RECORD so it's not doxing, many of these jews were arrested for organizing and participating on the DC riot where they torched that poor kebab's limo service and punched Dickless Dickie, aka the only good thing they did that day.

| Name | Age | Hometown |
| Duke Mabirou | 24 years old | Ypsilanti, MI |
| Andrew Joung | 23 years old | Unknown |
| ( ( ( Alexander Rubinstein ) ) ) | 24 years old | New York, NY |
| Casey Webber | 28 years old | Washington, DC |
| Jashua Barnak | 29 years old | Wilmington, NC |
| Colin Flood | 28 years old | Calars, UT |
| ( ( ( Saul Jaffe ) ) ) | 29 years old | Chicago, IL |
| Evan Engel ) ) ) | 30 years old | Brooklyn, NY |
|( ( ( Jesse Schultz ) ) ) | 65 years old | Washington, DC |
| John Flynn | 25 years old | Langhorne, PA |
| ( ( Nathaniel Jaffe ) ) ) | 29 years old | Philadephia, PA |
| Jonathan Dunlap | 29 years old | Washington, DC |
| Erik Bardo | 28 years old | Rochester, NY |
| ( ( Seth Cadman ) ) ) | 25 years old | Washington, DC |
| ( ( Daniel Kaufman ) ) ) | 21 years old | Newton, MA |
| ( ( Daniel Meltzer ) ) ) | 32 years old | Carrboro, NC |
| ( ( Shawn Westfahl ) ) ) | 38 years old | Philadephia, PA |
| John Coursey | 28 years old | Baltimore, MD |
| Samir Butt (kek) | 25 years old | Philadephia, PA |

FUCK omitted a lot due to stupid character limit. Ah well, you can google the rest using the first names as guideline.

We aren't on 4chan newfag.

Are you that same user that posts about SomethungAwful goons being anti-weeb kikes on halfchan?

No idea what you are talking about. Strawman perhaps?

No, I just copied his style. :^)

BTW, how many Homeless Jews are there? Jobless Jews? Jews being denied college slots while millions of Whites are told to fuck off.


So you agree…Those jews are american, they are pushing for american globalism. They want the whole world to look like downtown New York. The jew part is irrelevant, that's not a race, that's a religion and what they want is american supremacy over the world.

fucking sjw

I asked for the proof of antifa being a fully organized group with nationwide structures + the names of the "people in charge", and all I got were doxes of some random smashies arrested for being retarded.

This. I keep saying that American Imperialism's the biggest threat the world's facing right now.

Blacks are given preference over Whites with the same grades. It's called "discrimination". Something the current mongrel Left supports.

Sure thing amigo.

It's Jewish imperialism. And since Trump is now President, quite a bit of that will disappear.

a record so public you can't be arsed to link it
proofread more carefully, faggot

t. reddit shill. Answer me shill-kun, why does Israel requires extensive genealogical research or DNA testing for law of return applicants? Are you saying that you know the definition of jew better than Israeli authorities and the countless jewish organizations?

Most Americans do not support Jew globalism. They voted for fucking Trump. And most of the Clinton supporters don't support it either.

I never indicated it was, notice the lack of echoes.

Post more smug anime whores.

They're both given preference in to some degree, differing from institution to institution, fueled by ideology. Both cases are discrimination, both cases are retarded, both cases are exaserbated by society focused on accumulating capital under the pretense of merit, false though it may be. It's all bullshit, and you're a social justice fag for trying to put one before the other.

Because Israel is a nazi paradise.

Sasuga, user-kun.

Americans support America being the most powerful country in the world hence "Make America Great Again" being the most powerful country in the world involves globalism, having a network of allies across the world including the Middle East because of it's strategic importance

So this is why the thread about Trump sucking jewish cocks has been derailed, imkikefy himself has come on Holla Forums to do some damage control for his ( ( (president) ) )

t. chinese cartoon lady

Unlike the real Imcoonfy I'm not a Trump shill.

They're running a fascist ethnostate, what more do you want?

Apparently all that dancing and being driven around in golf carts must have exhausted him. Poor Trump.


Of course, the fact you decided to derail the thread about Trump bending over to Schlomos is simply pure coincidence

Good question.

Nice try JIDF.


Just a sign of white superiority :^)

Hey, I got a secret for you.

Come closer.

The bourgeoisie are a self-serving insular group and meritocracy is a lie

Whites nots wanting the discriminated against are now "social justice fags"? Wew!

You better go back to Holla Forums imkikefy, I bet there are some bad goyim shittalking God Emperor waiting for their bans :^)

Whites are subjected to blatant discrimination by big business, education and government.

maybe it's just those whites that have low Autism Level's and can't succeed so they blame their problems on a conspiracy

Haven't seen this posted yet.

Second pic slightly unrelated but hot.

IsraHELL is literally everything wrong with ( ( ( CAPITALISM ) ) ) in a convenient package.

user, I…


I've been banned from pol a dozen times. The Jews there don't like NORMAL non nazi kook, pro White people.

Are you 12 years old?

Fascists support capitalism and always have.

Also, nice out-of-context quote. Try actually reading On the Jewish Question.

No, I'm not a Holla Forumsyp.

You gotta apply that logic across the board, fam.

Ara-ara, false flag-kun!

I never understood the point of arguing about this if they all deserve a bullet.

It is. You and see the stats are the same for Whites and Asians. But not Jews. Jews get preferences, nepotism and protection from government.

Whites have none of that.

Blacks do poorly because refuse to discard the brooding culture they promote for themselves.


Hey kikefy. Would you mind taking this shit to your containment board?



Okay, so will the vast majority of billionaires, who are still white people simply go away or stop expoliting labour with the means jewish billionaires go away?

