Why is China so based?

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These are informants who died; every day Chinese, likely workers, killed by the Chinese state for being traitors to the national bourgeoisie's interests for corresponding with American intelligence services. You seem to be thinking those killed here are high level black suited pigs from the US. There is nothing particularly based about this at all, especially when you consider the fact that, against, most of those communicating with US intelligence are workers, but are also workers desperate enough to place their trust in foreign porkies over their own porkies.


typical fucking leftcom

Sauce on your claim m8.

cia was bad but they weren't as bad as china or the Soviet Union

You dropped your flag bub.

the Americans at least supported governments that benefited workers better than the authoritarian governments the soviets and Chinese supported

End your life. US imperialism has killed millions of people just in this century alone.

Also what are your smoking? The CIA spergs out about mild social democracy in the developing world and starts pulling off coups against reformists. The US has been the most powerful anti-communist and radically pro-capitalist force on the world stage since 1945.

Yeah, those workers sure were having a great time in East Timor.

What the fuck is with the liberals drinking cold-war era western Kool-Aid on this board lately?


killing spies is like one of the few things every country in the world does lol

I'm not an apologist for either side, but most importantly I'm not a glorifier of miserable worker death.

Really made me think tbh.

There is no lesser evil. And drop your flag.

Aside from Richard "Worker-managed capital is what Marx meant by socialism" Wolff in your picture there, that's basically what I was saying.

How many levels of shitposting are we on right now?

Dude you need to get some Parenti down your neck. Honestly I think you have some research to do. The US has been the single biggest anti worker force in history, propping up anti communist dictators and terror groups in South America, Central America, The Caribean,oceania, South East Asia, The Middle East, North Africa, Southern Africa, literly everywhere.

To start with look up the Iran contra affair, the Mujahadeen and the Suharto regime for probably the most egregious

I was joking when I said China was based. It's obviously a giant iPhone soon factory. But still killing American spies is good. Also in terms of international communist repression the US is still way worse I stand by that

yes there is a lesser evil you dumb fuck and it's been the us and nato and it will always be the us and nato

I would sooner support the states than support any kind of social democracy at the barrel of a gun

revolution will never come we can only achieve communism though peaceful means if you weren't so busy LARPING you'd know this already

Leftcoms were a mistake

While you made those posts your taxes money paid for another torture session of a random arab in Guantanamo Bay.
You have blood on your hands american barbarian…

You support capitalism at the barrel of a gun over social democracy at the battle of a gun?

>we can only achieve communism though peaceful means

Okay Allende, don't arm the unions then

I have no blood in my hands

would you prefer if I supported the Syrian government you dumb fucking tankie ?

It's a falseflagger, you dip.

I'm no false flagger I just understand the fact that violent revolution doesn't work

name one time it has ever ended in communism or even socialism

as opposed to the numerous times non-violent revolution has worked at anything.

So Cuba should have just stayed under Batista?

Kurds should just stay under the Turkish yoke with their culture banned and unable to protest while suffering violence?

Wut? I was started to like you guys a little but you keep coming up with new ways…

east germany went though a peaceful revolution and they're united and doing better now more than ever

at least they'd get better eventually and workers won't be fleeing the country because of persecution from the oppressive cuban government
lol what a bunch of LARPERS they won't last just wait


East Germany doesn't exist anymore you mongrel.

tfw I never thought I would have to use this flag with a leftcom, but here I am.

everybody this is a Holla Forums invader pretending to be one us.

Left coms aren't even this retarded.

I have been rused.




All he said is that the leftcom is a CIA apologist which is objectively true from the content of his post. Its funny you would take his post out of context and yet everyone else is bending over backward to defend that leftcom "its a false-flag hurrr durr durrr"

But that pales in comparison to the amount of deaths that happened in tankie countries look at the holdomor and other atrocities committed by the USSR and other so called "socialist states"


Not only is that not true but even if we were to take your claim at face value it would still be false. Even the CIA themselves admitted their bloodbath in Indonesia was the third worst massacre of the 20th century in their secret memos.

Source on this?

According to a 1968 study by the CIA, "in terms of the numbers killed the anti-PKI massacres in Indonesia rank as one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century, along with the Soviet purges of the 1930s, the Nazi mass murders during the Second World War, and the Maoist bloodbath of the early 1950s."

I really, *really* want the US to disappear in a ball of nuclear helfire.

k-k-k-kill yourself class traitor petit-bourgouise scum :3

I'd say China is actually worse in that regard. Real communists are executed in China, they are just mocked in the US.