I need more flags

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oh I've got your damn flags

I have a folder just for flags

They're even organized, check the file names







don't judge me, I'm an archivist not the artist



oops, that one was short














A bit of commentary, but in the context of 18th century Texas, the idea of using the revolver and horseshoe, while a bit stereotypical, is a nice touch. People love to just stamp the soviet hammer-and-sickle onto things without really stopping to consider what the proletarians of a country would consider to be the symbols of industry.





fucking nigger I did it again

And that's all I got. I have a bunch of non-commie flags too if anyone cares.

Just so I'm not just bitching, let me contribute a couple with some decent aesthetic. Unfortunately they're still both RED and BLACK.

you can spot the yanks in this thread by looking at people who overdose their flags on red and black, images and borders


yeah honestly I don't like most of those flags. Only a few are good.

This red and yellow colour sceme on most commie flags is so ugly to be honest.

Have you ever seen a real life red flag? They are way more pleasant to look at than the digital versions.




All of this just seems taking a Preexisting pattern, and adding soviet heraldry, in a yellow red color scheme. This is no better than Holla Forums creating their own edgy versions of our own flags like pic related.

for the london commune, try making a socialist version of the underground sign (considering it's more iconic than the flag of london)

Someone will unironically repost this one day…

These flags make me jizz bucket loads. Thanks for posting.


I like

can someone make a better looking version of this? lol

Are you a retard?
It's literally just an english translation of the flag of the Ukraine Free Territory. Read a book nigger



Any one know of a good place to buy flags?

This guy has loads of interesting and 'rare' flags;


wait, ethiopia was socialist?

wew lad


like I said, I don't make these flags, I just keep them.



These flags are lightweight polyester so they fly as well as nylon ones.



low res version.

Has anyone ever got a custom produced leftypol flag yet?
Seeing custom produced Kekistan flags popping up here and there I don't see why we can't jump in on the fun.

leftypol is against leftypol irl - it's where every online subculture goes to die

the dialectical synthsis of memes and real life is autistic faggotry

Antiwa are the real wahhabi

Flag/emblem guy here. In case anyone actually wants to get one made, here are the flag and emblem in fuckinghuge size. That way the quality won't look shitty. I don't think I've ever released these in this size before.

Edit: Apparently the flag was too big to post. Scaled it down.

Btw, I made the flag 5x3, which is the typical size for printed flags.

Kronstadt rebellion flag

Oh, and the flag says "death (to) bourgeoisie"

real leftcom hours

That flag screams crust punk album cover.

It needs to be dealt with.

Damn it, I was sure I had 3 flags of global socialism but can only find 2, and I'm sperging out because I want to post all 3 together.


I'm curious as to the origin of the third one, if anyone knows.

Yeah well fuck your shit.


This is why the death penalty should exist.


Considering how cats are obsessed with marking their property by spraying (i.e., pissing all over it) this is oddly fitting

Looks gold/black on my screen. Is it supposed to be orange?

It's a flag somebody I know online designed.

He's a left-Rothbardian who takes a lot of his inspiration from classical liberalism and pro-market individualist anarchists.

What the fuck am i reading

Pick one.

Probably should tell him that gold is associated with capitalist-apologists, not free marketeers.

Rothbard had some leftish ideas. He even allied with the New Left in the '70s.

Think mutualism that takes more from classical liberalism than socialism but is still anti-capitalist. My friend used yellow because it's the colour associated with liberalism.


Huh, was not even aware this was a thing. The association between Rothbard and AnCaps dovetailed with AnCap memes and overshadowed this I guess.

Delete this

how? seriously, explain this.

Does this person you know have autism?


Here's an iteration that I've seen passed around. I've heard that it's used by some Irish socialists.

It's mostly used by the Irish Republican Socialist Party these days, though you do see other Irish socialists using it too. There's another version of it with a red background, but I'm not sure of the origin. The IRSP and the Workers Party seem to use that one.

No, but one with a plow.

Added some evidence of the red Starry Plough existing. The version with yellow stars isn't used officially as far as I'm aware, but I couldn't find any pictures just of the white stars. As you can see in the photograph, the stars are white there.


Socialist Republic of New England

Socialist Union of England, Whales, Scotland, and Ireland

Communist Republic of Kekistan

does this look good?

honestly i think it'd look better without the stars on the plow so i'll change that

jesus christ how horrifying

cybersocialism flags

What the hell, that symbol is on an unidentified flag on this map of the Russian Civil War, right south of Karelia. Did the map maker bamboozzle me?

so cool



Looks like that was a temporary flag of Karelia and of Olonets Karelia which broke of from them.


But now I'm confused about the plough. Isn't it supposed to be an Irish symbol?

Well, a bunch of countries use the southern cross, so it doesn't strike me as unusual for multiple places to use the plough/ursa major/the big dipper.

I know for a fact Alaska and the Cherokees use it too.

Anyone have a 'straya flag?


kill me





Love the last ones, are they OC?

Newbie here. How do I display the ancom flag when I post?

Read the FAQ. Basically, click on the "show post options & limits" field underneath the reply box, there you can select a flag.





the three colour flag is inherently bourgeois, the commune was repressed by those who raised that flag.

But at the same time, it was the flag of the French Revolutionaries.