If not, then the problem is not jewish.


Low energy!


how quaint


Lurk for five fucking minutes faggot.

Don't belittle his achievements. He was also Royal Rumble champion.


You ain't fooling anyone, liberal-kuns.

its a big world outside of your room. I met a random racist just on the street today you're not alone!

/r/The_Donald is finally on the opposite of Holla Forums, all over Jews.


Like? What exactly did I say?

How does it feel to be a burger, user?

You have to go back


Good lord what is going on here.


Fuck, is r/the_donald funnier than 4/8pol?

T_D was always a neocon shithole. The founding moderators were from /r/israel and /r/conspiratard.


really made me think user, thanks.


i feel bad for your parents

So is this retarded fuck one of the Holla Forums mods? I think I've seen him crop up there once or twice, but I normally just go there for laughs when Holla Forums fucks up,

The aut-right shills for "muh based nationalist jews XDDD" and "le based redpilled capitalist trannies" so no.

neocons are the funniest retards you'll ever find online, they basically exist to be antagonized

it is your duty as a leftist to make at least one speak badly of political correctness and get triggered by criticism of israel in the same conversation

Hitler was a fucking clown and a terrible role model even for the far right. Read a better book.

No, they shill for capitalism the same way all fascists do.

The only difference is that aut-rights at least understand realpolitik and the importance of popular support? If they can convince a tranny to vote against their self-interest, it's a little impressive.

Is your sole stake in politics simply to be an edgelord on the internet?

Whats up with the centipedes?

I hope xddd

Your free speech ends when my "middle eastern ally" gets criticized.


How does it feel going on this much damage control because your retarded board sucks the Donalds cock and any dissenting opinion gets you banned?

The far right has had enough power to enact a day of the rope during the early/ mid 20th century.

You faggots weren't able to do it then, I doubt you lot could do it now.

1488 chutes and ladders

Holla Forums

Holla Forums hates western civilization and panders to american "culture"


Even traditionalists knew

“America has created a 'civilization' that represents an exact contradiction of the ancient European tradition. It has introduced the religion of praxis and productivity; it has put the quest for profit, great industrial production, and mechanical, visible, and quantitative achievements over any other interest. It has generated a soulless greatness of a purely technological and collective nature, lacking any background of transcendence, inner light, and true spirituality. America has built a society where man becomes a mere instrument of production and material productivity within a conformist social conglomerate” t. Evola

England and the Netherlands did that.


marx was a jew you fucking tit
are you high

" Islam presents a traditional completeness, since the shariah and the sunna, that is, the exoteric law and tradition, have their complement not in a vague mysticism, but in full-fledged initiatory organisations (turuq) that are characterised by an esoteric teaching (tawil) and by the metaphysical doctrine of the Supreme Identity (tawhid). In these organizations, and in general in the shia, the recurrent notions of the masum, of the double prerogative of the isma (doctrinal infallibility), and of the impossibility of being stained by any sin (which is the prerogative of the leaders, the visible and invisible Imams and, the mujtahid) lead back to the line of an unbroken race shaped by a tradition at a higher level than both Judaism and the religious beliefs that conquered the West”

- Ebola

Why doesn't Holla Forums just convert to Islam to get their transcendence, inner light and true spirituality


so was ayn rand rothbard etc
really makes you think about ( ( ( western civilisation ) ) )

That and the mods there aren't it any…

far right and jews both want to create ethnostates.
So you say the difference between you and alt-right is that alt-right has no double standards, while you're "it's bad when jews do it but good when we do it"
You're less consistent and more retarded, good to know

Why is Ivan wearing a yamaka?

What is 'subversion' for $200

you'd be surprised…



They talk like ponyfags holy shit

There's no way these users aren't bots.

This will never cease to entertain me.

Get that disgusting forced meme out of my country.

I mean.. I would start dotr, but don't have/know anyone with a permit for that…

NO, Jews want one in Israel and muti cult in Western White Nations.


I found no publications from that guy pushing Multiculturalism in Australia. Everything I found suggested he advocates people being wary of refugees as many of them are single men seeking economic advantages.

Please go back to reddit and half chan, faggot.

Hey fag, is not that strange to find jews among ANTIFAs. You know, nazi and fascists want them dead, they fight them to preserve their life.
It's not a conspiracy.


have you ever considered how fucking stupid that is?





Shh, nobody tell him that Trump's daughter is both white and Jewish.


holy shit the sound of cameramen going ham


Go get it and submit it to the mod thread, we should have it.

'him' meaning me or 1695813?


You need to go back to /r/The_Donald.


Go on… Holla Forums is eating itself alive, holy fuck

Holy fuck, I made that years ago for /int/ and I didn't think anyone saved it.


It's time to do something about the support for racist Israel year after year. Post some flyers on windows, poles or wherever.

Nope Trump is a faget kike licker and a mudslime enabler.



Checkmate cucks



>>>Holla Forums9956366

About as true as you're not a trolling Jew. Funny how none of the shit mattered When Bush and Obama went to Israel.

I seriously think that leftypol should make a sticky that clarifies and defines political terminology, instead of making the whole 'read a book' response to these morons. It's not enough that we ridicule them, what retards like this are doing is anti-politics and it has been holding back intelligent discussion in the mainstream as well as in imageboards.

Show me where Uncle Sam touched you, Billy

We didn't have to listen to as much of your incessant autistic screeching about how Bush or Obama would gas everybody who had the temerity to disagree with you online.

Retards will never read any of the stickies.

Do you have more anti American memes?

So instead of answering me directly, you samefag. Rectal damage confirmed.

It was more like 20 to 1. If that's what victory looks like, then I would hate to see defeat.