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Fuck off

I don't get this meme.

Women are the big other, so when they have opionions, it's more special. General virginal psychosis

name one thing leftcoms has accomplished aside the failed German revolution

the german revolution wasnt a leftcom revolution as left communism wasnt a rhing then


Leftcoms haven't "accomplished" anything, and neither has MLism. Material conditions are material conditions - while what happens during times of insurrection and the birth of new relations of production can be changed, it is material conditions which underlie what happen anyways, and it's silly to appropriate an event as the result of "your ideology". That's mighty idealistic of you to think otherwise, spooky even!

I dont get this meme. Whats the idea?

Girls are cute!

Well yea but whats the idea of this meme? Fill in some words around a picture of a girl?

Fuck me I feel like im old and im only 21. You kids and yer memes.

OP you've missed the point of the meme. You're meant to pyt captions of what a leftcom GF would say, not just a leftcom.

For example:

'I'll only have sex with you if I can stay in my armchair'

'Shut up user I'm reading Marx'

what a retarded gf you draw for yourself user

I think OP is trying to make you describe your ideal girlfriend.

We're still living under capitalism. Stop thinking of it as a race, faggot.

Here, I made it good.

Oh. So anyone got a template or something?

Dude just crop the lady in the chair.

Thats not the original. Theres one without a chair and with normal legs.

I have this

thanks lad.

t. mspaint pro

Found this one

Can you translate it?

lol no i dont speak vodka, just thought it looked funny.

OP as a GF

much better

ah, that's a bad interpretation of Marx's and Engel's philosophy of history, but don't worry, they only explicitly wrote that this is wrong like a hundred times.

hahaha OP you're fucking gay

Well I made the meme as far as I understood it.

it's supposed to be kinda satirical i dunno, not your actual gf? I guess

do not want

Its not my girlfriend. I dont have one.

i meant actual ideal gf sorry heh. my gf (male) and me broke up this month, it hurts but ya know, dont let it get you down too much

Well I hardly know what I want for an actual girlfriend so making a satirical one is going to be pretty tough.




No user, you're not special

exactly why we shouldnt breed (much)


Egoist gf turns me on tbh

I would fund that milk shoppe…

Wtf I'm nazi now!

Any person, regardless of gender, who is willing to fight and potentially die for the elimination of class is your ally and worth spending time with, comrades.

Agreed, and I am against that puts one gender on a pedestal

just because someone is a commie doesnt mean i want to put my dick in them and cuddle though (though it's a good start)

Anprim GF

beat me to it lol

Welp I'm a Nazi now




egoist girl is despooking me so hard





Fake. Language is a tool of civilization and therefore evil. True emancipation requires the abolition of language. Animal noises are the true anprim way!

Language is animal noises.

4 U

Fixed it for you.

there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism

What's that green and black flag supposed to mean?

anarcho-primitivism, I think.

Anarcho-Primitivism. I forgot to change it.

Free anal

It's too unrealistic this way.

So communism without indoor plumbing?

It means that you don't know how to mouse over flags to read what they mean.

I'm on mobile.

What did Native-Americans do to deserve the wrath of Anarcho-Primitivists?

Muslim GF

You remind of someone I ate during the blockade of Leningrad. For Stalin. For Motherland. Here's a rifle. We're going to kill fascists together.

Holy shitbiscuits, that sounds like my GF. Especially the anime part. She's into anime a lot more than I am. She's been trying to get me to watch shows like Bleach, Death Note and Fushigi Yugi forever now. It's not that I don't want to, I just don't think to watch them that often. Plus, she'd prefer to watch them together, and I agree that it'd be more special that way.

Death Note is ok, just a bit edgy…


do u have more of these chinese-subbed cartoons, they are good practice for me because they use simple words

follow @itdoesnteggs on twitter, it's a bot dedicated to posting these cartoons

Not to worry, fam. The only shonen she's remotely interested in is Dragonball Z, but mostly for the Android saga, because she has a crush on Android 17. She's a maaaaaaaaajor fangirl. It's adorable, really. Sometimes I larp as her favorite fictional crushes… gets me much pussy from her. ;D


thanks :)


This actually made me feel wholesome… fuck.

Honest question in regards to psychoanalysis. Are women the Big Other even to other women? Or just to men?

