So when are you going to move out of your parents basement leftypol?

Top kek

When I graduate Highschool


did you learn nothing from 2008

From what youtube tells me most alt right live with their parents and sponge off donations.

Check mate alt right.


From what youtube tells me most commies live with their parents and sponge off communal donations.
Check mate commies.
anyone else feel like we're being led into something here?

im waiting for the housing bubble to burst so i can buy some boomers house for cheap

This is not even a study, its just shitty statistics gathered from 82 arrested anarchists during demonstrations in Berlin iirc. Also it was done by the utterly corrupt and fascist undermined Verfassungschutz which should raise doubts imidiatly. There is still a fair number of squats or only semi legalised houses around in Berlin, if you live there giving that adress after an arrest would be the most retarded thing possible.

true contrarians out here huh

You Holla Forumstards can't even troll right

Not all of us have your lack of critical reading skills, Holla Forumsyp-kun

Protip: It's the Daily Mail. It's been cut out on purpose for this very reason.

tfw no direct action gf

The study was of people arrested for protesting?
And you are surprised they were all college kids?
Living with your parents while in college makes complete sense

War ja klar.

Also, why should I believe an article that is not even linking to the original study?

Of course a Holla Forumsyp would be dumb enough to believe shit on The Daily Mail.

I guess OP is gonna enlighten us with some hot takes from Zero Hedge next?

The MSM is controlled by Jews, but it is a reliable source when it supports my opinion!

I'd say that's a pretty accurate depiction of yourself, yeah

Of course. Truth is a Jewish concept. True Aryans are above this.

yeah no shit

He's mocking OP, user.

People fucked by the """free market""" are protesting for their interests
Jesus Christ how horrifying

Holla Forums switches between 'Everything works fine, you are just weak cucks, long live state violence and capitalism' and 'We're victims of the status quo, we're super anti-establishment, also you are the establishment' whenever it's convenient

similarly, there's nothing subversive about libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism, in the end they're still a mouthpiece of establish power, no matter how much they cry 'statism!'

The ways of the kike are mysterious. They are doing this to confuse us, but our superior brains are perfectly capable of looking through it.

Add to that that it was published by BILD, the totally reliable tabloid newspaper.