What the hell is the deal with Asserism?
It seems to be a form of Not Socialism that seems a bit more economically oriented towards socialist ideology and less toward ethnic cleansing. I'm in no means a Not Socialist (being jewish myself) but it seems very fascinating to me that turd position ideologies seem less racist than mainstream Nazism.

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*National Socialist

Stalinism with death camps for the joos

Most are still classcucks because they tend to put more energy towards fighting communism , the joos and blacks mooselims, and more generally the left

Eh…don't Asserists and Asserists want socialism, but only for a few? Like, workers worldwide should unite except for Jews, spics, niggers, Muslims and faggots. Shit, even Evalion's boyfriend's one of them types of "socialists" now. Seems racist enough to be idpol in my opinion.

The Straßers, if I remember correctly, only called for a degree of economic planning in the new state, tackling of poverty, the dissolution and seizure of excessively large companies, and use of working class oriented propaganda. They did not want much more than proposed Fascist corporatism (the corporatism which Hitler and Mussolini abandoned for massive concessions to the rich and privatizations) and economic planning.

isn't *strasserism syndicalism with a nationalist twist ?


That would be Falangism/National Syndicalism

So? Socialism is primarily for me and the people I like. The reason I want socialism for all is only because the bourgeoisie are global and the proletariat need to fight them globally to win. After we've achieved communism you can all go fuck yourselves though.

St4sserism isn't practical though, because it doesn't realize this simple truth; no matter how much you think blacks and jooz are icky, you'll never be able to defeat the bourgeosie unless you ally with workers of all races and all nations.

wasn't national syndicalism abandoned as soon as the Spanish civil war ended ?

So? Social-Democracy at gunpoint with genocide?

It was never embraced. Since Primo de Riviera was executed by the Republicans as soon as the war started the Falange was immediately coopted and purged of national syndicalists to become Franco's propaganda arm. Not that national 'syndicalism' was ever syndicalist in the slightest.

basically Titoism with more nationalism





Pretty much. The extent of their 'socialism' was more an extension of Fascist totalitarianism. They did not want any businesses growing large enough to influence the state.

Before any dumb fag goes "HAHA NO TRO SCOTSMAN AMIRITE???", the National Syndicalists supported private property, enforced class systems and rigid hierarchy and capitalism. It's literally just Mussolini's proposed corporatism, but with anti capitalist propaganda.

Point me to one of his writings supporting workers self management and market socialism


nothing stops socialist nations from working together to achieve that

nice spooks lmoa

That's very "revisionist" since Communism e.g the communion of Men aims to abolish nation-states and national/racial identity

Why I use the Pan-African flag icon.

Threadly reminder that if you havent read this book you dont really understand what nazism actually was, nevermind why a lot of people still look towards st-rasserismhint it could have shut down a lot of that shit

I can almost say im unironically nazbol, but at the same time I know for a fact that both the nazis and the bolsheviks were propped up by precisely the same people

this book is more important to understanding the world right now than most of the autistic philosophy stuff you aspies drag in here:

of course jim crow was very useful for divide and conquer but its also precisely why this idpol shit has to be purged ruthlessly, douglass knew what was up

also youre admitting that youre butthurt because a bunch of southern peasants let their misery out on your granpappy, grow up nigger life in the unipolar world is suffering and death on the installment plan, do you have any idea the shit that is going on right now, dont tell me to care about everybody and then cry about your relatives with no scars of your own

I ain't American.
Thanks for proving my point.

That doesn't make any damn sense because you'd expect the beneficiaries of racism to be the ones who benefited/benefit the most right? Who benefits the most anti-black racism Cleetus or the guy born with the a silver spoon in his mouth whose family literally got rich from slavery? Let's use another example, who do you think benefited the most from racism Cleetus or all those Texas oil billionaires/millionaires who got rich during de jure segregation?

Whose property are racist cops really trying to protect Cletus's trailer or the business next door?

