You guys are true believing socialist and communists. Can you explain what's wrong with this argument

You guys are true believing socialist and communists. Can you explain what's wrong with this argument

You guys are getting more and more retarded.

I'm not saying I agree with it, I just don't understand quite what's wrong with it. I'm still figuring out my political orientation

Co-ops aren't socialism and they never will be. My neighbourhood is setting up a solar panel co-op and I'm participating but I'm not deluding myself in believing this is socialist.

Well, that would be all statists wouldn't it? Taxes

And by own the mop, we mean actually control things democratically rather than being slaves to the market (cogs in a machine for reproducing capital with continual crisis and necessarily generated misery). Can't do that through stocks.

I could also say that all citizens of a country are equal shareholders if the country and anyone who "owns" anything in the country is just renting.

Or I could point out property is violence in the first place and you don't have the right to murder because you soul-bind to an interest because you declare it an extension of yourself (magic)




user, socialism is more than owning the legal rights to a certain percentage of the MOP. its about controlling the conditions of your own labor rather than just being a robot that obeys orders

It's not as simple as just going out and buying stock a lot of the time, with the stock market being highly protected and srs bsns compared to other goods. A worker in a large company would likely never be able to purchase his actual worth for the company in stock in practical terms, as chances are his disposable income isn't high enough to start his own stock portfolio with any meaningful impact.


1. stock ownership gives very little decision-making power as the vast majority of shares will remain in the hands of a dozen of shareholders at best.
2. why should workers have to work to be given the muh privilege of owning their own labour and its produce anymore than slaves should buy themselves out of slavery. Their liberation is their right and self-interest to pursue.
3. we want more than just worker ownership and management, the entire mode of production must be changed, the firm as such must be destroyed.

Here's the problem with that: sure if your an employee you can buy stock in your company if its public (and there are many non-public businesses) but typically the stock is already owned by either the founders and or rich shareholders who have bought into it.

Many companies even offer non-voting shares/set thresholds on who should be allowed to vote. But imagine if all the workers at a company decided to buy company shares if its not some kind of group deal all that will happen is that the price of the shares will be inflated which is quite in the interest of the shareholders and management but the workers have nothing in the way of collective bargaining power.

Realistically the workers will always be hampered by the fact that their employers exploit their surplus-value, the employers will be strengthened by the fact that they exploit their workers and monetize that exploitation. That's why we call for expropriation without compensation because those company values and that wealth that the bosses have has already been produced by the exploitation of the working class and theft from them.

This poster is essentially right coops are not socialism or communism in themselves, they can aid the working class struggle, they can help build up the workers struggle etc. But the socialism-in-one-factory idea of buying out your bosses/creating your own start-up/seizing the means from one capitalist firm does nothing in the grand scheme of things unless the capitalist system of production-for-profit based around market-exchange is tackled as well.

Nice quote what is this from?

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The work entitles you to the stock. Nobody who doesn't work should have access to the stock if the workers don't want it. Your employer should not own the stock in the first place

ABC of Communism.

Highly recommended. You can't take all of it as gospel, of course, given that it it was written in a very specific time and place for a very specific demographic, but it's still a nice overview of all the basic Marxist and Leninist concepts.


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owning .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% in google isn't going to do shit.