How do we drive people like this away from Socialism?

How do we drive people like this away from Socialism?

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Ask him why he thinks any of his spooks will matter after capitalism.

I think I finally get now what Stirnerites mean when they talk about spooks. This person is terrible.

Seriously, does he have a mental disorder or something like that? I am genuinely confused.

The problem is, mentally ill or not he's a popular dude (like 50k followers on Twitter) and member of a left-wing movement with like-minded people

Listen to 4:30 here

This is what people think of when they think of "anti-capitalists". Our image can't regenerate while these people feel comfortable using our banners and our ideas.

I've known about him for months now but every time I see his videos he makes me unnaturally angry. I hope he chokes to death on a fat white dick while another white dick ruptures his asshole and the last thing he hears is "My white ancestors seed just colonized your body."

Have you guys seen that Chris Rock monologue about how books are kryptonite to niggas?
Well theory is kryptonite to idpol


It's not even as if we can round up people to help us throw people into them if people think these idiots are actual socialists.

Is this what afroplasm looks like IRL

He might. He's already the black Milo in every other sense, might as well be in interracial fetishization as well.

Tell him that dialectal material thinking is to complicated for negros to understand. Why else hasn’t Africa had any socialist revolutions?

haha, that guy needs to be Gulaged.

you can't. socialist ideas will always allure such people. infact the majority of socialists are like this.

In fact, neither him nor you have any idea about socialism

But seriously, we need to make these people believe the left is just unironic nazbols so that way they’ll consider themselves as part of the right. We should also send them lolbrterian propaganda so they leave socialism.

By not being the tolerant left. Gulag the shit out of him.

Almost forgot the flag. Please forgif.



As long as Liberal Teachers teach their students about an ahistorical, fairy tale Liberal Jesus Marx, we'll be flooded by these sort. The people need to read actual literature, but the education system gives children young-adult fiction trash and books like 1984 which they can twist and bend into being 100% anti-Left rather than anti-USSR. The Democratic Capitalists did the same thing with the Fascist Capitalists, now the Fascist movement operates off of PUA books and cheap 10 minute videos by schizophrenic occultists on youtube, none of them read.



You are on your way to becoming your own, friend.

Remind them they are black nazis.
Not even joking.
There is no difference.

oh I didn't know our tripfag of the month made YouTube videos.

Yeah some Austrian guy tried to do socialism for one race and it didn't go very well.

Reassociate socialism with economics. You don't see any feminists or BLM faggots in the AnCap tent because they're so blaringly loud about the "this is an economic system, not a platform for your unrelated social issues" thing.
Socialism needs to do the same thing. Any time someone tries to bring up SJW-faggotry, ask them what it has to do with economics. Eventually they'll declare the movement "bigoted" and move on to another community to cannibalize with their bullshit.

Now now, don't be too rough on the namefags.

Reminder that they already view leftism in a transactional way

oh, perfect. We just keep hyping the anti-SJW wave that society is already feeling so that people will stop entering into their "transactions".
There are clearly "boring, normal" people out there who would be more than happy to keep the cause alive with or without the trendyfags.

I was sympathetic and then I realized he's posting on a racist japanese cartoon forum and laughed.

There's actually nothing that offensive about the OP. Someone from their community got insulted, so they had a rather tame protest. The store owner apologizes, they accept. Pretty amazing that advocates of revolutionary violence would be offended by this, though the reason is obvious: y'all are actually racist.

It's amazing to me that the politically correct position on these sorts of issues have shifted from "judged [not] by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" to "colorblindness is white supremacy".

The only hope I can imagine is for all of these idpol spooks to be stripped away from their clinging grasp.

All of the actually revolutionary organizations in the US are clear on the importance of minority nationalism. Idpol is a spook that rationalizes whiteness of ultra-left spaces that are just run-off from liberals they criticize.

If you havn't yet, you probably don't know the material conditions of the US.


These people are such a tiny minority they aren't worth hating on. This is left sectarianism if the person in the vid can even be considered left.


Are you scared white boi? This is your future. This is REAL socialism in a multicultural society.

Fuck off baizuo.

You have to go back

You too

It boils down to this. We shouldn't be afraid to tell these losers that socialism is economics, but we have too many sympathizers calling themselves "socialists" to do so effectively.

The moment anyone tries to inject idpol bullshit into a socialist movement they ought to be ousted.

Someone seriously ban this racist piece of shit op, people like you are what's wrong with Socialism

If this is unironic then please kill yourself.


Hahaha, ok I thought the Pan African and Black Power flags were legit, now I know they are shitposting flags.

Brb filtering Afroplasm



i just leave this here

This dude is just the reverse of white nationalism, you moron.


wouldn't put it past Holla Forums to ironically do this.

really tickles the brain membrane

this made me kek