Any historian of segregation will tell you that one of its prime motives was to stop union-organizing and that history is part of why the South has lower wages/union reps then the rest of the country even today:

Poor whites actually were one of the major economic beneficiaries of de-segregation, so it doesn't make much sense to say that they benefited much materially from the racist policies of the state.

They talk that way in order to infiltrate the black liberation movement and control it. This line goes back a long time and is part of the pro-business infiltration of black worker struggles arguably starting with Booker but prolly going back even before that. Many American capitalists are also still quite racist that's why the right-wing of capital has the power in society that it does.

This isn't really a material phenomenon but ok, you could say it has materialist roots. How is it different from how US blacks often imagine themselves better then Africans, Latin Americans etc. because their largely still better off materially. Their still getting fucked by capital whatever their fantasies and some particularly recalcitrant folks in the Black and Latino communities imagine themselves to be better then each other. The point is to unite the workers fam, not play into this game either way. Jews were oppressed in Russia but that didnt mean that Lenin and Stalin supported the Jewish bund in fact they actively fought against their segregationist nationalist policies.

I didnt prove your point you fucking downsie, you have no point and you have no program, the fact that you think you can establish anything about me because I used a tasteless slur shows how sheltered and spooked you are, read a book nigger, you are being played 6 ways to sunday

What've "white workers" done for blacks for communists to feel so entitled to black working class support? Don't matter if the whites on top benefitted from racism more than whites on the bottom, it wasn't black workers going "irrelevant shiting is communism!" who felt they had more in common with rich whites than they did with the toothless hicks who as Martin Luther King said "fed upon Jim Crow". Shit, just look at how poor whites vote Republican and adopt their cutthroat anarcho-capitalist mindset just so they can rest assured that their policies harm black and brown people.

Face it, working class whites make shitty allies in any class struggle cuz they're the most race-cucked Americans there are. Maybe one day they'll wise up to the fact that Jews, spics, niggers, Muslims and faggots ain't their enemy, but till then I'm just gonna promote leftism to blacks, white Europeans who're generally less race/class-cucked, Asians and anybody else that ain't fallen for porky's lies yet.


You know America and Britain supported the whites and invaded Soviet Russia right? Arguably there were some calling for sanity, saying we should stay out of business of the Russians, and arguing for trade relations with the Bolsheviks but I've never seen how that amounts to the big Anglo-Jewish plot people make it out to be.

Even the capitalists who supported Hitler from the Anglo-countries were probably a far-right minority within those perspective establishments (though powerful they were) otherwise the liberal wing would not have prevailed. Hitler didn't come to power bc of Ford's autism or the BoE but bc the German capitalists decided that he would be quite useful for overcoming the social crisis they were experiencing and disarming the radical left.

Both in the countries where fascism came to power and socialist revolution prevailed it was the result of primarily endogenous causes. The world imperialists in Europe and Asia are integrated with the Anglo-world, they have trade relations with the Anglo-world that doesn't mean that Britain and America tell Putin what to do for instance. The right-wing of the imperialists in Europe and Japan are keen supporters of theories like this bc they are jealous of the Anglo countries and the former Soviet Union, not because their any better or less reactionary.



I thought that was
Did that Simpsons episode lie to me?

It’s economically socialist, however extremely nationalist. It’s what not-socialism would be if it was actually socialist.

support for the whites was a token effort, greatly outweighed by the entire spectrum of operational support provided to the bolsheviks, which was again outweighed by even more support for hitlers thulean eugenicist lebensraum nonsense. Chapter 2(?) goes into great detail about this, also why are you suddenly babbling abut jews look how fucked your opinions are, you are projecting things random confused polacks have said at some point with the work of a man that has spent his life studying this shit

bullshit, an even better example is the british aristocracy who put on a carefully crafted dance to convince everyone they were on the fence about addi, nothing could be further from the truth and there is a lot of documentation to underline their true intent

laughable naive nonsense, everything about hitlers ideology was a patchwork of shit from the usual suspects, there was nothing natural or original about any of it

you dont know shit about geopol bruh its pretty obvious, youre basically being a softcore chauvinist, im a casual as well but im not a complete pleb like you

