The Fire Rises: Republicans fearing safety from constituents


>Lately, though, Republicans have observed some furious constituents who appear to be going too far.


punish murder with murder, so what?

Remember that Ajit Pie, a republican and FCC chessman who’s destroying net neutrality’s e-mail is this [email protected]/* */

Is this the dankest timeline?



Aren't US politicians notorious for bailing out of town hall meetings when people get mad?


Yes. Republicans passed the AHCA in congress and not a single Republican Congressman held a town hall meeting after the vote.


if politicians are supposed to serve the people it should be legal to shoot them if they do a bad job.

I agree

Why in every comments section relating to this sort of topic always filled with republicans talking about how they can't wait for a civil war?

They seem so utterly convinced they would win for some reason. The only argument they have is we have the guns. Like who exactly do they think are going to take up arms on their side a bunch of obese geriatric fucks, the youth are left-wing.

Frankly the only factor that would matter in a civil war is which side the federal govt. are on but I just find all the circle-jerking about it so tiresome

>no you grow up! nyeh-nyeh!
Our elected officials, my fellow Burgers. We pay these people to do this.
because a political discussion is a fucking class on how to make macaroni pictures at fucking summer camp

fuck the youth, the army and the police are right-wing

No, police sure. But do you really think that army grunts are going to open fire on their own people? If they did, that starts the American protracted people's war and America as a state is finished. Most likely many army service people will defect because they don't want to kill their own people.

All pretty boring tbh.
I want to see some blood.

have you ever talked to a soldier dude? holy shit this is sounding like some hollywood noble warrior bullshit. most soldiers are sociopaths and the nigger/latino ones are inept

I've got a few friends in the army and a couple in the chairforce. They sure as hell wouldn't be on board for shooting Americans. Most supported Bernie too.

Most soldiers don't care that much about politics, and sure, most are right-wing, but they aren't going to join Holla Forums and their ilk.

By ignoring their voices and voting the party line.

There are several vets and active duty solders in my family. Most of the vets are right-wing, but most active duty solders are left wing, even if it’s sucdem left wing. It’s still leftist.

When are these stupid assholes going to realize that indirectly killing people pisses everybody off?

Soldiers are a revolutionary class.

The workers are a revolutionary class the soldiers are just pawns.

wew lad

shit like this gets me so hard

My rep and senators haven't HELD public events since they were re-elected in November. They'll post shit like photos of visits to nursing homes after the fact to their social media, but they'll never publicly announce appearnaces. It's pissing off normies


I know that's a stirner meme but i thought "Vash the Stampede" at first.

Have you ever talked to a veteran? A good lot of them want revenge.