Holding a glowing globe with your hands surely won't fuel the conspiracy retards

Holding a glowing globe with your hands surely won't fuel the conspiracy retards.

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I can't believe the liberals were right and politics really is Harry Potter.

The conspiracy retards are good for the elites though, anti-establishment beliefs get tarnished with the 'reptillians' brush.

The conspiracy theorists are mostly Trump supporters now, I don't think they'll care.

It looks like a Turkish bootleg version of Phantom Benis ending

How will we ever recover the philosopher's stone?

Why would they dislike conspiracy theories? Conspiracy theories are a great benefit to the elite.

Is this Deus Ex

What are they summoning?


Interdimensional Jew lizards.

Global capitalism

you'd think the elite would avoid making a gesture that basically reads as "we own this planet"

The return of metaphysics to the megalopolitin world.

Putin has this guy handling some propaganda for him.
His tactic is basically "fund every opposing political party and admit to doing so"
This makes everyone fucking paranoid and confused as to what is real and fake.
The whole "fake news" thing can also testify for the same thing.
Fueling these conspiracy theories only helps create confusion and fear. And: "When people are afraid, they accept authority" (t. Noam Chomsky)



Tulsi BTFU Holla Forums

Trump is continuing Obama's foreign policy

how the fuck did they do this, guys

Cus muh israel
Iran only supports hezbollah

For fucks sake can someone please make a fake Illuminati: New World Order card with this picture?

Your appointment to ICE should be finalized within the week, I have already discussed the matter with the senator.

They're all vested interest groups.



Meanwhile on Earth-192.


"Bernie just touched the orb of sexism"

seriously, what in the actual fuck
this shit is more disturbing than Illuminati end scene
why is trump such a creepy motherfucker?

so the same thing?


It looks so good anons, nothing can ever compete! In communism, will us lowly proles get our own orbs?

I want it. I want the orb, and all the power and wealth that comes with it. I need it.

why is the egyptian dictator there?

fucking duh

better pic

They look like they're plotting world domination in some top secret subterranean lair of evil. Wonder what Trumpcucks think now that their beloved god-emperor's been awarded some special award by the Saudi king…


Rate Meme



Marvel is getting out of hand with these events

Harry Potter? M8 thats clearly a palantir


I tested things out. Trump supporters cant even see the humour in the pic. They are dead inside.

he's playing with their glowing balls


This is literally the stuff of Infowars followers' nightmares, but they're too cucked to even notice.

Seriously, all this looks ominous as fuck.

Seems like Trump took leftypols advice and stopped being islamophobic.

It's like a Rembrandt painting.

Imagine how fucking paranoid the Maga chuds would be if Hillary did this shit

does trump have to yell at the top of his lungs "kills all whites" before these drones wake the fuck up

that isnt even the worse of it.
check out this big gay dance they do together


What the fuck is this

Aside from the lair of the villain in a spy thriller

I would not at all be surprised if King Salman was the Mad Arab

Why is everything glowing?

They're trying to appear technocool, "we rule da worlll" or something like that.

It's an internet propaganda center called the Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology

According to the article I'm reading on this, the gesture was to “inaugurate The Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology in Riyadh.”
I'm guess all of us would probably be a target, then.

His Saudi trip is all memes

(other thread)
It was supposed to be satire, right?

shit now we have to start accusing everyone who disagrees with us of being from GCCEIR

[UNATCO theme intensifies]

shhh, Trump is just playing 4 dimensional connect 4.



I'm happy he won the presidency and I was an advocate for le accelerationsm meme from day one because I knew he would cuck Holla Forums pretty hard.

I started on it

Deus Ex is fucking real

Just fucking imagine if hillary had won and did this. Just lol.

"socialism" isn't scary word, use "communism"


urge to nuke

Trump is officially a part of Majestic 12 now.

Ben Garrison would be shitting, peeing, spitting and breathing cartoons in the speed of light. Holla Forums would be "always right" again and the aut-right would be feeling smug as fuck.

Bitch, the target audience would shove toothbrushes up their butts and smuggle them out of the country if they saw a Bernie sticker in their town.

I take it he was agreeable?





Finally even the liberals can understand what's going on.

lotr is too heavy for libs

this made me kek

this made me kek harder

So Voldemort instead of Saruman then?

what's with the complextro soundtrack lmao

This was probably the original opening for Deus Ex but they rejected it for being too on the nose.