America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

Isn't most of the south pretty much indistinguishable from a third world shithole already?

Developing Nation implies things are improving though

No. It's a polite way of saying underdeveloped.
Not all developing countries are really developing.

yes I'm aware of the popular euphemism, I just prefer third world

third world is even worse and outdated.
We are not in the Cold war anymore



This is really a matter of perspective. Think of it this way: if you're poor in America you're still richer than someone who is middle class in Ecuador, Nigeria and Myanmar

At least healthcare in Ecuador and Nigeria is free at point of service.

I would have you know that America ranks higher than Nigeria and Ecuador in the official healthcare ranking


How will leftypol ever recover?

I suggest the following terms to describe countries/societies:

inter-planetary (theoretical)

Given that the third world shitholes the developed world has been exporting its labor to are reaching post-industrialization, in turn leading to lower rate of return on profit and more accumulation of wealth at the highest echelons of society, I highly doubt we will reach interplanetary. The bourgeoisie can only sustain itself by investing in automation, but its highly doubtful even that will happen because there is literally not enough capital in the world to sustain humanity once their jobs are taken by robots. People will starve before automation becomes commonplace, and no transition to socialistic distribution of goods will occur. The transmission cannot be facilitated under capitalism, and since states have become incomprehensibly panoptic since the Cold War, the global working class is absolutely no threat to their power. Capitalism will kill civilization, and in from its ashes, neo-feudalistic inbred dynastic descendants of the business moguls of old will rule with an iron fist in a Mad Max-esque hellscape.
And we let it happen.

Post-industrialized is basically a euphemism for deindustrialized "let's get China to make our shit" service economy at this point. If the point is more clarity than that should probably be modified

The bourgeoisie is still dependent on the working class. A global, general strike would be veryy effective if it could be maintained.


Honestly, Protracted People's War would be very applicable in the US, especially in Appalachia and the South

I recently left my home in western Pennsylvanian to go on a trip with some familya year ago. We went to Haiti, which is synonymous with poverty in most people heads in the us. When we arrived and left port, apart from the corrugated metal shacks, everything else was in ok condition in terms of infrastructure. The Roads in Haiti were more well maintained then they were here. I met a friend, who took me to the home of another friend, as i had expressed this to him earlier. Something hit home for me, in my life ive had friends who i know live in abject poverty, i being lucky enough to always have a home and food. Ive been in some derelict shitholes, crack houses and the like. This poor Haitians mans shack was nice compared to some of the places my friends had grown up.

I haven't been able to look at my country the same way, we are supposed to be the grates county in the world, and i know many many many people living in conditions that are without a doubt third world.

bump to stop thread genocide.

Maoism Third Worldism has been irrelevant for decades.

They sort of had a point back in the 20th century, when Western nations would use taxes on their corporations (enriched from the exploitation of the third world) to pump out the welfare state and improve the lives of the Western working class. In this sense alone, you could make the case that the Western working class was benefiting from the third world proletariat just as the bourgeoisie were.

With brutal neoliberal austerity ripping the welfare state down, this is becoming less and less the case and the Third Worldist ideology has less and less to do with reality.

At this point, I think it's basically a Marxist flavor of the old White Man's Burden. It doesn't matter how far the Western working class sinks, whatever vestigial creature comforts they retain will be held up as proof of their exploitation of the third world. I'll bet you that, like clockwork, Unroo is going to release a video on Black Friday showing all the people scrambling for Christmas shit on the big bargain day next to starving African children as evidence that Burgerstan isn't exploited. They hold a progressive twist on an old racist worldview that holds the West to be the "civilized world" and places outside of the West to be primitive and barbaric, but with the pseudo-Marxist twist that this proves that the third world are the real revolutionary proletarians and the West are bourgeois exploiters. The United States slipping into developing nation status for most of its population won't change their worldview because economic reality has nothing to do with their worldview.

pretty much. everywhere around me are literal burnt out houses and fields full of weeds with rotting scarecrows. people have been slaughtering their animals cause they just cant afford to raise them anymore. its real fucked down here

additionally pretty much everyone has a fucked up retard baby cause they couldnt afford to have a hospital birth so its not like we're gonna see kids clearing fields and shit


lol. oxydep brain damage or premies

we human wave now fam

I want out of this hellhole.

Even Mao didn't buy into Maoism Third Worldism

That's what the revolutions for famalam.

India is a "developing" nation for most people.
Yet SOMEHOW it's part of the biggest economies and so on.

Capitalism doesn't care for "most people".