Who do we shill for in 2020?

Who do we shill for in 2020?

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Nice thread, Americunt.

sage negated btw


More like mention what country you're talking about instead of being a typical lazy slop chinned mongrel and fighting against writing a decent OP because of your lardy sausage fingers mashing multiple keys and requiring more effort than any other country on the board.

try harder Holla Forums

you sound pretty upset

No, just shitting up your thread by making sure the first ten posts are shitflinging, giving you exactly the kind of discussion you deserve.

not my thread, but nice to know you have some USI to go with your buttanger that it exists.

Been clicking the random article button on ED have we?

Our district. 2020 Hunger Games finna be lit!


Certainly not her

We'll see who arises in 2020

We need to build up a third party locally and then on a state-level before national elections mean anything.

So, basically, in 2020 who gives a shit because only the Republicans and Dems will get any votes.

Sanders, if the old fart is still alive.
I'd say Tulsi Gabbard since she's a qt 3.14 but she's just a Democrat pretending to be a Progressive.
Bernie isn't really /ourguy/ but I'd still rather live in a social democracy over a neoliberal nightmare.

The Democrats would rather die as a party than nominate Bernie and he's too stubborn to run as an independent.

Just give up that dream, it's not coming true.

This. Let me be able to go to the doctor while waiting for revolution.

no, shitting up a random burger thread by building up a righteous head of steam about it existing and flinging your chunibyo spaghetti while everybody else cringes is a pretty good indicator of USI tho

KEK has spoken.

The workers' bomb.

We shill for the the thing that will put an end once and for all to all the existing pain.

Dwayne Johnson. It's the accelerationist choice.

I know, it's just the only possible path I see that doesn't descend into hell.

He'd actually be pretty popular imo. He's like a masculine Obama.

Chelsea or Michelle obvi

The only choice.

Gloria La Riva and Vermin Supreme are the redpilled candidates

posadas, is that you?

Why don't we shill for someone whose actually a socialist next time. Just an idea.

If we're going with that, I'd rather Obama run for a third term. That would be fireworks.

Idk, I'll let you try to convince Wolff to run for president yourself then.

There won't be one to shill for no matter what, a socialist will never stand a chance in America.

We need to shill for a general insurrection by 2020, think big, we can do it fam

Chelsea of course. Just like how we supported her mother. Master Soros says it, so it must be true!!!

Good lord.

How's high school? Maybe you retarded burger scoffing fucks should add more information to your threads than "Warren.jpg" since half this board isn't from the USA. You're the only country that does this and the only one that get so upset at being challenged on it.

yaaaaaaaassss queen slaaaaay

Because anyone who's a Socialist running for president in America has enough common sense to realize that they don't stand a snowball's chance in hell at winning if they reveal their power level. Decades of brain washing mixed with propaganda has ruined any chance of that.
If you listen to younger Bernie Sanders speaking (There's a couple of webms out there, just can't find any at the moment), he was definitely a Socialist when he was younger. He is just smart enough to know that he would wreck his chances at ever winning any election again if he ran as a real Socialist.

We should shill for whoever is mostly likely to cause an economic collapse, which we can use to inspire a revolution.

We should shill for whoever is most likely to cause an economic collapse, which we can use to inspire a revolution.

shit, accidentally posted twice

t. spoiled rich kid

A smaller economic collapse is better than whatever hellhole of an implosion awaits us in the future from over-automation if we don't overthrow capitalism sooner.

Then shill for the russian communist party to come to power and launch the nukes.

this, except Chelsea Manning unionically

The most unspooked man that desires and demands the world belong to the white race as willed by Max Stirner

>The history of the world, whose shaping properly belongs altogether to the Caucasian race, seems till now to have run through two Caucasian ages, in the first of which we had to work out and work off our innate negroidity; this was followed in the second by Mongoloidity (Chineseness), which must likewise be terribly made an end of.

We will end the negroids and mongoloids and usher in true communism and utopia just as Karl "Enslaving niggers make my dick bigger" Marx desired.

Vermin Supreme is unironically despooked. He's a social anarchist.

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Gloria la Riva

Nobody. If there actually were any options out there of genuine proletarian character, or options that have at least some strategic value like, I'm sad to say, someone like that based Trot Poutou in France can be (candidates who vocally advertise the futility of parliamentarism while participating), it would be worth it, otherwise not.