She's got good taste user. Also, if you're looking for good shows you might both like, Fooly Cooly and Cowboy Beebop are safe bets. Maybe Samurai Champloo. My personal recommendations, that I don't know if you'll like, are Ranma 1/2 and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, two of my favorites. Anyway, cheers! Glad to see someone on this board who seems happy and has a qt gf!

This made my kokoro go doki doki

Honestly I was just shitposting i don't know much about psychoanalysis. However, as I understand it, the big other is a kind of absolute that everything else is judged against. Be it god, the state, Women, whatever.

I don't know if it's the same for women, but if women spent thier days angry that they didn't want to fuck them, created entire media genres that reduce men to some one dimensional sex object that exists solely for the the main character (who they self insert as), and literally base thier entire self worth and the worth of other women on how often, how many, and how attractive men they fuck; those women would have men as thier big other

me2. wish i could find a girl who opposes work like i do

I cant wait for based technological singularity so I can finally get my own AI waifu bot

I know it's not funny, but fuck it. I spent too much time on this shit to not post it.

The Russian Revolution failed too my tankie friend.

i literally didn't realize that 17 was supposed to be male for a while

kawaii desu (´・ω・`)

it's actually pretty funny. SJW and ancap could've beem a bit subtler though
solid 5/7

Nice, bunkerchan needs to be more autistic though


She's perfect

Not bad.

How many levels of autism are you guys on right now?

like, 6 or 7 my comrade

just so you know, that image was propaganda made by an egoist who purposely associated the gf with femdom
don't fall for it!

post the "please don't look at me" gf



cant think of anything witty.

you really should try put something in, maybe some other rojava user will do it

change flag everytime i post nigga


I could use some summer sausage right about now

join us

I don't get it.


You're literally destroying the quality of this board.





its because your an uncultured name fag

How do I get this dream come true?

I could be your existentialist gf!

that's a pretty good one

No, you're male.


Sorry. I prefer to be alone.
We can still be friends.


h-how can i contact you

rebel, prz

Smoke signals.


um how can i contact you?


CHE not Lenin



keep this term on twitter

I feel bad now because I think I made the anprim leave by memeing him.


cute, CUTE

I showed her my post and your response just recently, user. She says many thanks. ^^ You're quite kind. And I'm grateful af that she's a part of my life… Cheers, likewise!

I was a little drunk.


lmao faggot

wait, wasn't Asser just as antisemitic as Hitler?


Hitler was Anti-semetic for ethno-religious basis. Asser was Anti-Semetic on an anti-capitalist basis. He only hated rich Jews. Other Jews were okay.

yes pls

Woah, watch it user, that's no GF, that's wife, oh wait, that sort of woman does not exist in real life.

whore, i get that penetration does not feels good, blame your biology for making your clit the nerve center instead of your vagina, don't blame a man.

and i am done beinf a confessionfag

Amen to that comrade.

such a shame Hitler was such a tyrant. Though the gay SA had to die

uh, thanks for your input.




Why would you do this to me, user?

Not as much as hitler. But around the same amount as your average palestinian.

If you think the SA was bad you need to die.



Long live the SA, long live the German Socialist Republic.

is it normal to drink by yourself? sometimes i feel like just drinking alone, because it's refreshing

does anyone else feel this way? people say it ought to be social but I can't see why

I only drink alone and often

Just make sure not to get addicted and/or ruin your liver.


What's wrong with femdom? tbh I'm kinda into that personally and I don't see the reason to despise it.

His flag indicates that he has shit taste in ideology as well as fetishes.

well no shit sherlock.

Wouldn't be surprised if he had a fetish for getting cucked by black people or arabs though, since they seem to talk about that a lot.

I l-love you too



I'm not against femdom, but its the most common fetish for imageboard users, so if the creator of that image wanted to make his ideology seem as attractive as possible, he would associate it with femdom.


Libertarian GF must be fucking loaded

written history

finally, I've been waiting for a Stalinist gf

It's not fair

Nice tbh

Is Chairman Yang the ultimate GF?


I'm still here

Chairman Yang is love. Chairman Yang is life.


user suck my dick


no Men are the big Other. From my experience girls love asking Men they're interested in about why Men do this or that. They're very bewildered by male behavior and are misunderstanding as Men are of them. Women don't get lots of basic easy things about Male behavior.

if my mom finds out that I saved this picture from her tablet she might think I'm actually a faggot.

she was bound to find out sooner or later

I'm not gay.

I'm not gay.

gays can make bf memes



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