Austrian Politics

After talking with another user, I thought I might make a thread about Austrian politics.

Austria will have a snap election on October 15th so there should be stuff to discuss.

For German speaking anons, this is a good (although a bit outdated) video about the comedy gold that is Austrian politics.

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Can you give a quick rundown of the main (left-wing) parties and politicians?

Awesome that you actually made a dedicated thread about Austrian politics.

Well, according to the polls, we are quite fucked.
When even the "Social Democrats" are only the third place with about 20% of the voters behind them and a highly probable right coalition with a big majority, I am really starting to think about emigrating.

SPÖ - the "Social Democrats": not actually left anymore, used to be the Austrian mainstream workers party

Die Grünen - the "Greens": left liberals, used to care about leftist agenda (back in the 90s), now mainly idpol

KPÖ - the "Communist party": not even communist anymore (at least at the federal level), mainly reformists and demsocs.
But there is at least the Styrian KPÖ: actually a part of the KPÖ in the federal state of Styria, but they severed ties a few years ago and surprisingly consist to a big part of leninists and closet tankies


wew, state of me. This is what happens when you get too excited about the new Twin Peaks and forget about other stuff. Well, here it is.

Well, basically said it all. The KPÖ unfortunately doesn't play a role at the federal level.

Are you the user from the Zizek thread?
We are but we have to make an oppurtunity out of this somehow.
This is what happens when you let "the left" be taken over by morons and leave it to the right-wing to appear reasonable.

Yup. I'm also

What would you propose? Even the most "leftist" city in Austria (which would be Graz in my opinion) has almost no revolutionary potential. The only thing most leftists do is demonstrating against the establishment, but nobody takes any action.

alri. So let's see if any other Austrian anons join and if not we gotta do the meet-up alone. With the summer coming up it's perfect for Stadtpark chillin'.
I have no fucking idea and that's something, innit.
Because it's filled with students.
Exactly! I'm okay with the demonstration but demostrationing just because isn't going to do anything at all.


i live in burgerland though lol

Great idea, with a few beers Stadtpark is perfect in the summer.
I would call that semi-true. The big problem with most leftist students is that they don't want to do the dirty work but are also very bad at communicating their agenda to workers. So a lot of them are not that bad at planning, but shit at organising.

Your ways to get to Graz are only limited by your own motivation.
On the other hand, I have yet to visit Eisenstadt…

You're not that far away then, user.

I like you already. Burggarten is especially comfy. I'm thinking some time around July?
Yes, it's just me being 'edgy'.
It's really hard 2bh. Unfortunately they still have most of them mayne stream meteor against them. And people automatically associating the left with open borders, idpol, etc.

Wien 22 hier, Treffen wär großartig. Ich geh hier langsam ein.

Why do you think the federal KPÖ isn't communist anymore? I'd say they have eurocommunist positions with some idpol sugar on top and lots of old LARPers. I really envy the carinthians.

So, to get a bit of actual political discussion going - what are your thoughts on Kurz's takeover of the ÖVP? Will the Greens with their new leadership actually be able increase votes?

We've got to decide on a city then.

What happened at the Zizek talk?

What do you mean?

Like what did Zizek talk about etc?

I think that Kurz's takeover doesn't have to be a bad thing, his authoritarianism and his relative popularity with the general public may be the key to keeping the FPÖ in check. Still, FPÖVP is very likely.

The Greens probably won't profit much from Lunacek, though it can only get better after Glawischnig.

Graz is a nice city and I have absolutely no problems with traveling there for a day, Vorteilscard ftw.
I've yet to see it myself.

Ah, alright. Refugees, liberals, French election, the courage of hopelessness, penises, and so on and so on.

I'm amazed by his popularity.
Which raises the question - what is worse? FPÖ or FPÖ with a "nicer" face.
Very true but I still don't see how +10% can vote for the Greens.
Perfect, lad. Would be fun if this were to actually happen.

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meant to to reply to

I guess I exaggerated at that point a little, but comparing their positions of today and those before the split in 2006, I would say they lack the bite of former days.
Eurocommunist actually describes their position nowadays pretty well.

Guten Morgen Genossen

I'm more inclined to believe that he is typical neoliberal conservative who puts on the mask of a tough guy because that's what Austrians who read Krone/Heute/Österreich want to see. So IMO a dishonest rightist would be better than an honest one.
Then again I don't follow politics of the day too closely because -like OP already stated- it's depressing comedy.

They aren't corrupt to bone like all of the established parties and they appeal to urban women. I really think it mostly boils down to the lack of better alternatives.

I don't know if the return to the ideological roots of the Greens would benefit them as i have never once met a greens-voter who was somewhat ideologically grounded - it was all lifestyle and emotion.

Goddamnit, they really need to hire a graphical designer. Even that pathetic smear pamphlet of the ÖVP looked better.

'ello, lad.
I see what you're saying but I'm still more inclined to go for full accelerationism. Either way, we're screwed. It's amazing how with Kurz, Sobotka, and Lopatka, I'm actually wishing for Mittlerlehner to be back.
OP here, it truly is but I'm glad >we somehow still manage to appear sensible in regards to other countries.
Glad ÖVP showed their true colours again. Into the trash they all go.


I don't really like Cap but this is comedy gold


Anybody in Vienna, Floridsdorf exactly?

What will Holla Forums vote for in the Nationalratswahlen? Something left-ish, full acceleration or nothing at all?

I don't even know if I should vote for any existing party.
I might just be giving up on Austrian politics.

Please take it back.

I used to live at the Spitz, but moved a few 26er stations to the east. Drop me a line if you want to meet.

Probably the KPÖ. Not gonna delude myself into thinking that they could achieve anything in the current political climate tho.

KPÖ as usual.
Prepare for Kanzler Kurz


I just walked by the spitz lmao

Yeah sure, next week on wednessday would be ideal