Holla Forums has achieved peak shit

This website is shittier now than ever. Every fucking board now is Holla Forums torture chamber with perhaps 2 or 3 Holla Forums autists running disinfo. Look at Holla Forums, I felt like having some triggering fun this afternoon to breakup the monotony of my studying ,so I posted a few nigger dicks on Holla Forums, maybe 1 fellow Holla Forums shill got in on the fun after I spammed freech and 32chan, and maybe some Holla Forums anons, idk maybe no Holla Forums, and now the whole fucking board is in lockdown, de-listed, Flags up and id's enabled, bans all over the place.
I'm just coming here because I feel like this is the only place on Holla Forums where there's a different perspective, regardless of its merit. To be honest, I know you'd probably do the same, I've been banned forever here multiple times. But since you're in the minority, you must know what I mean. There is no fucking fun left, and everyone acts like the FBI, DOD, Drumpf, every asshole everyone monitors this loser bin 24/7, like Holla Forums is ground zero of the culture war or the Nazi masturbation fantasy or the class war or whatever. Seriously, people here believe that we are under constant surveillance by the CIA and that actions are taken to preempt and counter this place/s various autisms.
BTW, how did you get your user count up? I assume its mostly due to the chesscuck victory.
and my space-jew pic related means I came in peace, an oldfag just wanted to empathize with someone, please don't ban me.

So basically Holla Forums became reddit
No surprise, user ran boards were a mistake

Mods here don't care enough to ban people generally unless they make truly retarded posts, and even then we have forum sliding Holla Forumsacks who sometimes get ignored by them - it translates to being infinitely better than Holla Forums's or r/soc/'s mods (two sides of the same idpol coin, tbqh).
This generally doesn't happen, from what I've seen. You've just surrounded yourselves with the same people and perspectives so completely that anything even slightly different is "shilling" and is impossible to concieve except as the result of a nefarious conspiracy. It was always a question of how much of a hug_box it would become before you could no longer tolerate it, as it was already one and only became more so over time.
Sure, welcome. But try to make a more content-filled post next time - a thread did die for this.

Holla Forums is now reddit for right wingers.
4chan needs you to fill captchas all the time.

I don't go anywhere but leftypol anymore. This is how chans die.

pretty much
question: is it possible to have non-user run boards but also avoid global crackdown circlejerks like GG?
Ironic; you're already talking as if I'm Holla Forums.

What if Holla Forums instead went off into IRC and then collectively counter-signaled every board? Do you really just stay in Holla Forums? IDK, the only thing I do now is shitpost on Holla Forums and Holla Forums.

Holla Forums is a cancer that spreads to every other board because they're edgy dipshits who think that they're cutting edge for hating minorities. And the worst part about their spread is that you can't argue against it because they don't have a rational basis for their beliefs.

The good news is that people will probably get tired of the constant edgy bullshit soon and turn to another cultural position. Holla Forums's culture is in a pretty good position to be that culture when the time comes imo, because it's pretty much the opposite of Holla Forums's culture.

Not the OP, but Holla Forums pretty much makes up the totality of my internet use outside of using FB to talk to people.

I was mainly wondering if Holla Forums was still trying to breakup the monotony or if you've resigned yourselves to chilling here, and empathizing too.
see, when I hear language like that, I can't help but wonder if Holla Forums would do the exact same thing, make the same power play as Holla Forums if you only had the numbers.

I was making a generalization, but I think it was a fairly correct one. So many Holla Forums posters that I've interacted with act like they're enlightened for having discovered racialism and think everyone else is stupid and delusional for not agreeing with them. The biggest difference I see is that most of Holla Forums will not engage with people who disagree with them, while Holla Forums will.

Some of Holla Forums is reasonable, there's a handful of Libertarians and civic nationalists who aren't too bad. Sadly they're by far the minority on Holla Forums.

