I would like to know about current leftist parties in Germany...

I would like to know about current leftist parties in Germany. Could someone tell me about each one of them and their opinion?
I'm not german, so if you do respond, please do in english.

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does Die Linke still keep old nomenklatura from the DDR? has it liberalised?

Go read the wikipedia about Die Linke, that should give you a good basic knowledge.

It hasn't liberalised. It's still very DDR friendly, not apologising for the wall or the Stasi even when pressured into by all other parties.

Can't find my Linke graphs and maps so have some of Wagenknecht.

Its a socdem party infested with idpol, chock full of crypto communists with a party foundation funding far left stuff all over Europe.

They have state wings that are practically demsoc still while others are ultra pragmatic and part of governments.

As you can guess the infighting is heavy and its mostly held together by necissity and GDR grandpas doing the legwork in the east.


Zumindest die Jugendorganisation der Partei ist diesbezüglich ziemlich schlimm.

LGBTOMGWTFBBQ-Scheiße, Gendersternchen, Islamapologetik und Third Wave-Feminismus… Da ist schon viel zweifelhaft Schönes dabei.

I don't speak German, quick rundown?

Sorry, I will try to explain it.
I was saying that the party's youth organization (Linksjugend 'Solid) is pretty bad in terms of idpol. They constantly embrace Third Wave Feminism and other idpol-nonsense, especially regarding Islam or gender issues.
There was a situation which captured the current state of this organization very well a few months ago. One pretty high-ranked female member got attacked and raped by immigrant men. Following this event, she wrote an open letter to her rapist, containing sentences like "I know you are a great person and you only did this because society is racist against you". (This is what the second link is about.)

The other links are pretty much just articles on their website. The first is an overexaggerated rant about gender roles and the third is partly about what they call racism against Muslims. In this article, they say things like that they won't tolerate criticism of Islam that is directly addressing Islam. (Example in the article: It is Islamophobic to say "Islamic Fundamentalism" instead of "Religious Fundamentalism". It is also Eurocentric to say that the hijab is rooted in the oppression of women.)

If you look at their website, you will also see them using stars (*) in some words. They do this because the German language includes some gendered words that are usually used in their male form if they are meant to address everyone. German proponents of idpol consider this to be sexist, which is why they change the words a little bit with those stars.

DDR-friendly? How do you define that? I'm not really informed about Die Linke, but it would surprise me.

I found the following on their web pages.

People who were Stasi collaborators are forced to resign.
> die-linke.de/partei/geschichte/fragen-und-antworten-zur-auseinandersetzung-mit-der-geschichte/6-wie-haelt-es-die-linke-mit-ehemaligen-mfs-mitarbeitern-und-ims/

They criticise the DDR for a "glaring lack of democracy and disregard of elementary civil rights" ("eklatanten Mangels an Demokratie und Missachtung elementarer Bürgerrechte")
> die-linke.de/partei/geschichte/fragen-und-antworten-zur-auseinandersetzung-mit-der-geschichte/3-was-sagt-die-linke-zur-ddr/

They condemn the shooting orders on the border
> die-linke.de/partei/geschichte/fragen-und-antworten-zur-auseinandersetzung-mit-der-geschichte/5-wie-steht-die-linke-zum-schiessbefehl/

They are left in principle, so why would they think the DDR was good? Spying on and shooting at citizens doesn't sound left to me.

OTOH, they *are* the legal successor of the SED.

Well, we have
SPD: pic related
Die Linke: this Sahra Wagenknecht is one of the few exceptions but she can't get things done alone
Die Grünen: absolutely toxic maximum idpol liberals, they should all be gulag'd
DKP: basically the successor party of the KPD. Full of ML grandpas. Is a fringe party with absolutely no political outreach.
MLPD: Kind of a weird MLM party that is organized like a cult, is rather wealthy despite being a fringe party with no political outreach like the DKP, reeks of COINTELPRO in my opinion.
So yeah, communism is basically dead here.

die linke its pretty much market socialist

Cheers fam.
Top kek. This is peak liberalism.
This and the rest of your post sounds like the anti-Deutsch, which I've been told from others is actually the minority in the Die Linke and German Antifa, was I being misinformed or are they just the standard loud and annoying minority that are given more air time because of how they're crybullies and will call people who tell them to shut up bigots and racists etc?

Refusal to apologise on behalf of the perceived crimes of the DDR, but obviously it looks like they do distance themselves from it in some places. There was one time there was a lot of pressure for them to apologise for the Berlin Wall and they completely refused to despite pressure from all angles. They've also been accused of collaborating with the Stasi collaborators (yo dawg, I heard you like collaboration) in regards to files going missing in the Stasi archives and gave someone sympathetic to the Stasi a position there despite again receiving a lot of pressure to give somebody else the job.

I really wonder how the MLPD can afford their relatively big campaigns for each election? You saw a lot of their posters hanging around in big cities during the NRW election. (Their number was almost comparable to that of much bigger parties.)
On the day before the election they also had a huge tent in Duisburg, all with music and other fancy things.
I really think that they are the COINTELPRO, rather than the DKP. It really makes me think how such a tiny party can spend so much money on advertisement.


They don't apologize on this page, but they condemn it as a sign of weakness, directed at individual rights of freedom of their own citizens and a violation of elementary human rights.

The question is if they took over people in the party that were responsible for the wall. If not, there's no need to apologize.

Yes that's what I meant to say, maybe my sentence wording wasn't clear enough.

Shit, maybe they've done a huge amount of backpedaling and all of my information (which was written in English when I found it) is several years outdated. Do you know when these links became the official stance?
I am sort of mad they are not unapologetic angry tankies tbh.

