"The Free Market Rewards Those Who Contribute The Most To Society"

Is this our fault? I mean, *we are* the free market after all and we made that guy who owns Nike tens of billions of Dollars while Steven Hawking only has a net worth of like $4 million.

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The question they fail to ask is what constitutes "society" and what their real role in it is.

In capitalism, "society" is the needs and wants of people whose ancestors wrote their names on property they took by force.

this is the ethical consumption mentality that needs to buried six feet under

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Yeah, The Royal Family in Britain rose to prominence centuries ago by beating the shit out of peasants living on "their land" for a cut off their produce like a Mediaeval protection racket. Doubt society would've been any worse off without them and their thuggery.

It's still retarded though.

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How do you think I would make more money, opening a liquor store or opening a museum of local history?

If we are two competing car companies, and In my commercials I give honest technical specifications and customer reviews, and you create the typical commercial of a with beautiful, happy driving your car and enjoying themselves who do you think will sell more cars?

This better things and better people make more money is pretty potent ideology and I never saw how any could believe in it even when I was a liberal



Sorry to nitpick - but I think the only money Nike has gotten out of me has probably been from taxes. That said, the fact that corporate welfare even exists is actually extremely relevant.

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The free market suffers from the same problems free marketers ironically accuse communists of, which is the human nature. Not including monopolies it involves where people just vote by choosing who they consume from or 'voting with your money'. It technically works and there are countless examples in history of it for sure such as boycotts and sanctions but people are idiots. It's like trusting people to upvote for your commune leaders. It'd be reddit.

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the mentality behind this statement, the contents of the statement, the general sentiment of the statement are all vulgar and vomit inducing. Steven Hawking has never produced a single invention or useful methodology or technique for improving the lives of any person on this planet nor has he ever made a single testable theory or hypothesis that contributes to a working understanding of the universe. Everything he's ever said is either speculative or only confirmed by exotic physics and disputed by other high level theoretical physicists, if you don't believe me there are legions of physicists who think he's a hack fraud. Fuck him and fuck idiots like you who want to shovel money at bent knecked bug men.



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