I think there is too much sectarianism and disorganization to perform any power plays now or ever. Hell, we've grown in numbers a ridiculous amount through the last year or so but we don't conduct the same propaganda, trolling, information/data mining in the scale that Holla Forums does. Their internet shenanigans might just be ineffectual LARPing, but for sure I don't know anyone here dedicated enough during the elections to browse through all of the Wikileak emails to gather juicy bits.


I would go to Holla Forums if I knew it was not filled with faggotry and not even try to fill it with socialist socioeconomics. But it is. And I don't like the interface of halfchan anymore. I even got helped by /adv/ back in the day. But I see no reason to go anywhere else at this point. Hell, we even have nice threads that are not about politics here. and leftyb was a terrible idea

I, at least, don't want to fall in the same tactics they use.

Holla Forums now is a lot closer to what Holla Forums used to be.
Old Holla Forums was funny, witty, and in-between the constant edgelords trying to out-edge each other people would actually bother to read stuff.

80% of the category these days is either clickbait, e-celebs, or endless praise for President Mango. A guy that has repeatedly stated how much he loves Jews and Israel, has a Jewish daughter, filled his cabinet with former Goldman Sachs employees and is trying to cut taxes for Wall Street.
Years ago you could call Hitler a Jewish rothschild agent and not get banned. Holla Forums is dead, perhaps not in terms of PPH, but it's spirit died with the election.

Actually, they're part of the problem. Most of those "libertarians" are just neoliberals, and most of the "civic nationalists" are just liberals with more flag waving.
Holla Forums is slowly turning into run-of-the-mill neocons cheering on the establishment, while calling anyone that disagrees a "shill".

this is what happens when you take things too seriously on the internet

I miss Holla Forums

I disagree. Holla Forums always had an anti-intellectual bent, and their edgelording was different than Holla Forums's edgelording because they never actually had anything substantial to say aside from rebelling against liberal orthodoxy, which got old fast.

I think the main problem is that most people here don't care much for the bourgeois political circus. Contrast that with Holla Forums where most people still believe things can be fixed through elections.

They pretend they're wining, but in reality they're getting fucked. Immigration will increase, they will continue to lose their jobs, their wages will decrease, more tax cuts for the rich, etc. 4 years from now they'll probably still blame the "Jews" and they'll have learned nothing. Instead they'll hope for yet another savior. Like liberals, they're hopeless except for those that turn their back on it.

Meanwhile socialist movements are making the real change in this world. Sure, Rojava might (at first sight) pale in comparison to the spectacle of the US elections and controlling the US government, but in reality the latter is just a continuation of typical bourgie politics. Holla Forums thinks they've elected /theirguy/, but it's just another neoliberal/neocon. The optics might change, but not the long-term trends.

I could tell things went to shit when I found Holla Forums is run by a Holla Forums shitbag that pushes the "women ruin video games" narrative and bans anyone who doesn't believe WhitePowerGate's lies. Most of Holla Forums doens't even play video games, they're edgy little conservashits that think they're fighting a war to "save vidya games against them SJWs" because they hate women. Conservatives used to hate video games, until it became convenient for their little fight.

Sure, it had a vocal anti-intellectual undercurrent, but it also had a more obscure intellectual one. The kind of people who were actually well-read. And while their views are abhorent, they could at least justify them (as far as that's possible).
The reason it's been going downhill so rapidly is because the latter have either left or were banned during the course and in the aftermath of the election. New Holla Forums doesn't care about intellectual pursuits (they actually banned literature threads), it's all about maintaining the team spirit and praising the leader. Anything that diverges from that is a threat. (Like you know, ultra-subversive activities like discussing philosophy, history, art, etc.)

I'm really curious what that place will look like in a few years.

Anybody think Trump's rise and fall will ultimately be exactly what's needed to restore balance to the force in imageboards?

You have to go back

Reminder that hotwheels was also the gatekeeper too. He had personal info on each top BO of this site and if they never relinquished their power they'd get doxed. Now that he's gone the BOs and staff memeberd hidr behind their private IRC/skype chatrooms devoid of any consquences.