They have quite a few Anti-Germans among their ranks, but their positions regarding Islam are sadly shared by a vast majority of the German left regardless of affiliation. (The Anti-German section within the Linksjugend is called BAK-Shalom. You can read their manifesto in English if you are interested: bak-shalom.de/index.php/english/)
Anti-Imperialists are definitely still the majority within the Linksjugend. Again, idpol is sadly very common in both Anti-Germans and Anti-Imperialists.

My apologies then, I didn't understand your post correctly.

No, unfortunately I don't know either if it is backpedaling or if the accusations were a smear campaign or whatever.

The thing is that Die Linke currently is the only party that I can even think about voting for.

The gender stuff is questionable and annoying, but it comes from the right place in their heart. Here in Germany most leftists (especially the more extreme i.e. consequent ones) think that language shapes thoughts, and that could be true.

Antigermans actually get often accused of being racists against muslims. Really the left here while not being as dead as in many other places is still fucked in really peculiar ways.

A gulag for every city!

Sorry, I'm new here and don't understand this word in the current context. I'm also "Antigerman" in the sense that I think that patriotism and identification with the state leads to bad things. Anarchy sounds reasonable to me, which would also be antigerman.

why is every german """socialist""" so cucked about Islam? Even pic related liked it a lot


The German left is divided into two factions, the Anti-Imperialists and the Anti-Germans. The most striking difference between the two is their position on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Anti-Germans support Israel, whereas Anti-Imperialists support Palestine.
Anti-Germans are mainly about Antisemitism. They consider some (if not every) criticism of Israel antisemitic. They are also against supporting countries like Iran or the DPRK for the sake of anti-imperialism. They have this weird dislike of everything German, hence their name. Germany, for them, is built on Antisemitism.

Read those if you are interested in the details of their ideology:

They are a very unique group which had a prety big influence on the german left, mostly marked through supporting the right of the israel state to exist. Defending liberalism against regressive ideas and being autistic about antisemitism and reductionist critique of capitalism. They are really into Frankfurt School.

They also support the objective superiorness of liberal democracy and its values over dictatorships in 3rd world countries. They shit on islam a lot, and go on a lot about the progressive force of capitalism, not really caring for local cultures n shit. Which brings them into conflict with a lot of the idpol left.

They mostly rose as a reaction to retarded anti imperialists, but turned retarded themselves when good chunks of them supported the invasion of Iraq and war against Iran. A late stage antigerman is not distinguashable from a neocon.

Few german leftists are hardcore antigermans or antiimperialists but many relate to one side more than the other and are influenced by the respective ideas. The split really transcends other ideological borders. So you can have anti german state socialists and anarchists.

They also are very antinationalists and some people influenced by antigerman thought but not as autistic about various things call themselves antinationalists.

Thank you both for your explanations! I will read up on it.

spotted the antideutschen hurensohn



Hallo, Leute! OP hier.
Thanks to everyone for commenting.
Any more responses are welcome.

Sorry, but how does this statement indicate that he is an Anti-D? Genuinely curious.

But it is.

Sure, I'm going to give you a quick rundown

SPD: Neoliberals. Support austerity and interventionist wars

Grüne: Neoliberals with late stage IdPol. Support austerity and interventionist wars. Their Youth Organisation is left-wing with a very strong anti-german notion

Die Linke: Big tent left-wing party. I'd say 50% Bernie tier SocDem. About 30% are Democratic Socialists which want more than just a welfare state but actually an alternative to capitalism. 20% are Marxist-Leninist or another current of radical leftism. Ironically, the ex-DDR guys are usually the pragmatic SocDems while their Western chapters are more radical.

Got an influx of a lot of new members lately, most of them are IdPol liberals. Their base is usually split between Anti-Germans and anti-imperialists. Only the anti-imperialists actually have influence over their party line regarding geopolitics. Anti-Deutsche are marginalized. The party hosts a Communist Platform, which is tankie central. Communist Platform agitates subversive, they have secret meetings and don't publish the names of their members. This practice pisses the rest of the party off.

DKP: Marxist-Leninists. Pretty much the West German strain of the KPD after its ban in 1956, so you'll find a lot of older ML types in there, but barely any ex-DDR. They have given up on violent revolution, but I wouldn't call them Eurocommunist. They are still legit MLs, even though they recently seem to have an internal debate over whether or not to adjust their tendency. But they are good communists.

ÖDP: Bunch of eco-hippies with varying economic stances, but generally anti-capitalist. Maybe we can get them to google Bookchin.

MLPD: Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, pretty much a cult. They are insanely orthodox and alienate even other dogmatic MLs. They integrate entire families into their party and isolate them form friends and relatives. They are actually doing stuff though, as in sending stuff to Rojava. For some reason they are rich as fuck, some random old guy donates them a couple of millions every year. Could be money laundry.

SGP: Trots. Irrelevant and I know nothing about them. Trotskysm is traditionally very, very weak in Germany.

KPD: Part of the SED which didn't got along with their transformation into PDS (which turned into Die Linke). Super ultra hardcore tankies. They are too tankie even more me. They have a golden bust of Stalin in their headquarter and regularly travel to North Korea and praise Kim Yong Un.


is that the 1990 party?

Sounds like my kind of party.

Yes. Original KPD was outlawed 1956. DKP became its successor organisation, but due to the reunification contract, Germany had to withdraw that ban, so a new KPD was founded, but actually has nothing in common with the old KPD.

By the way, the justification of the constitutional court is a fucking joke. They blamed the KPD for the rise of the Hitler. Yeah, that's right, the party which actively and physically resisted the Nazis is apperently more guilty of aiding Hitler than the centrist parties which supported Hitlers rise to power. Meanwhile the NPD, an actual Nazi party, is left alone. Totally unbiased