Read the book, it wrecks just about everything you have said. the problem is that you think in terms of ideologies as opposed to cui bono, the whites were shit and so were the junkers but they were very fucking similar to each other, they could have cemented some kind of alliance which would have made the war impossible, so the perfidious albion was willing to risk backing the craziest most murderous commies they could find to really scare the shit out of all the porkies, and it fucking worked wonders with the added side benefit of tainting anything remotely socialist for ages to come

read. the. book.

this is not some basement dwelling outburst of autism, its a serious piece of work, preparata was washington state or something anglo intellectual gatekeepers try to desperately act like he does not exist

The quote is "The Bart The!"

we are all niggers, nigger

We communists have been fighting for the democratic rights of black workers since we started in the US. As for white workers, while backwards people among them do exist, its clear that their not the enemy. Look at Bernie Sanders who had quite a good deal of support from working class whites especially from "toothless hick" regions like West Virginia.

If you look at the election figures its pretty clear that it was a case that Hillary lost more then Trump won. Though embarrassingly enough for you more """"poc""" voted for Trump then they had for any previous republican candidate in recent history.

If we go back in time we can see numerous alliances between poor blacks and poor whites from the Civil War/Reconstruction to the populist movement to the union drives of the early 20th century to the Civil Rights movement. I mean you can look back at pictures from various civil rights marches there are a lot of sympathetic white people there.

Ya know and its not just all about altruism us black workers should join in class struggles with white workers in order to advance their own self-interest as well. Since they do make up quite a large part of the workforce and all, even when white workers were the absolute majority they still needed blacks involved in the unions, it took everyone working together even back then.

Based word filter. There were black leaders like Malcolm X who spoke out against it. And let's face it posting a picture from the 50s with what doesn't look like more then 100 people acting like retards isn't representative of white workers then or now. That's like saying Black Israelite retards who hilariously manage to incorporate Zionist chauvinism with Nazi ideas are somehow representative of black workers. Farrakhan has been quite well-known for pushing anti-semitic ideas himself.

Soc Dem is just as class-cucked tbh but whatever. I think its funny you think that white Europeans when they have a history of quite literal fascism and neo-fascists are on the rise there. Just because both ancrapism and fascism both suck doesn't meant that Europeans are less cucked cause their right leans more towards fascism. None of the Asian "communist" regimes which were driven more by nat lib then actual proletarian class struggle amounted to much. The other Asian cappie regimes that were successful quite literally had long periods of fascist rule.

We don't get anywhere by comparing chauvinists or classcucks only communism unites and can bridge these problems.

*white Europeans are a model group to target

There is a reason why an Prussian philosopher is responsible for communism while black African is not.

Sorry nigger, but material dialectal thinking is to complicated for a negro to do.

It’s sarcasm, don’t ban me mods.

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This ain't bout communists fighting for black rights, it's bout Holla Forums """""communists""""" calling you a nigger if you sport a Pan-African flag icon and don't turn a blind eye to the fact that a lotta poor or working class whites in America don't like blacks no matter if they're of the same class and never have cuz they bought into Porky's "no matter how poor you are at least you're not a nigger" propaganda to get them to serve bourgeois interests. Face it, racism runs too deep in American culture for black leftists to just "ignore" race and the unique challenges that it brings for black people. That's why I show solidarity to not only the working class, but also especially the black diaspora.

What's that supposed to mean?

Its State Syndicalist ideologically but it would probably end up being some kind of soc dem with guns in practice, which is the main reason why I stopped being a Turd Positionist

your trip alone qualifies you for doublenigger status, ignoring race is not the way to go about anything it just leaves an attack vector open and murika has a uniquely shitty history with blacks but you are still being a fucking faggot nigger

I respect the american negro despite everything, it fucking hurts thinking about what they did to the real panthers and how they have consistently undermined and subverted all the brimming revolutionary potential of said right up to this very day but you are a bootyblasted snowflake fag, this is h8chan we are all niggers, you need to learn how to deal with that or figure out how to fix it

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