Congratufuckinglations realizing Holla Forums ruined anonymous imageboard culture, and capitalism ruined the internet as a whole. At the end of the day Holla Forums, 420chan, and some paid forums are all I really have left, and I've already came to the realization that those will die out too eventually.

Not sure if bait, or literally /r/socialism, but Gamergate had valid aspects to it though. Put aside the /r9k/-tier women hatred, and Holla Forums claiming the majority of the anti-GG journalists were jewish, and realize the idpol "left" was really committing fuckery behind the scenes.

The reason they're so butthurt about Gamergate, the reason they could brush aside every other complaint against the PC SJW conquest of cultural freedom until GG, the reason they're so paranoid for infiltration by "the enemy" in their thought police regime, the reason they've become more shrill with every populist phenomenon against their agenda since, the reason they know in the bottom of their hearts to be inarguable fact despite every outward protestation, is very simple:

GG is leftist, and they aren't.

nother thread about Holla Forums I see
carry on I guess lol

that political compass is shit btw. I've given it to an ex member of a neo nazi paramilitary and he got into the left authoritarian square. You essentially have to be a "NOTHING PERSONNEL KID" level edgelord to get out of the bottom left. That being said, I'd say GG harboured more actual leftists than the people who obsessed over being against it.

Story time please

I'm sure this will come as news to the Holla Forums general.

I'd love to see a poll today from the GG dumbasses

aGGroes really are amazingly colossal shit eaters

The gravitational center of GG shifted from Holla Forums after Acid went full rulecuck and plummeted GGHQ into the bottom of the board list, at the same time GGR was being trolled into oblivion, leaving the 8/v/ general as pretty much just an eCeleb/namefag drama circlejerk. Sad to say, /r/KiA is where it's at right now.

Legacy boards were a mistake. Honestly, all the legacy boards should be renamed, and all legacy board names should be permanently banned from board creation.

Legacy boards should have been owned by the staff, and it should have been up to the community to field alternatives to them if they went to shit. It was inevitable that egofags would snatch up the majority of the major boards and drive them into the ground eventually.

nonsense, if the boards went to shit it was the userbase's fault, not muh great men.

Privatise Holla Forums

That would lead to the exact problems Holla Forums was created to solve. Only the continual threat of new boards displacing corrupt ones could possibly fix it.

GG is filled with right wing Idpol whining about "muh straight white male struggles" and diverse characters are too politically driven when the industry is just as filled with White characters as it was a decade ago.

That's awful bourgeois of you to say.

Pretty sure that the GG hashtag thing started in 2014. I was there when people did the poll. There were loads of people who basically had positions like shoe0nhead on twitter. I guess she has been secretly a literal NAZI the whole time, then? Thanks for your enlightening post. It is true that the board population has shifted a lot to the right and far right, but I don't see why I should fight against that by pretending that shit games are good and that clickbait journlolists are amazing people.

If a Nazi living in the woods tweets that Revolution60 is a shit game, and nobody hears his critique because we all blocked him, does it mean the game is actually good? Deep and profound question, huh?

(I would like to write a more in-depth rebuttal, but I'm in a really uncomfortable state right now with my eyes rolling the whole time, so I have to make these gay parrot head movements to counteract that to see any fucking letters.)

I think the worst part here is that I wouldn't even mind some of their policies as background culture regulation, if only they didn't actually believe.
(i.e. if you held "women ruin videogames" as a sort of background opinion just to avoid talking about women and centre the discussion on videogames and as a general excuse to ban anyone who "btw i'm a grill"'s )

but it goes beyond that, they honestly believe it's SJWs perverting the market instead of the market-form itself which is corrupt. a business isn't to blame for "SJWing" up a game to make more profits, it's an inanimate object, it's just reacting to the forces of natureā€¦ ideology out now on bluray.

Yeah, even though it's lost its quality all the other boards are utter garbage. I don't even visit 4chan anymore.

You must be joking.

This is just like some retards trying to reclaim the zombie turd that is Pepe

Pathetic, retarded, futile

Good. Then it can only become better from here.


The gift that keeps on giving