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Get in here boys. This is some top grade propaganda.

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What did he say that was untrue?

Yeah, Bannon's NazBol connections are unfounded, but Trump is doing everything he can to look suspicious.

Trump is a moron, thus making the Russia allegations worse for him. But the MSM is trying to push the idea that Russia literally hacked the election to push forward the idea of WW3, and by trying to connect Trump to a Russian agent they are pushing forward propaganda. Russia has financial ties with Trump but there is no evidence that Russia hired Trump to sway an election, which is the narrative that porkies are pushing. Oliver is adding to the fact.

forgetting le hypnosis copypasta, that video was pretty awful. It's really just straight up propaganda, isn't it? There is no room for any other opinion than his own interpretation. Watch how it just goes on linearly, hammering in what you should believe, awful joke after awful joke where he repeats the punchline a second time but louder, as he makes is way through all the Trump scandals, his impeachment, and then on to the problems with Pence. not even Jason Unruhe makes videos of this caliber.

Yeah, he pretty much just spews unverified nonsense and covers it up with anti-Trump jokes to make the audience believe there is credibility for the so called "evidence". I'm enjoying it though because it's so much fun watching Trump and his followers get destroyed.



do you really think he will be reelected?

user doesn't think, user

It's honestly really helpful to have the latest average lib narratives compiled in this format every few weeks. No one has time to read CNN/WaPo thoroughly and piece together their hysteria one story at a time.

Trump fatigue is already setting in among liberals/progressives - you really think the emotional energy released by them over every controversy in the first 100 days will be sustained for the next three years, especially when moderates realise that the sky hasn't fallen, Richard Spencer will not be appointed secretary of state, and Trump isn't going to reverse the Alaska Purchase?

Really, hysterics aside what's the worst that liberals can point to? Immigration laws actually being enforced and "undocumented activists" that were happy to have their names in the news in the Obama years getting sent back?

You underestimate just how much of a perfect scapegoat Trump is. The coming economic crash may very well be blamed on Trump, perhaps even after he is out of office. Impeachment based on false allegations about Russia will be exploited even further to a declaration of war after Trump is out of office. You're throatfucking Trump's dick so deeply that you can't even see how he's the perfect fallguy.

Is the show supposed to be anything else though? Everyone is fully aware of the fact that the show isn't meant to be (primarily) informative, the show's audience is clearly liberals.

Humor is a very important part of propaganda as we tend to trust those who make us laugh. Also shows like his are a good way to suck up the younger generation who are increasingly distrustful of traditional news outlets. These "comedy" shows are very dangerous.

Agreed, I really used to enjoy Jon Stewart's show, until the propaganda became clear when Trevor took his place, but to be honest nowadays with the flood of every unfunny Hollywood celeb copying this business model (seth meyers, maher, colbert .. etc), I really don't see how they will last long enough when all their content is basically "drumpf did wut, omG".
when you fuse politics with entertainment, it gets dull for the general public if it keeps on rehashing the same joke overtime

So yeah, pretty much nothing wrong with it but I guess hating Oliver is too much of a meme to pass up at this point

He absolutely increases the hysteria on election fraud by bringing up false allegations in the first place without explaining the counterargument. You are practically blind if you don't see the relentless character assassination mixed with false allegations as a massive psyop. Not that I'm not enjoying it though.

No one here is saying that Oliver is "good actually". His show is still boring and pointless and meandering. But he absolutely did not increase "election fraud hysteria" considering he never once so much as alluded to a connection to voting/the election and did nothing more that summarize 3 news stories this week that were already endlessly paraded by lib media and then telling people to calm the fuck down about impeachment. The idea that this is the epitome of "liberal brainwashing" or whatever is the dumbest meme



Sweet attempt at board agenda setting, Holla Forums.

consider getting better taste

John Oliver's neo-liberalism is bad, but how does anyone think this guy is funny? When I was a proto-socdem I enjoyed the daily show, but I dunno if that was because I hadn't taken the redpill yet or if Stewart was genuinely funny. Since going socialist I haven't enjoyed any of these shows, but it also seems they don't have the comedic chops the previous shows had.


Wow that a pretty fascinating screen cap, it definitely strikes me as very accurate. What board is that from? I wan't under the impression the people on Holla Forums were actually knowledgeable enough to come up with insights like that.

I always hated this about the show and cottoned onto it within minutes, I just put it down to American humour.
Though I felt it was less about deliberate conditioning and more about Oliver and the producers being unfunny hacks .

America is entering a phase of increased political polarisation regardless of Trumps actions - the polls showing Trump having 'the lowest ratings of any modern president' conveniently skim over the part where something like 90% of his voters would vote for him again. The response to any economic crash during his tenure will depend entirely on what that person already thought of him, not some wtf I hate Drumpf now shit, a forum for racist gay bodybuilders

Polls from the same people that said Hillary would win in a landslide are pointless.


That just shows that 90% of former Trump voters know that the vote doesn't matter and that they would get the same shit with Hillary. But propaganda still works, after all 57% of Americans approved Trump's strike on Syria. If all it took to sell that strike were appeals to humanity imagine how much easier it will be to sell a scapegoat amid an environment of mass fear and anger.

Lets not discount the value of polls altogther, biased as they may be. After all the losses of Brexit and Clinton were within the margin of error, and Clinton would likely have won if not for the fraudulent Interstate crosscheck program established by Kobach. But the Dems wont talk about that because they use the same tools for lower races.

Am I just paranoid or could the Russia hysteria be about lying the groundwork for a future deep state coup? Really crazy stuff, nothing like it in American history. Maybe liberals are just useful idiots for the coming CIA Occupation Government.

If I remember right, a number of polls hand them in a dead heat, tho. Hillary narrowly won in most of them.

if you have even a vaguely British accent Americans will think you are smart and believe everything you say regardless of how retarded it is. That doesn't go only for John Oliver and Trevor Noah, but for lots of alt right personalities ie. Sargon of Akkad, Milo, Paul Joseph Watson,

>John [email protected]/* */:50 "this could all seem like a terrible work of fiction"
Can't disagree with him there.

Fucking liberals.


I think thats very likely, when even so called "reasonable" liberals like Bill Maher are going around openly praising our intelligence agencies and taking their every word as truth. Plus this seems to have bipartisan appeal as most of the Republican party are under the thumb of the military-industrial complex.

Now add in the increasing militarization of police, erosion of all privacies, and the removal of the mask of journalistic integrity and we have arrived at a police state. All it needs is a fully totalitarian government, which a deep state coup will provide.

Blade Runner seems to be surprisingly accurate.

lmao i bet the guy thinks he's very smart and discovered something real big

emphasis on 'vaguely'

I met a guy once who told me that whenever a joke didn't work in a party he'd do this weird sound with his finger and his mouth and everyone would laugh. Over the course of the night he did it to everyone we were talking with several times, and it worked every fucking time.
John Oliver does that, pretty much. He makes himself the joke which works pretty well since he's rather pathetic.
Yesterday I even had to watch one of his videos in an extremely liberal school and despite it being the biggest cesspool of idpol that a school can be, even people in the class didn't simply like him, but were consistently conflicted by everything he does. Oliver isn't love or hate, nor even love and hate, but like and contempt. He's bizzare.