Fucking found the 3 flags.

So what? ==SEIZEIT==

Damn nice to see my stuff posted around. Might as well dump the rest of them.
Also this

no, it's not. Not everything that isn't inherently communistic is "reactionary".

Turkey/Syria/Kurdistan related

That first flag looks like something from the Caucasus


Esoteric Asserism
Juche Mars
Juche America
Nazbol militant America
Social Nationalist America
Imperial Nazbol America

Forgot Social Nationalist America

Also kitty cat syndicalism America

Is the symbol in the fourth pic supposed to resemble an alarm clock?

You listed 6 flags.

Anyone got this flag reproduced digitally? It's got a pretty nice aesthetic.

Ignore the shitposting flag

the comic this is from is hilarious btw. Dont remember what its called but I recommend it. Its the one of the most outlandish and crazy anti communist propaganda I have ever seen.

You can try to edit one of these here

Meh. Two shades of red touching each other. It's bad design.

Made a few versions myself.

I remember making that second flag as apart of our failed larping project/commune

Pretty sure that it's "This Godless Communism." It was a pulp comic distributed to parochial schools and endorsed by J. Edgar Hoover.


Communist Moscow. Credits to the maker on r/vexillology


What's the nipple flag? Never seen anything like that before.

It looks like it's supposed to be a Hydrogen atom but if that's the case the creator forgot to make a tinier dot on the ring

It is a monad.
In Hellenic philosophy it symbolizes 'the one'.
'The one' is a rather complex topic, but it is very interesting.
You can find out a bit more about it in the following links:

I came across something or rather a while back that suggested using a monad to symbolize a Totalitarian state, one can see the links between the concept of an 'absolute' and the inherent totality of a truly Totalitarian state.
As a Totalitarian, I was rather taken with the idea.

That flag just one many attempts I have made to make a symbol/flag that can best represent my ideas.


Great job, user.

The totalitarian symbolism is clever, but the monad concept is far more tied to religion and cheap metaphysics. To say nothing of Dr. Manhattan.




i think he was talking about the fascist communist

Here’s a Red and Green CPRF flag.

I think we should change the color scheme from red and yellow to red and green.


dude the green is ugly lol

It look pretty good.

That's the nazbol charm.



American Interstellar Anarco-Communism

English socialism on american flag, wut.


Alternative Flag for Alaska and a Space Communism flag.

German Socialist Flag

ok, why the cross when socialism is pretty fucking anti-religion, and why use the format of two flag that both represent repressive and even anti-sacialist states.?

It's not representative of Christianity. It's representative of where we're going to put Christfags following the glorious NazBol uprising.



Because the flag format looks cool. Also Christian Socialism is a thing. Jesus was the karl Marx of the Roman Empire.

Well here’s a futuristic version of that flag

Also here’s the black, white, and red version of the flag.


Anti-Wahhabist Action flag.


Thanks. The YPG should hang that flag over Al Raqqa once they liberate it.

Nice Ireland Flag

Who cares? We're taking it now. If you want to seize the MoP, you gotta get people to want to seize it, and one way you can do that is by seizing culture.
First pic would make a really nice armband, btw


Austria Socialist

Try that for size


Alternate Nazbol flag.

this is my proposed flag for materialism

which I think is a good candidate for a name for a rebranded sewer socialism with an emphasis on meeting the material needs of people and deriving policies from materialist observations

the red needs no introduction, the triangle could represent the hierarchy (roots in materialism) and also a subversion of the class structure

Here’s a symbol for market socialism. Thoughts?


Corporatism =/= capitalism.

It's only the natural evolution.



dropped your flag.

Not true. Mareket Socialism is Socialism.

I like the simplicity

A flag for a new USSR.

We already have the Yugoslav flag

Fair enough

Not really a flag, but I made a thing for all the logos of the stages of history


Spanish Communist Flag


Why not?

why don't left wing movements use eagles in their symbolism ?

Because Normies will think "Eagle? Huh must be fascist".

Ironically I made a flag for left libertarianism that uses the same symbolism.

Can't stand to see British communist flags using monarchist symbolism. This uses the British Republican flag as the base instead

Eagles have long, long ago been associated with power, authority and empires. Not good leftist connotations.

Personally I admire the fact that Bolsheviks ditched all the tired old eagles, lions, castles and shields and tried some new motifs.


Syndicalist International flag from Kaiserreich.

Flags are spooks, your faux nationalism means nothing

Speaking is there a good rendition of this armband?

Wait wasn't Monad the absolute, good God in Gnosticism?

Oi try this version

Brings less memories to Hungary

Forgot to post it

British Republicans have never used that flag, plus it looks ugly

Stolen expropriated from leftytrash.

A poor quality Communist version of the American Indian Movement flag I made in 30 seconds.

I'm quite sympathetic to the plight of the Native Americans, so them having some nice flags is good.

I like it, looks like a Ukip version of the republican flag

BTW wouldn't a republican Britain just continue using the Union Jack?
I just can't imagine them totally abandon it at this point, it's just too well known and iconic.


A lot of these are from a Strst from DeviantArt


Error is posting

i think it was a suffragette flag

Yes it was. But it isn't a British Republican flag.

British Republicans don't use it


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