Sorry for nocrop. Today was a good day

How do you even crop that badly?

didnt crop at all


are you laughing at your ms paint skills?

>not just Windows, but Windows 10
If this also happens to be the Action Front shill I'm gonna die of laughter.

And the joke is?

independent i asume

Is that fucking Mcafee I see? How old are you OP?

Should have got Norton.


are we software lifestylists now? Should I go vegan and use open source to be a true commie?

Even clicking on that image can give you cancer


you should have, now the thread is about bulling you into getting rid of windows.

It's more that he's deliberately cucking himself by using what he does. Using open source free software can only be a boon to yourself, while a vegan diet would mostly just be an act of ethical consumerism that has no inherent benefits for yourself on the whole.

Jokes on you. He's secretly running tails, tor, 7 VPNs and motherboard encryption.
This is just his normie PC so he doesn't end up on a watchlist.

Seriously OP, plug out of those botnets.

What a bunch of fucking autists

200 Xbox Live Points have been deposited to your gamertag.

and this is bad, how?

he didn't even include any funny tabs!

Don't listen to those wannabe Stallmans in this thread. Linux Distros are good because they are customizable, not because they are somehow morally superior.
There is no ethnical consumerism under capitalism. This includes software.

Forgot to disable shitpost flag.

That first panel is a complete fantasy. Even if some faggot like that would waste their time on this Mongolian basket weaving shithole, no one would respond like that. They'd get the same lifestylist label.
Fuck linuxfags, you've screwed yourselves. I completely buy the argument but being pretentious cunts that shit up threads have driven me away. Even in real life, the only linux user I know is an irl shitposting asspie.
If you at least accepted the fact that there is a learning curve when switching os and that normies would have a hard time transitioning between fully catered to self sufficient systems, it wouldn't be so egregious. Fuck you guys, you weren't born with ubuntu in your hands.





Well by the same token how is not wanting to eat crappy artificial hormone injected meat bad and lifestylism then?


God I miss my childhood.

I'm a statist and use Windows 10.


this has a bomb in it now tho

she's getting pelters in the comments section of the daily mail and the sun ffs